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Free Education Courses Online – If you’re currently telecommuting or thinking about switching to telecommuting, consider learning a new skill or brushing up on existing ones. Fortunately, whether you’re thinking about changing careers, moving up, or improving your skills, it’s never been easier or cheaper to get an online education. In fact, it’s free!

Thanks to the advancement of computers and the growing global community of free, high-quality online education, thousands of high-quality courses are available at the click of a button. These learning opportunities are ideal for freelancers and telecommuters as these courses can be taken anywhere at any time. Even if you don’t think you need to acquire new skills right now, research by the McKinsey Global Institute found that due to rapid changes in behavior and artificial intelligence, up to a third of the US workforce will need learning new skills and changing careers. in 2030.

Free Education Courses Online

The name of this growing group of online learning platforms is MOOC — massive open online course. MOOCs generally have unlimited participation and open internet access. The course content is optimized for online learning and uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure successful completion of the course. Online learning materials can contain text materials, but they can also contain video and audio lectures, graphics, and interactive features such as games, quizzes, and activities.

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MOOCs have been around for just over a decade and continue to evolve. Early MOOCs tended to emphasize free and open access, but now most of them combine free and paid content using access and subscriptions.

For example, some offer free courses but charge for a “verified” certificate, which is a way to prove that you have successfully completed the course. This can be useful if it is a mandatory course for your job. Other ways to achieve status include providing unlimited access to course materials and providing college or continuing education credit. In general, the cost is reasonable and much lower than traditional education.

Signing up for any of the options listed below is very easy and you can start learning in minutes. All links are similar and have topics organized by functions or categories. Many options offer learning packages such as group courses designed to help you get in-depth instruction in one place. Many offer professional certificates, diplomas, and even bachelor’s and master’s degrees online. Course pages often provide information such as course summaries, feedback and how long the course will take. To get started, you just need to complete a short registration and click the “start now” button.

With 13 million students in 195 countries, Alison is one of the largest and most respected sites for free online education. Founded back in 2007, this innovative website is a for-profit social enterprise that provides education to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Students have access to over 1,000 volunteer courses created by experts in a variety of subject areas.

Top 10 Websites For Free Online Education

Alison stands out from other free online education providers with a focus on job skills training. Alison specializes in the fields of information technology, management and business. However, there are also courses in languages, humanities, marketing, health care, business and more. Students can choose courses individually or concurrently for a specific certificate, diploma, or study path for in-depth study.

As mentioned above, this is a profitable business. Alison makes money from advertising (so make sure you turn off your adblocker). The company also charges for certificates and diplomas upon successful completion of the course. Students achieve successful completion by obtaining at least 80% on all course tests.

The biggest flaw of Alison’s courses is that they are not official. This means that the courses will not count toward continuing education units (CEUs). Although they follow industry best practices, individual employers decide whether or not to accept qualifications.

Founded by a Stanford professor, this online education provider aims to provide an online learning library in many disciplines, including science, marketing, engineering and business. The site currently offers over 2,700 accredited and unofficial courses and has over 35 million registered users. Courses are developed in collaboration with more than 150 highly respected university partners, including Stanford, Georgia Tech, Yale, Duke and Michigan.

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Coursera uses different payment methods depending on how the courses are structured. There are individual, specialized courses with a range of related courses, professional certificates and full degree programs. Many courses are free to review, but you will need to pay for assignments and master certificates. Professionals offer a monthly payment model, so if you are signing up for a specialty that is estimated to last two months, you can try to finish early to save money. Professional certificates and learning programs are paid for, but if you meet the requirements, you can apply for financial aid.

As mentioned above, Coursera’s free options generally do not include access to structured assignments. However, the website Class Central did a little research online and found 1,150 courses that still cover the entire course with free assignments. They have also organized all the free courses in topic areas with links that lead directly to the course registration page on the website.

Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is a non-profit, open-source online education platform that offers high-quality courses from world-renowned educational institutions. More than 20 million students worldwide choose from more than 2,400+ courses in humanities, mathematics and computer science. You can search for courses individually or as part of a professional certificate or degree program.

Students can enroll in courses at their own pace or courses lasting four to twelve weeks. All individual courses are available for development with free access to course materials and discussion forums. However, they do not include formal assignments, unlimited access to courses, or certified certification.

Continuing Education Offers Free Online Training

OERu is a non-profit organization funded by UNESCO. The online education platform provides access to open online courses for students around the world. Organized by Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, OERu collaborates with organizations around the world to advance open education efforts.

This platform stands out because educational partners can transfer educational credits online, overcoming cultural barriers, accreditation standards and government regulations. Participating institutions include UTaz (Australia), National Open University (Africa), Thompson River University (Canada) and University of the Highlands and Islands (UK).

Courses are free to complete, however, to receive college credit, students must pay to take a final exam or test. These costs are much lower than traditional tuition and fees.

Owned by the Open University and SEEK Group, FutureLearn has hundreds of global partners including leading universities, professional bodies, international corporations and the UK Government. Courses are offered in a wide range of subjects including management, history, health, psychology, law, education and literature, among others.

The Best Free Online Courses For Anyone

There are short courses as well as full programs offered by several universities. When you complete all the programs and pass all the tests, you can get an internationally recognized diploma. However, it would not be free. You can take all the courses for free, but FutureLearn limits access to how long the course is expected to take and two weeks. In addition, you will not take tests and will not receive credit or certification.

FutureLearn stands out by integrating a “futuristic” learning style. This course uses storytelling with challenging questions and tips to help you learn. There are no lengthy classroom lectures and content is delivered using high-quality videos and text. In addition, this learning style includes many opportunities to interact with your fellow students. This is useful because it is difficult to get personal support in a study with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of participants.

A great source of free online courses is MadBright. Each course consists of several modules taught by other experts with experience in their fields. With these selected courses, you can expand your knowledge and develop your industry-specific skills. Plus, every course is mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet compatible, allowing you to learn from anywhere.

In addition to the large platforms that offer thousands of courses in various subjects, there are specialized banners with industry-specific learning opportunities.

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As the name suggests, Microsoft Learn offers free online courses to learn about Microsoft products and services. The courses are based on step-by-step tutorials and coding that covers ways to track your progress and evaluate your coding. Products currently included include Azure, Dynamics, Power Apps, Flow, and more to come.

Codecademy offers free coding courses in 12 different languages ​​including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++ and Sass, as well as the markup languages ​​HTML and CSS. This learning platform is unique in that you learn by doing from scratch. Within minutes of starting the course, you’re writing real code. For instant feedback, Codeacademy tests code as soon as it’s submitted. They also include real-world projects and quizzes to test your knowledge.

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