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Learning & Development Training Courses – Are you looking for a solution to help you plan, design, implement, track, maintain and monitor your employee training digitally? If your answer is yes, you are looking for a Digital Learning Management System. Lucky for you, we are going to review the best of 2020. Spoiler Alert, (at #1) is the best of all.

Is a digital learning management system that makes it easy to plan and coordinate training activities to ensure your compliance training program runs smoothly. It features a built-in authoring tool that lets you create your own mini lessons using available interactive templates in minutes. If you don’t want to start from scratch, its free, editable course library offers hundreds of tutorials and mobile tutorials that you can tailor to your own skills or standards specific to your company. You will also have complete control over course management, allowing you to organize your courses and lessons however you like. Distributing course materials to different training groups is also easy with advanced user management, where you can set roles and permissions and even send notifications from the app or email to remind them of completing their course.

Learning & Development Training Courses

To check the effectiveness of your training program, built-in reporting allows you to track your students’ progress, identify knowledge gaps, and send students notifications and emails for an engaging and fast learning experience.

Learn Amp With Free Courses

EUROLAB Alchemy is a powerful Digital Learning Management System with a built-in LMS that uses interactive courses to enable employees to understand, retain and apply what they learn in the workplace.

Unfortunately, EUROLAB Alchemy has a customer base of manufacturing workers on the factory floor. This means that their resources and systems are not easily transferred to you if you don’t have a team at the factory to train.

This DTMS can help you organize your resources and increase your efficiency using central coordination and document management systems. Administrate provides its users with a CRM that eliminates repetitive work and allows users to manage class events with incident management.

The main features of Administrate are course templates, learning paths, event management, fast vILT implementation, and its CRM. With this DTMS, you can schedule your team’s instructors and use course surveys to see if your students are satisfied with their instructors. Unfortunately, management is not free software.

Academy Of Management Learning & Education

This next DTMS on our list isn’t free, so it’s up to you to review its features and determine if it’s worth it. Learn Amp allows its users to start training employees from the very beginning of the login stage. You will be able to deliver training materials to your new employees before they even enter the building. This will allow your employees to plan their growth ahead of time.

The Learnamp system allows employees to learn at their own pace and allows users to set up automated training programs. With DTMS Learnamp, you can set benchmarks that align with your company strategy, so your employees can achieve company-specific goals.

Arlo is a complete DTMS with only a few limitations, such as the fees associated with signing up for this DTMS and its target audience is mostly individual students and not company employees. This learning platform allows users to create online training sites or integrate Arlo into their existing sites. Users can customize their customer registration forms and collect payments via bank transfer, invoice or credit card in the same system.

Another key feature of Arlo is its course management system and event management features. With this feature, you can manage all of your organization’s training courses from a single database, and some tasks can even be automated.

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The website’s course management features will help you provide and track an engaging learning experience for your students. This site has built-in creator tools & SCORM Creator Software which can easily and quickly create interactive content even without SCORM files. It is a 100% cloud based system, so it does not require any download and installation on your computer.

Site content provides playback, and although not required, you can import SCORM files into your library. Speaking of libraries, if you have existing content, you can also upload it to your library. Unfortunately, it’s not free, so be prepared to pay for its features if you decide to use them.

GoToTraining is a DTMS that focuses on individual training and may not be the best choice for companies looking to train teams. This DTMS enables payment processing via PayPal integration and content sharing via class videos, course catalogs, and PowerPoint presentations.

With GoToTraining, you can increase knowledge retention through small group activities and interactions, after which you can use quizzes and polls to assess knowledge and get instant feedback from your students.

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PowerDMS is an online training program aimed at helping companies develop policy implementation. PowerDMS helps organizations make their policy management processes more efficient by updating their processes and keeping their policies accessible and trackable. PowerDMS allows its users to deliver videos and PowerPoint presentations in an online trackable format so training providers can see who has completed their training.

The impact of training can be measured through tests in various formats, and employees can be rewarded through training certificates (various templates are available). Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this training management software for free.

A tranual training management system is essential to eliminate time wasted on employee training. This is done by making training information easily accessible, trackable and searchable. Tranual uses automatic notifications to help trainers and trainees stay on track.

This DTMS provides engaging training content that your employees can enjoy, and to ensure that your employees keep up with their training, Tranual allows tests to be created to measure employee retention.

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LearningCart is not free, but the payment options are affordable. LearningCart is a management software that allows course creators to manage and sell courses from a single platform. This DTMS allows its users to integrate marketing and sales of their courses and even offers a large selection of coupons and discounts.

LearningCart has a built-in LMS that users can use to create courses, monitor their students’ progress and follow up on reports, and allows certifications to be issued after the course is completed. It is also SCORM compliant.

FutureLearn is a learning management system that can help employees acquire new knowledge and skills. This online course platform features 2,000+ unique courses covering topics such as business, management, creative arts and more. Like other course learning platforms, FutureLearn courses are created by top universities and industry leaders. It is offered in various formats such as videos, quizzes, and discussions. This program offers both certification and 100 percent online so your employees can take courses in the comfort of their workplace.

As an advanced digital learning management system, Looop helps you create your company’s online learning resources and optimize the training process for your employees. With a simple but attractive UX design, you can create engaging learning materials and access features like campaigns, and customize the delivery of training content through channels like Slack, Teams, and even SMS. Other features such as user insights and analytics dashboards give you visibility into your team’s completion rate, learning gaps, and overall performance. Through this enhanced reporting feature, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your training and address your employees’ learning challenges. To access all Looop products, you can sign up for a monthly subscription starting at $299 per month for up to 50 users.

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Another great training tool to consider is Grant, built with a powerful yet clean and user-friendly interface and customizability that lets you create and run great online courses without a lot of tools and design options. You can edit everything – you can customize the design to match your brand and include content that fits your student learning goals. If needed, you can also add PDF, Word, PPT and other files to your course content and make them downloadable for quick learning.

But it is not limited to course creation and implementation. Grant’s course health features also allow you to track your team’s training progress, including activity completion and any questions or comments they may have about their course. Any updates made by members will be automatically sent to you via email.

With isEazy’s powerful cloud creation tool, you can create professional eLearning courses. You can quickly create polished teaching materials with a simple interface and intuitive editing system, even if you don’t have a technical background. You can choose from a variety of well-designed course slide themes and layouts, customize your images, and easily translate courses using course designer software. You can also add interactive elements such as quizzes, catalogs and timelines to your courses to make them even more personalized. The free version, on the other hand, prints courses with the isEazy watermark. Collaboration tools, which allow multiple users to modify the same course at the same time, are a key feature for more efficient course delivery.

Raven360 platform allows users to create flexible learning paths

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