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In just one year, you can find a rewarding nursing career by enrolling in one of Grand Canyon University’s accredited online nursing degree programs. You can grow your success.

Grand Canyon University Bsn Program

Choose from a variety of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs to prepare you to serve others as future leaders in healthcare. Choose one of our online nursing programs to prepare you for an exciting medical career while enjoying the flexibility that online learning offers to fit any schedule.

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Become a leader in the nursing profession and enhance your knowledge of patient care. An accredited online Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will help you gain knowledge of community health, medical management, and skilled nursing practice, and it also offers specialized programs to help you prepare for your desired field of study.

Continue your education and improve your skills through one of our online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs to develop your expertise in key areas of nursing. This graduate nursing program will help you grow, serve, and guide at the higher levels of nursing.

The MSN Fast Track option simulates programs from RN to MSN in length. Complete two graduate-level courses in your chosen MSN Emphasis as an elective to meet the BSN requirements.

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The Doctor of Practice in Nursing (DNP) is designed for practice-oriented leaders interested in transforming current research into innovative solutions that help achieve positive outcomes. DNP helps you achieve your personal and professional goals while preparing for a career as a practicing nurse or educator.

If you have already completed your Master of Science in Nursing, but wish to further your education by earning a professional certification through one of our online Master of Science in Nursing programs. Our programs focus on relevant skills that will help prepare you to work or mentor a diverse group of people throughout your life and educate the next generation of nurses.

Education is committed to providing quality, affordable education. For tuition and courses for online students, visit our Online & Evening Learning page to see how you can afford your education.

Financial Aid Financial aid is available to students through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn more about financial aid through FAFSA.

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Scholarships and Grants offers a variety of scholarships and grants to students of all levels of education to help keep the cost of education affordable.

Provides an online nursing program for military spouses, military and veterans. Explore nursing programs for spouses and military personnel.

How long it takes to earn one of our online nursing degrees depends on your previous education and your individual schedule. RN to BSN applicants wishing to earn an MSN can accelerate their nursing education by selecting the MSN Fast Track option at BSN. To learn more about opportunities, call 855 – LOPE to speak with a registration representative.

The Online Nursing program completes 100% online classes and complete capstone practicum hours in your area. Clinicians are an integral part of most nursing programs because they allow you to apply knowledge and acquire practical skills. Many online nursing programs include evidence-based capstone courses designed to help you put your clinical practice and knowledge into practice. The Field Experience Office can help you build your clinical/practical experience.

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Students enrolled in the RN-BSN program are exposed to community and public health content in conceptual courses in community and public health and have the opportunity to apply their learning through community education projects, but they do not. The program prepares graduates for professional certification in community or public health regulated by individual state nursing boards. Students are encouraged to contact their individual Nursing Board for specific information regarding additional content and clinical requirements for community/public health certification in their state.

If you are a registered nurse and have a bachelor’s degree in non-nursing, you can enroll in one of MSN’s bridging pathways. Students can enroll in a bridge path that accelerates completion of their graduate degree in Nursing. Students who complete the Bridge Path will not receive a BSN degree upon completion and will instead exit the program with an MSN. The Nursing Bridge Path consists of six “bridge” courses designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully complete your MSN program. All programs can be taken online. For more information on the Nursing Bridge route, please contact the Registrar.

From RN to BSN degree, can you prepare for nursing positions beyond direct patient care in a clinical setting?

This degree can prepare students for a variety of career paths in nursing. Graduates can use their knowledge and skills at the bedside. Graduates can become clinical nurse educators, unit supervisors, care coordinators, nurse navigators, and clinical trainers. Graduates may also transition into leadership positions within the healthcare system. Critical thinking skills, knowledge of evidence-based practices, and exposure to research principles gained in this program are valuable and relevant in many nursing roles.

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All nursing degrees require some form of direct clinical experience or practice that enables students to demonstrate achievement of clinical competency at the bachelor’s or master’s level. Therefore, both on-the-ground and online nursing programs require clinical or hands-on experience. For many online nursing programs, students complete clinical requirements in the community. Many students find this experience not only improving their leadership and public health knowledge, but also making a meaningful difference to their organization or local health community. Contact the Office of Field Experience to learn more about the professional support available to students completing clinical nursing experience.

*To complete the program in 12 months, 90 credits received per semester must be converted into required 120 credits. This site does not fully support Internet Explorer. We recommend using a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge for a better experience.

If becoming a nurse is your calling, then you owe yourself to pursuing this rewarding career. However, the cost of going back to school for nursing requires financial planning. As you check the numbers, remember that an ABSN degree can be a smart investment for your future.

When you choose Grand Canyon University for accelerated nursing education, you will connect with a highly supportive academic community that graduates competent, compassionate nurses who serve the greater good by combining faith and reason with intellectual rigor.

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The ABSN program can also help start nursing education as quickly as possible with three start dates each year at each branch in Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

ABSN program tuition is based on the number of credit hours required for graduation. Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for the most recent ABSN program fees.

ABSN program students are not eligible for federal, state, or college grants or scholarships, but may be eligible for federal and/or personal loans. Admissions advisors can point you to the right college resources to help you understand your nursing education funding options.

This form is currently unavailable, but we are still eager to help you! Information on degree programs and degree programs shows that GCU’s national nursing exam pass rate has fallen below the state standard for first-time test takers over the past two years. School officials plan to raise rates

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Arizona’s largest nursing school has agreed to a reprimand decree after state regulators allege nursing violations and school graduates have fallen below the state standard for passing nurse licensure exams for the second year in a row.

Grand Canyon University’s Registered Nursing Program agreed to the Arizona State Board of Nursing’s reprimand ordinance in December, when board staff members . A student and two instructors.

University officials said they have developed a revised plan to raise the first exam pass rate above the state’s 80% standard for nursing schools and address other issues raised by the statute. Some changes have already been made and others will be completed by this month, officials said in the revision plan.

Kathy Malloch, deputy director of education for the board of nursing, said board members visited the school in the first week of April. They interviewed students and faculty and observed classroom activities. Staff will report the visit to the board of directors in May, but comments have been declined until then.

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Reprimand orders are the lowest discipline issued by the Nursing Committee. The board that regulates nursing and nursing programs in the state is

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