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Elementary Education Courses Online – As job opportunities in education continue to grow in line with the national average for all other occupations, now is a good time to earn an online master’s degree in elementary education. Fortunately, there are many online programs. You can even earn your online elementary education master’s degree faster by enrolling in an accredited, accelerated online elementary education degree program. To help you with your research, we’ve found some of the most popular crash course elementary education degree programs.

We reviewed nearly 140 colleges and universities listed in the Center for Education Statistics’ (NCES) College Navigator and a list of leading online sources that offered online master’s degrees in basic education programs. We narrowed our initial pool of schools by applying the following criteria: offering accelerated programs (online early childhood education programs that take less than two years to complete or accelerated courses that are 16 weeks or longer; whichever is shorter), accreditation (regional and/or national), and institutional and /or program rankings in at least one major publication such as US News and World Report. We then ranked the programs by raw power.

Elementary Education Courses Online

Boston University’s online master’s program in elementary education encourages full-time study and can be completed in just three semesters. The program can also be taken entirely online, and courses are taught by the same BU professors who teach on campus. 1-6 the class has two specialization options: primary education and special education. Students are taught to bring a high level of pedagogical knowledge to the classroom. Boston University is synonymous with excellence. The school is ranked 42nd among the best public universities, 47th among the best value schools and 42nd among innovative schools by US News & World Report. BU is also fully accredited.

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Looking for accelerated elementary education programs? George Washington University offers a master’s degree in elementary education in one- and two-year program options. Courses include topics such as emotional development and behavior management, language and literacy, perspectives on American education, and reading foundations and assessment. This program is approved by the Association of National Directors of Teacher Education and Certification and accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. In addition, major publications such as US News and World Report rank GWU as the nation’s 66th best public university and 90th best value school in the country. U.S. News’ survey ranked online master’s in education programs 31st out of more than 1,200.

American University offers an accelerated undergraduate degree that can be completed in less than two years. The Master of Education in Teaching (MAT), which focuses on elementary education, is CAEP-accredited and designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree who are interested in obtaining an elementary education teaching license. Courses include advanced educational topics such as effective teaching of diverse students, teaching literacy in the elementary school, and theories of educational psychology and human development. The school is ranked as the 76th best national university and 25th best undergraduate institution by major publications such as US News and World Report. AU and its programs are fully accredited.

Seattle Pacific University offers an online, accelerated master’s degree program that takes only 12 months to complete. Uniquely designed for those seeking an online master’s degree in elementary education, this program offers extensive coursework at both the early and broader education levels. Certification courses include curriculum design, introduction to mathematical methods, pedagogy, and ethical and religious issues in education. A GRE or MAT score within the last five years is required to apply to SPU. According to major publications such as US News and World Report, SPU is ranked 196th best and 154th for social mobility.

Merrimack College offers accelerated elementary education programs designed to prepare students for basic licensure in grades 1-6. to work in class. Through field-based experiences and courses, students gain knowledge that they can bring to the classroom to improve the learning environment. Courses include topics such as foundations of language and reading, mathematics methods in the elementary school, reading strategies and interventions, and teaching and learning in the inclusive classroom. The courses are eight weeks long and progress at a fast pace. Merrimack is ranked the 45th best regional university in the North and the 37th best school by US News & World Report. In addition to the school’s ranking, online master’s in education programs are ranked 152 out of more than 1,200 programs surveyed.

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American Intercontinental University’s accelerated elementary education degree program is designed to help teachers improve their classroom experience and prepare them for leadership roles. 48 Credit Online M.Ed. The program is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). By taking online courses, students earn their accredited M.Ed. In less than two years. These courses include topics such as data applications for beginning teachers, developing the beginning student, managing early learning environments, and the diverse early classroom. In addition to offering accelerated online programs in elementary education, American Intercontinental has received recognition from major publications such as US News and World Report.

At Pacific Oaks College, students can earn an accelerated elementary education degree at the graduate level. Full-time students can complete their master’s degree in 1.5 years, while part-time students can complete it in 2.5 years. The program requires completion of 43 credits and is available entirely online. The courses cover a variety of advanced academic topics. Indeed, some of the courses you will take will cover theories of learning and the social, political, and economic factors that have influenced education and the art of teaching science. Pacific Oaks is fully accredited and has received recognition from major publications such as US News and World Report.

Leslie University’s accelerated elementary education degree is open to qualified students with a strong interest in pursuing a career in elementary education. Offered on a part-time basis, the program takes approximately two years to complete. Classes are fast paced and cover content areas such as creative arts, literacy, math, science, and technology. All classes are online and students can start the program in the fall, spring, or summer. Lesley University is ranked 249th best national university and 303rd for social mobility by US News & World Report. In addition, Lesley’s academic programs have also been recognized by US News.

Samford University’s Online Master’s in Elementary Education is a fully online program designed for full-time teachers. The program is cohort-based but can be completed online. Courses are taught by award-winning faculty who also teach on campus. With accelerated classes, students can earn an online master’s degree at Samford in just 16 months. A total of 30 credits are required and students must graduate with a GPA of 3.25 or higher. In addition to offering an affordable academic program, Samford has been ranked 143rd among the best public universities by US News & World Report.

Online Elementary Education Degrees 2021

Mercer University’s online master’s in elementary education program consists of 30 credits and can be completed in 12 to 16 months. Each class is held in eight-week sessions, allowing students to advance their studies at a rapid pace. The program accepts students twice a year in May and August. Courses include topics such as contemporary curriculum practices, an introduction to educational research, and school philosophy and teacher leadership. Successful applicants for admission will have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with an undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or better. Mercer is ranked 160th among the best public universities by major publications such as US News and World Report.

Regis University’s accelerated elementary education degree is designed for students seeking elementary licensure in Colorado. Graduates of the online master’s in elementary education are prepared to teach all types of students, ages K through 6. Eight-week deadlines and accelerated coursework make the program fast-paced and rigorous. A total of 43 credits are required to complete the degree. Courses cover topics such as classroom management. diversity, equality and social justice. Major publications such as US News and World Report rank Regis University 217th among the best public universities and 76th for social mobility. Regis is fully accredited and affordable.

MidAmerica Nazarene University’s Accelerated Elementary Education Degree Program allows students to earn their degree or licensure in both elementary education and special education while earning a master’s degree. In just 18 months, students can complete a degree in both asynchronous and synchronous classes. Courses include topics such as children’s literature, ethical worldviews, an introduction to SPED, and service through servant leadership. MidAmerican Nazarene is featured in several major publications, including US News and World Report. Among those rankings are 91st among Midwest regional universities and 7th for excellence in social mobility.

Southeastern University’s accelerated elementary education programs consist of 36 credits and take 18 to 24 months to complete. A total of 12 courses are required to complete the program. Courses cover a variety of higher education topics such as curriculum and diverse learners, educational research, human development, foundations of ESE, and measurement and evaluation. Applicants who wish to enroll in an elementary education program must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Applicants must also have earned a 3.0.

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