Defensing Driving Course Online

Defensing Driving Course Online – The main reason for taking a defensive driving course is that it is a great way to improve your driving skills and ensure your safety on the road.

Depending on your state’s regulations, taking a defensive driving course can offer some significant benefits, such as reduced points on your record, ticket dismissal, and even lower insurance premiums. But what does ‘defensive’ driving mean?

Defensing Driving Course Online

Safe driving refers to safe driving habits that can help drivers be as prepared as possible for road hazards such as accidents and bad weather. In the defensive driving course, drivers learn how to behave towards other drivers, how to make mistakes, how to control speed, etc. they will learn important driving skills such as

Defensive Driving Online Course

But why take a defensive driving course if you have already learned this skill in driving school? If you already know a lot of safe driving techniques, a defensive driving course can help you improve them while teaching you new skills you may have lost. Also, many people know the do’s and don’ts behind the wheel, but still drive safely. Why? This includes safety driving courses.

Of course, being a safer driver isn’t the only benefit of taking a defensive driving course: Depending on your state, taking the course can reduce points on your record, get you dismissed, and lower your insurance premiums. Everyone has something to gain from learning to drive safely!

Most defensive driving courses are conducted online and are available 24/7. To learn more about defensive driving courses and how they can make you a safer driver, check out the infographic below or sign up for an online defensive driving course today! By using, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We use cookies for analytics, personalization and marketing.

Safe Driving has a customer rating of 4.21 stars out of 881, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchase. Consumers who are satisfied with a defensive driver tend to look for new features, better drivers, and attention. Safe Driving is the #2 driving school site.

Are Defensive Driving Courses Worth The Money?

I love that I can take it with me. At least you can print your ID!

This video is 20 years old They say “instant download” at the top of the page, but they ask for an additional $20 download certificate after completing the course. Stay away!

These videos and questions helped me learn a lot and refresh my memory, I; I am very grateful for this training.

It’s easy to study, long hours sometimes I had to work another 20 minutes to pass the exam, and after studying I had to write two different tests to complete my certificate. I did the man hours, I paid for the course, but I still want to go get my final certificate?

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It was quick and easy, no problem at all. I created an account, paid, and got started within minutes.

I paid for a very cheap course. But I entered the wrong number in the information box of my driver’s license. Since I didn’t enter too many numbers, there was no way to limit the number of characters that could be used. Now I’m stuck with the course I bought and I can’t use it because I want to enter multiple characters.

It was delicious, if it was short. It was very interesting because the people were not actors, they had real names and certificates.

Signing up and getting started is easy. Great course and stuff. More information you need to know.

Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses Tdlr

Strong advice. Cheap. Easy going. Helper. To have fun. This is my first experience. I am very happy, but it is very easy with this site

Yes, this course was an open book for me, where I could read many aspects of driving on every page. From physics to chemistry and how it relates to our lives, it teaches us many things for all ages. The question is interesting and prepares for the final exam. The only downside I feel is that when they talk about the 2002 data today, this course has ended (nineteen years ago) which says a lot about the low prices. However, we currently do not have a manual transmission system. Otherwise it’s great.

I liked it and tried it because it was nice and easy, so I want to thank Defender for helping me.

The website was easy to use and made the experience simple and efficient. I will recommend this course to others.

Defensive Driving Online Classes For Fresher And Beginners

This page has not been saved. All videos are in early to mid 90’s SD format. The latest numbers seem to be from 2016. I found some incorrect information in the questions. At the beginning of the page I found questions that said information was received. I found answers to questions that the statisticians did not match with the information they had just given. If you go to display any of these errors, their appearance will give you questions like what computer are you using? Power Mac? Windows 95? Are you using Netscape browser?

Most of the information seemed to be one and the same with useless information from the departments. It’s hard to pass, but maaaaan, they don’t respect your time and make you feel like a waste.

The easiest way to take a driving course is to take care of your insurance. Below is a win and a win

Yes it’s great, I highly recommend it! Love the 90s costumes and music from the hosts and Taft students!

Defensive Driving For Light & Medium Duty Vehicles

The best defensive driving video courses out there are short and informative and will give you feedback if you just listen.

This class was aware of many driving situations that you should learn to avoid in the future while driving!

I signed up yesterday and haven’t taken the online course yet, but I’m being pressured to comment.

I thought I would pull my hair out to watch six hours of video. It’s not too late. They made an effort to keep the content clean. I’m learning a few things I didn’t really know. Good work!

Best Free Online Defensive Driving Courses

It is a long but safe journey that comes with it. It’s old, so having an updated up-to-date driver backup would be helpful.

Well, it helps you and it makes you think and it makes you feel good and some of these stories are heartbreaking.

To be honest, I learned a lot about driving safety.

This class met the law and raised new questions for the highway. The videos come from a variety of new and expert speakers.

The Importance Of Defensive Driving

It is easy to use and convenient. It made the experience easier and better to complete the course.

Our Texas courses last six hours, which is the minimum time for an officially approved course. (Source:

You are right! The TEA now falls under TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). This course is approved under license number CP284. (Source:

Do you have a ticket? Take your defensive driving course online now! The government and the court approved the dismissal of traffic tickets and reduced insurance premiums.

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David Bruce came up with the idea for® after being pregnant. With no traffic tickets on his record and an active lifestyle, Mr. Bruce sought an online alternative to classroom defensive driving lessons. Finding an online course approved in Texas was unsuccessful, so he started his own business.

Mr. Bruce worked with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to develop online submission guidelines. After a long wait, Mr. Bruce received official approval. The company then purchased and installed the industrial-grade equipment that would become the backbone of the site and began operations in February 2000. In its first full year of operation, had 100,000,000 confirmed customers and the company grew rapidly. Since then.’s philosophy is to provide the most knowledgeable, high quality products in the industry and to back those products with exceptional customer service. The company achieves this by working with external consultants, conducting focus groups with potential customers, and implementing best practices from the top call centers in the country. The company operates a 24-hour in-house call and fulfillment centers staffed by well-trained customer support agents and licensed defensive driving instructors.

Tested and paid for as is the #1 online course in Texas, a distinction that sets the standard for additional company products offered. In 2004, the company’s commitment to excellence was recognized

Defensive Driving Safety Tips For Sharing The Road With Motorcyclists

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