Ethics Insurance Continuing Education Courses

Ethics Insurance Continuing Education Courses – DO NOT USE IF YOUR LICENSE RENEWAL DATE IS 2017 OR 2018 – RETURN TO MAIN PAGE AND SELECT CORRECT COURSE JEL 24 HOUR PACKAGES CHANGE EVERY 2 YEAR CYCLE SO YOU WILL NOT REPEATE COURSES. They have everything you need to follow including ethics. L&H package and digital courses also include LTC renewal course for those who need it.

Class Requirements: 24 hours of approved study with a minimum of 8 hours in licensed streams including 3 hours of Ethics.

Ethics Insurance Continuing Education Courses

Renewal Date: All agents must renew their CE requirements based on an individual’s birth month and year of birth every 2 years. Pr. If the agent was born in January 1971, they must comply on January 31, 2015 and every odd-numbered year thereafter.

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Record Keeping Fee – The student must pay a $15 record keeping fee to Thomson Prometric directly at (biannual fee).

State Fee – Manufacturers must pay a $25 renewal fee by the birth month of the CE renewal year.

Final Examinations: Conducted by a disinterested third party. Both the proctor and the producer must sign the “Affidavit of Uniform Proctoring” included in the final exam answer sheet.

Transferring and repeating the course: An agent can transfer up to a maximum of 18 hours. Courses cannot be repeated within 2 years.

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You have not selected any offers. To sell your products, add one or more offers in admin. Don’t waste your time with courses you don’t need. Choose a specific course for your exact state exam. To obtain a California insurance license (if you do not have an active California insurance license), you will need one of the pre-licensing classes in this catalog. For your first license you must complete a 32 or 52 hour pre-licensing course.

Do you need more time to complete your classes and study? Expand your video lesson and/or test practice questions

Topic questions challenge your understanding of the CDI Pre-License Insurance Exam. Pre-licensing exam preparation insurance sections show a knowledge rating, which is unique when determining which topics to focus on learning while our system provides current instructional content. Most important is our instructor questions form, which is available right now as you read the instructional content. When your score is 95%-100% in each section you are ready for the state exam.

Don’t get left behind in this market. Our “Add License” courses give you more selling power with less time to learn. These packages do not include the 12 hour Codes and Ethics course)…which saves you 12 hours of study when you have an active California insurance license. To ‘add licence’, complete a 20 or 40 hour pre-licensing course. Add any type of license you do not have active with the California Department of Insurance.

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Want to skip the California State Exam? Obtain a non-resident license (non-California address). Complete this 12-hour Ethics and California Insurance Code course and apply for a resident license (California address) within 90 days of revoking your license in your previous home state. CDI license fees apply.

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