Find out the following preferred stock investment applications from investors registered with OJK

Knowing the stock investment application registered with the OJK is certainly important for investors. As a form of protecting against potential deposited mutual fund scams, this is of course the main reason. OJK itself is a party that plays an important role in supervising affiliated companies in investment management.

Various legal applications that offer simple and reliable financial investments can already be found on public platforms such as the Play Store. So what are the applications for investments registered with the OJK? Check out the following 5 reviews:

1. Magical

Magic is the first OJK registered stock investing application to be considered for use. This investing application is a trusted application that has been used by many investors in Indonesia. Of course, Ajaib himself also guaranteed that this application was registered and monitored directly by the OJK.

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The various features that Ajaib offers are also quite easy to use for investors. Even novice investors can use the application easily and without confusion. Of course, the various bonuses that Magic offers investors can also be quite promising wins to be made.

2. seeds

Seeds are no longer a foreign investment application for the people of Indonesia, especially for investors. This application is a popular application for investors to invest safely and reliably. In addition, there is a guarantee from the OJK, which monitors the investment process in the application.

In fact, this application also offers a Robo Advisor feature that can provide various recommendations to investors. Based on income, age and even risk are taken into account for recommendations given to investors. Of course, this recommendation also makes it easier for inexperienced investors to get the right investment picture.

3rd opportunity

Opportunities are also a breath of fresh air for investors to invest safely. Through this application, investors can make various investments accurately, quickly and, of course, safely. Pulang also offers investors access to invest in companies in America.

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Easily designed features allow even beginners to understand how to invest easily. The simple design of the offered features makes Opportunity a trustworthy and easy-to-use stock investing application registered with the OJK.

4. Bareksa

Bareksa will be the right application for investors who just want to learn how to invest. Mutual funds are basically the main form of investment in this application, but investors don’t have to worry because other forms of investment can be found like bonds and stocks.

This application itself also offers simulation features that can be used by investors. This feature allows investors to determine the profit or loss that can be made on an investment. Of course, it is important to know that Bareksa is an official application registered with the OJK.


Indo Premier is also the right application to be used as an investment platform. A wide range of stocks can be the right investment option. Of course, this application can also be a secure platform as it is registered with the OJK.

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This makes IPOT successful as a trusted application for investment. The various features offered also support application design, making it a favorite for investors.

This was a brief overview of 5 stock investment applications registered with the OJK for easy and safe investing. Through these various applications, investors can also enjoy various benefits, one of which is running investment simulations for beginners.