General Liability Insurance Quotes For Small Business

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Business owners and operators often confuse general and professional liability insurance, wondering why they need coverage for one, and in some cases both.

General Liability Insurance Quotes For Small Business

If you’re curious about the difference between general liability versus professional liability insurance, read on to learn about the nuances of each, how they’re similar, and how they’re different.

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General liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects your business in personal injury claims incurred on your commercial premises or when you use your product; damage to plaintiff’s property; or damages caused by defamation, libel, copyright infringement and more.

Most businesses need general liability insurance because of the wide range of exposures that a policy will cover. In fact, it is estimated that 40 percent of businesses will face a lawsuit covered by commercial general liability insurance.

If your business is hit with a lawsuit, the legal costs and attorney fees alone can be financially devastating, even if you are not at fault. This is why it is usually recommended that all businesses have general liability coverage.

If your business sells a physical product, general liability insurance covers to some extent damages and injuries caused by defective products. You may also consider a product liability policy in addition to your general liability coverage. Product liability insurance can go a long way in protecting your business from faulty software, faulty construction or environmental exposure.

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The general liability policy is a general policy that covers a wide range of liabilities, but there are limitations on what general liability it will and will not cover. For example, general liability policies tend to explicitly exclude claims for negligence and damages caused by the actions of your employees. This is why many businesses choose Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) along with general liability and product liability coverage.

Employment Practices Liability insurance can be divided into three categories: Coverage B, which covers wrongful termination and general harassment, Coverage C, which covers general discriminatory practices, and Coverage D, which covers general compliance issues.

There are a few considerations to understand when looking at general vs. professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, is a type of insurance that protects your business against claims of negligence, malpractice, errors and omissions in the performance of professional services.

When considering overall vs. professional responsibility, there are many factors to consider. If you are educated and trained to provide a service or trade – such as a financial adviser, accountant, doctor, lawyer or dentist – you should have professional indemnity. When customers incur financial losses due to poor or inadequate service on behalf of your business, you are vulnerable to a lawsuit.

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Even if you fulfill your duties and responsibilities, if the customer’s expectations are not met or they are not satisfied with your service, you can be sued.

Professional liability insurance can cover you in the event that you give bad advice to customers or give incorrect information about results and outcomes.

There are some differences between general and professional liability insurance that can help clarify which policy or policies you should consider for your business.

General liability can cover your business for a wide range of claims, including bodily injury, personal injury (resulting from libel, slander, etc.), property damage, legal fees, product liability, and even manufacturing-related damages.

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Whether it’s a customer, visitor, vendor, or other third party, if a physical injury occurs to or on your business property, you may face a lawsuit that general liability insurance protects.

Professional indemnity insurance, on the other hand, provides protection for professionals who give bad advice, act in bad faith, infringe copyright or misrepresent themselves or their services. If someone experiences financial loss due to a service provider’s errors and omissions, they can sue that service provider — which is why you should consider professional indemnity insurance if you provide services to customers or clients. Still, there’s more to understanding general versus professional liability. Continue reading.

General liability insurance is a “claim made” policy, meaning that if you have insurance when the claim is filed, you will be covered, regardless of when the alleged incident occurred.

Professional indemnity insurance is also non-life insurance, but has a retroactive date exception. This means that if the event that led to the damage occurred before the retroactive date of your policy, the current policy will not cover the damage. This is why it is important that service providers are alert when their insurance coverage may expire and should be renewed. If there are gaps in coverage, companies should also look at coverage of past actions.

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Although there are significant differences in what they cover and how they cover them, there are ways that general liability insurance and professional liability insurance are similar. Because of these areas of isolation and overlap, many businesses benefit from both types of policies at the same time.

When you enter into a contract with a strategic partner, supplier or other, there may be a requirement that your business must be insured, either with general liability insurance, professional liability insurance or both.

Some states legally require professional liability coverage depending on the industry or service your business operates. For example, many states require doctors to carry malpractice insurance, a form of coverage under a professional liability policy.

When considering the cost of both general and professional indemnity insurance, your premium will depend on specific factors in your business.

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For example, if you want to purchase general liability insurance as an outside contractor, you have very different levels of risk compared to a grocery store owner.

Likewise, a contractor who has a professional liability policy will experience very different costs if their clients are multi-billion dollar businesses compared to local brick and mortar stores.

If you’re still considering whether you need general liability insurance versus professional liability insurance, ask yourself a few questions.

You might think that if your customers only interact with your business online, you don’t need a general liability policy. In most cases, however, you may still be subject to personal injury lawsuits based on the content of your website, such as copyright infringement or defamation.

General Liability Insurance Cost

Most industry experts recommend having general liability insurance. Even if you think your business has an extremely low risk of being sued, talk to an insurance broker to find out more or get a general liability insurance quote.

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider exploring your options with an insurance broker and getting an instant professional liability insurance quote. you can design a professional liability policy to meet your business needs. In addition, it offers the first all-digital legal professional liability product, purpose-built to protect law firms against common professional risks and potential legal malpractice claims.

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Let’s break down what types of business insurance policies most small businesses need, what risks these policies protect against, and why businesses buy them. General liability is the most common and essential type of business insurance. Also known as commercial general liability or business liability, this insurance can protect your business against the causes of injury or damage to property from outside parties.

Whether an accident is your fault or not, or whether the allegation is true or without merit, general liability coverage can help protect your business against covered claims by paying defense costs and any damages up to the selected policy limit.

If you have more questions about general liability insurance, please click on the link below to our frequently asked questions.

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You can relax knowing you have the right insurance at a competitive price. Licensed and knowledgeable agents are here to help you find the right product.

The frequency and severity may vary depending on the job; but accidents can happen with any type of business. General liability is there to be your backstop in case of the unexpected. Small companies may have the greatest need for general liability as they often have fewer financial reserves available when something goes wrong. Sole proprietors often believe that their homeowners or renters policy will respond to business activities, a perception that is often not true. Larger companies are often brought into claims even if they have done nothing wrong.

It is also common for clients, landlords and other interested parties to require you to show them proof of general liability coverage before entering into a contract with them.

Below are some guidelines you should consider when deciding whether general liability is the right insurance for you:

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If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, general liability insurance is something you should

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