Hud Homebuyer Education Course

Hud Homebuyer Education Course – Join us on September 14th for our Second Saturday Home Buyer Education Seminar at Malcolm X College, 1900 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL, from from 09.00 to 17.00 hours. If you want to buy a home, this class is for you! Not just for first-time buyers. Learn the do’s and don’ts in our workshop. Learn how to get up to $30,000 in down payment assistance! Home ownership, with the right tools, is the single most important way people can grow their wealth over time. Other benefits of home ownership include building equity, having more space to do whatever you want with it, and having some funds to pass on to your family. We provide the tools you need to achieve home ownership at the West Cook Homeownership Center.

Receive a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Pre-Purchase Certificate issued after completing an individual consultation. You must be in class by 9:30 a.m. to receive 6 hours of credit toward the certificate. Sorry, babysitting is not available.

Hud Homebuyer Education Course

You must register to attend our free homebuyer education seminar. You can register at You can also register by email. By emailing your name, address, zip code and phone number to Call us at 773-887-5187 if you have any questions. The Chinese Community Center became an affiliate of HUD in late 2008, and we are the only HUD branch in Texas that can provide linguistically appropriate services in Chinese and Vietnamese. We are also a partner in the City of Houston Home Buyer Assistance Program. The Center’s Financial Education Program is a participating organization for homebuyers who must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of homebuyer education to qualify for down payment assistance. The China Community Center provides financial and home ownership education and continues to benefit families paving the way to self-sufficiency.

Homebuyer Education Workshop — Community Action House

The Homebuyer Education Workshop, taught by a certified housing counselor and guest speakers from our local partners, is an 8-hour course that:

The course also includes detailed training on the requirements of local prepayment assistance programs. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of the home buying process while finding local resources to help them achieve their goals.

A certified housing counselor can help clients identify housing goals (including renting and buying) and create a plan to achieve those goals, overcome financial obstacles, and pave the way to a sustainable housing future.

A qualified advisor will offer group seminars throughout the year for those preparing to buy a home and those who currently own a property. Topics range from financial literacy and resilience to do-it-yourself techniques to improve home value and disaster preparedness. Homebuyer orientation and courses are currently held online. Your first step is to register for orientation. Click “Register Now!” button below and you will receive an email with a link to attend the orientation session. Your next step is to sign up for an 8-hour HomeBuyer education course. Please click on the “Register” button below for ONLINE HOME BUYER EDUCATION COURSE or HOME BUYER EDUCATION COURSE – LOCAL VERSION. Call (315) 474-1939 or email info@ if you have any questions or concerns. After you complete the online course, you can call or email Please be patient with our housing advisors – we are currently booking appointments every two to three weeks. Thank you!

First Time Homebuyer Class

Your first step on the road to home ownership is to attend Home HeadQuarters’ free HomeOwnership Orientation! Orientations are currently only offered online. Our home owner orientation includes:

More than 800 people attend HHQ’s orientation sessions each year, after which they have the opportunity to enroll in HHQ’s certified homebuyer education course. Pre-registration is required. Register with one of the buttons below!

We still don’t hold in-person classes, but we do now offer an online local version of our HomeBuyer Education course on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and evenings. This local version includes local lenders, home inspectors and insurance companies and will allow questions to be asked throughout the sessions.

Classes are held during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays in four, 2-hour sessions. Our trained counselors incorporate popular current affairs topics such as sub-prime and predatory lending, foreclosures, how to get free credit reports, energy saving tips and other relevant topics into classroom discussions.

Rdrc Homebuyers Education Programs

You will also be asked to meet in person with a housing counselor who can help you review your credit report, create a spending plan, repair your credit, reduce debt and build savings to become mortgage ready.

After completing the 8-hour homebuyer education course, first-time buyers can apply for closing costs.

This program was developed around the educational text “Realizing the American Dream” created by Neighborworks® America. Every element of this program is designed to improve understanding of the home buying process, from start to finish. For more information, go to eHome America

To receive a certificate of completion from the HomeOwnership Center at Home Headquarters, you must attend a one-on-one tutoring session after completing the online homebuyer education course. To schedule your session, please contact us at info@ or (315) 474-1939.

Nid Hca Initiatives And Partnerships

Post-purchase counseling is available to interested homeowners to help them understand how to approach homeownership and how to cover maintenance needs, utility bills, budget for repairs and avoid predatory refinancing schemes that can jeopardize homeownership.

When Crystal Otero found herself sleeping in a homeless shelter with her children four years ago, she told herself things would change. She enrolled in a graduate program to eventually land a better job, moved to Syracuse for a better life, and enrolled in Homebuyer Education at Home HeadQuarters. Although he wanted to become a homeowner right away, HHQ housing consultants and First Mortgage staff advised him to take his time working on his credit.

Countless phone calls and many sleepless nights later, Crystal is now the proud owner of a three-bedroom, two-car garage, gated backyard home in the northern suburbs of Syracuse.

“It was hard, especially the wait, but it was worth it. Thanks HQ! I have a garden!”

Down Payment Assistance

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