Continued Education Physical Therapy

Continued Education Physical Therapy – Continuing education in physical therapy is required in nearly every state for license renewal. In my quest to complete my own physical therapy CEU requirements, I’ve put together this great resource to help guide you through the process.

As you may know, physical therapists are licensed at the state level, not through a central agency like APTA (American Physical Therapy Association). Therefore, continuing education requirements for physical therapy vary from state to state.

Continued Education Physical Therapy

Below you will find the physical therapy CEU requirements for each state and a link to each state’s page with a detailed explanation of the requirements.

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You may have noticed that some states have different names for continuing education units or credits. The two most common ways to track continuing education are as follows:

But my condition requires 10 physical therapy CEU hours. Does this mean I need 100 hours of continuing education?

No; if the state refers to “hours”, simply follow the time requirements. Be careful how you read the requirements because not all states have the same wording.

CME stands for Continuing Medical Education and would likely meet your state’s CEU requirements. It is important to ensure that the course provider is approved to offer physiotherapy CEUs after completing the course.

California Physical Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

You can track the live courses you attended by getting a certificate at the end of the event. This can be either a paper certificate or a digital one such as a PDF.

When you take CEUs online, most platforms will act as a CEU tracker and log your completed courses into their system so you can easily see how many hours you have completed.

For other types of CEUs, such as reading or publishing journal articles, you will need to track these items yourself. I keep a personal paper folder at my clinic with certificates or records of services that count toward my CEUs. I would also recommend taking a picture of your certificates and keeping them in a folder for quick reference if you ever need to show proof of the courses you have taken.

Help I need some CEU courses last minute! If you need fast CEUs, you have several options. Be sure to check with your state to see if the options below count toward your CEU requirements. Most states allow “alternative” CEU options, so here are some last-minute ways to earn CEUs.

Florida Physical Therapy Ceu Requirements

Most therapists have taken continuing education courses in live physical therapy, but there are many other ways to earn CEUs if your state allows it. For example, in Michigan, you can earn 19 CEUs in a variety of ways, including many of the opportunities listed below. Your state may offer similar CEU opportunities, so read your state’s requirements page and find inspiration in the following list:

Virtually every state accepts online CEUs for physical therapy license renewal. Personally, I use the online CEU provider MedBridge to fulfill more than half of my educational requirements for my PT license. While there are many different online CEU providers, the quality of each course can vary greatly. Here are some key considerations when choosing an online CEU provider.

State Acceptance: Many states will accept CEUs that have been accepted in other states; However, you need to make sure that the course meets the state’s standards of practice. A quality CEU provider will tell you exactly if the course is approved in your state.

Affordability and Convenience: While most online CEUs are convenient, not all are created equal. Ideally, you have access to multiple courses for one price, so you can take as many courses as you want, lowering the average cost of your CEUs. dramatic.

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Professionalism and high quality: We’ve all been in a classroom where the instructor was boring, disorganized, or just read slides out loud. An online CEU course should have clear goals, be well organized, and provide you with appropriate resources (such as PowerPoint or handouts).

There’s a good chance you receive dozens of postcards each year advertising CEU courses for physical therapists. If your state requires a certain number of personal CEUs, you may be tempted to enroll in a cheap CEU course. Be careful signing up for the first course you see! Search the state PT association website to view local courses; otherwise, you could miss out on a great class that wasn’t advertised on the postcard.

Quick note: the term “odd years” simply means years ending in odd numbers…1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. “Even years” are years that end in even numbers…2, 4, 6, 8, 0, etc. I know you didn’t need this explanation, but some may be confused by my abbreviation to simplify the requirements.

Additionally, some states do not technically describe educational credits as CEUs. Some refer to this as a “PDR” or professional development claim or continuing education credit. In some states, 1 continuing education credit is equivalent to 10 lessons; so the “2 CE credits” requirement actually means 20 hours of continuing education.

Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Continuing Education

I’ve simplified the requirements for each state in the list below. See the sections immediately below the list for the actual text of the state practice law.

California – 30 CEU hours every two years for license holder’s last month of birth.

, depending on the license number (even years for licenses ending in an odd number; odd years for licenses ending in an even number).

New York – 36 CEU hours every 3 years for license holder’s last month of birth.

Alabama Physical Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Tennessee – 30 CEU hours every 2 years before the last day of the month before the licensee’s birthday.

Texas – 30 CEU hours every 2 years for license holder’s last month of birth.

“Each permit expires on October 1 of the year following its issuance. The annual renewal period is from July 1 to midnight on September 30.

“Renewal requires 10 hours of continuing education. A two-hour continuing education course in the practice of law in Alabama is required for the first license renewal.

Logan Owens Pt, Dpt, Ocs, Comt, Cdnt

“All licensees are required to complete a 2-hour state of Alabama law refresher course every 5 years (2020, 2025, 2030, etc.).”

“An applicant for physical therapist or physical therapist assistant renewal who has been licensed for 12 months or more since the last licensure period must complete 24 contact hours of continuing education during that period. A physical therapist or physical therapist assistant renewal applicant who has been licensed for less than 12 months since the last licensure period must (1) complete 12 continuing education contact hours during that period; or (2) passes the national physical therapy exam within the 12 months immediately preceding the expiration date of the applicant’s license.”

“The regulation describing competency-enhancing activities…identifies 3 categories of activities that can meet the license renewal requirements, which are 20 hours per 2-year regulatory period. The regular period starts on 1 September in an even year and ends on 31 August in the following even year. At least 10 contact hours must be in category A out of a total of 20 contact hours. No more than 10 hours may be used for a combination of Category B and/or Category C activities. Due to the variety of conversions used to define CEUs by different institutions, the regulations require “contact hours” rather than “CEUs” as the measure of continuing competence’.

“CEU = Continuing Education Unit. One unit is defined as 10 contact hours of an approved course or program. The social hour is equal to the actual time in a seminar or workshop.

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“CEUs must be earned between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 to count toward renewal in 2023. Individuals licensed as recent graduates or licensed in 2021 and 2022 are not required to complete CEUs prior to the 2023 renewal and begin accruing for the year 2023 for the 2025 renewal. Individuals who were previously inactive and renew their license in 2021 and 2022 must complete continuing education between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 for renewal in 2023. Continuing education used to renew a license cannot be used for a 2021 renewal.

“According to the Arkansas Physical Therapy Practice Act, physical therapists are required to complete two (2) CEUs every two years (biennial) and physical therapists are required to complete one (1) CEU every two years. This must be received within 24 months of the odd year extension. A passing grade in the law exam is part of continuing education and is required during the same period as continuing education.’

You must complete your continuing qualifying hours during the renewal period. Your renewal period begins two years before the day after your license expires and ends on the day your license expires. For example, if your license expires on September 30, 2021, you must complete your advanced training course between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2021.

*Other, as used herein, means the continuation of a competent business from a traditional or alternative means in accordance with California Code of Conduct Section 1399.94.

Academy Of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

“The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program provides for the following: The Licensee must complete a Reflective Self-Assessment Tool (RSAT) once every 2 years.

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