Texas Real Estate Continuing Education Online

Texas Real Estate Continuing Education Online – Hello, my name is Ben Strube. After working as a bank manager at Chase Bank, I went to work as a loan officer at a mortgage broker in DFW. In 2020, I opened the doors to my own business, Mortgage On A Mission.

Last year I built the curriculum for a 7 hour CE course. I have received approval from TREC to offer you this course. After reviewing the 30 hour home finance course that I know you took, I’ve put together a list of mortgage terms that I think every agent should know that you didn’t learn when you got your Licence.

Texas Real Estate Continuing Education Online

Going through the list of mortgage questions I’ve answered over the years, agents I work with who have 10 years of experience, and agents with very little, I’ve incorporated those answers and concepts into the course.

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This course is designed for agents at any stage of their career. Agents with 10 years of experience will earn money from this. Agents in their first 2 years should seriously consider this course, even if you don’t need CE credits yet.

If you need to replace your other CE units, our package with The CE Shop will help you get a better price. Enjoy!

Do you have more than 10 agents in your team? Our $80 course can cost $40 per agent for a team. Ask us for a CE discount for your entire real estate team.

Who are we? Mortgage On A Mission is a Mortgage Broker in Dallas, TX and we are also a TREC Approved CE Provider (License #10529). Our mission is to help Texas families better understand their home financing, and to fulfill that mission, we offer professional development courses for Texas real estate agents to help you understand the home financing journey. Equal Housing Lender.NMLS 2014212 / 1541555.

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What if I start my CE course with Mortgage On A Mission and I don’t like it? Can I request a refund?

Yes, we offer a full refund when you submit the request within 7 days of purchasing our 7 Hour CE and when you have not completed Module 1 yet. You can check out Module 1 before purchasing our Classes. After purchasing our course, if you change your mind, just email us within 7 days and make sure you don’t complete Unit 1 in full and we’ll refund your purchase. If you purchased an 18-hour CE, which includes our 7-hour course, our refund will be the full amount you paid, less $70.

TREC requires you to complete no more than 12 hours of CE per day, which means that to renew your license you must take at least 2 days to complete 18 hours of CE. We recommend starting your CE by taking our 7 hour course and taking 1 or 2 days to complete this course. Then take 1 or 2 days to complete your Legal I, Legal II and Contracts courses (which you can do for FREE, with our voucher to use with The CE Shop).

TREC requires CE providers to submit CE credits within 10 days of course completion. For this reason, we recommend that you complete all CEs at least 2 weeks before your license expires. Our policy is to release CE modules weekly, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at lunchtime. In all cases, we will release your CE credit within 10 calendar days of course completion. Although we offer you access to The CE Shop courses, we are not responsible for sending their CE credits to TREC. CE Shop has its own terms and conditions which you can view here.

How To Get Your Real Estate License In Colorado?

You should first visit TREC’s license renewal website, which is available here. Next, log in to your TREC account to review the steps for renewing your license. After completing your CE, you can verify that your CE credit has been posted by looking up your license number on the TREC website.

I want to buy you every 18 hours of CE. When do I get my voucher to redeem with The CE Shop so my cost to them is $0 for Legal I, Legal II and Contracts?

After paying for our 18-hour CE package, move on and complete Unit 1 of our 7-hour CE course. After you complete Unit 1, we’ll email you a unique promo code for you to use in the CE Shop. This code will drop the price from $107 to $0 for Texas Legal I, Legal II, and Contract Competence (course #37796, #37797, and #40002). We have negotiated a better price on your behalf and the cost of this CE shop training is included in our 18 hour CE course package. We believe a career in real estate is one of the strongest investments you can make…and real estate courses from Kaplan are the best way to protect the investment you’ve made in your career. When you choose Kaplan as your real estate school, you choose from a wide variety of top-notch continuing education courses to keep you at the forefront of your real estate career.

Texas requires real estate salespersons to complete 278 hours by the end of the second year of licensing, of which 90 must be completed in Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE) and an additional 8 hours of continuing education consisting of 4 hours each of Law Update I and Update of the law II. If you have been promoted to Supervisor by your broker, you must also complete a 6-hour Broker Liability Course to renew. After you complete your SAE, the state of Texas requires you to complete 18 hours of CE every two years. The 18 hours include the required 4-hour legal update I and the required 4-hour legal update II, a 3-hour course on contracts and, if applicable, a 6-hour course on broker liability .

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No matter where you are at with your continuing education, we have the courses you need to keep your Texas real estate license active.

Maintain your broker license with Kaplan. Brokers must complete 18 hours of continuing education every two years. Eight of the 18 hours must be in legal subjects and 3 hours must be in a course related to the contract. Brokers who have sponsored one or more dealers, served as a designated broker for a broker-dealer corporation, or been appointed supervisor of other licensees are also required to complete a 6 hour Broker Responsibility course in the as part of their 18 hours of continuing education. . Looking for an easy way to achieve your Texas real estate continuing education credits? We are a licensed real estate agent in Texas and the courses are online, mobile-friendly and self-explanatory. Choose from over a dozen different approved choices! TREC Provider #238. Register today.

Licensees renewing for the FIRST time are required to complete a special course called Sales Apprentice Education (SAE). This is a separate and distinct program (see the “by permission” section for more information).

For your second and subsequent renewals, TREC requires 18 hours of Continuing Education (CE) at an accredited school.

What Can I Do With A Real Estate Degree?

We eliminate travel to class by offering online continuing education courses in Texas. You can complete them at your own pace, whenever you have time.

TREC has two sets of continuing education requirements for real estate licensees. They call these groups brokers and dealers, but that’s just shorthand.

A more accurate description would be “monitor licensees” and “everyone else”. If you are a broker with no regulatory responsibilities, you do not need the broker package. If you have supervisory responsibilities but are not a broker, you need the broker package.

This means that if a sales agent has been promoted to supervisor by their broker, they cannot meet CE requirements without completing the Broker Assurance course.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent: Beginner’s Guide

The remaining hours can be filled with TREC-approved electives. With , you have many approved electives to choose from! If the package offer does not interest you, consult our à la carte courses.

TREC requires you to spend at least as much time in each course as the approved credit hours.

This means that for your second and subsequent license renewals, you will need to spend at least 18 hours working on the content.

You must ensure that your CE completion documents are submitted AT LEAST 10 days before submitting your renewal application – if TREC does not have a record of your CE when you submit your application, you will be required to pay a deferral fee $200 CE or renew as an inactive license.

How To Get A Texas Real Estate License In 5 Steps

TREC gives you six months after your license expires to renew. After six months, you will need to go through a readmission process. After two years, you must reapply for a license. Houston North Campus: 281-893-4484 Houston West Campus: 281-496-7386 Online Campus: 512-246-2773 San Antonio Campus: 210-349-7600 Find a Campus

Are you an aspiring Realtor, Realtor or Broker in Texas? Our TREC-approved real estate licensing courses are available to anyone who wishes to complete their training 100% online. All of our courses are developed and designed by leading residential and commercial real estate professionals

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