Regis High School Tuition

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Located in the Upper East Side of New York City, Regis High School is the only tuition-free Jesuit school in the United States and was named a Top Catholic High School in 2017. All students who pass the rigorous application process become a awarded full scholarship. certificate valued at most of $100,000 over four years. Boys who want to attend Regis face a competitive application process that tests their academic and leadership skills. A tuition-free education for your students at Regis High School will set them up for a lifetime of success in the future. As such, most students commute from a distance of up to two and a half hours to this Manhattan high school. Regis prides itself on helping its students become “Men for Others,” who graduate from Regis High School as young adults committed to Christianity, humanity, and justice.

Regis High School Tuition

All courses are intensive and accelerated. Students are encouraged to take AP exams after taking required standard courses at Regis

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Do you want your son to join the love of the many famous writers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, journalists, actors and directors who have crossed the halls and classrooms of Regis High School?

Let’s dive into the philosophy, education and statistics of Regis High School so you can start planning the rigorous exam, application process and interview that prospective Regis boys hope to become a Regis Owl.

Regis High School was founded in 1914 thanks to the generous endowment of a former anonymous benefactor. Julia Grant, wife of New York City Mayor Hugh Grant, has donated nearly $40 million to establish a tuition-free Jesuit school for the city’s best Catholic boys. While Ms. Grant’s identity has been kept secret for a century, her large portrait in one of the school’s main conference rooms often left people wondering if she was the famous anonymous institution.

When she first handed the envelope at midnight mass on Christmas Eve, Ms. Grant kept her pastor, the Rev. David Hearn, on two promises. The first is that her identity remains confidential as the founder of the school. The second is that the school will provide free education for Catholic boys.

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After 106 years, tuition is still free for the worst Catholic boys in town. While the Family Scholarship served as the primary and, in many cases, only funds awarded to the school over its first 50 years, the generosity of parents and alumni today allows Regis to continue to provide a high-quality, tuition-free education.

Since it is one of the best high schools in the United States, it is not surprising that parents who want to send their children to Regis High School begin to consider accepting their children at Regis when their children are still very young. are young Regis High School is looking for boys who have demonstrated exemplary academics from as young as elementary school.

Each year, Regis admits about 140 boys to its freshman class. These guys are from the top 10% of male students from New York City and the surrounding areas. Four years later, an average of 120 of these boys graduated from Manhattan High School. It is not possible to transfer to Regis from another school. They only accept Catholic boys who are committed to strengthening their spiritual life as much as their academic life.

Rigorous academic standards and a pool of high-quality faculty, each with an average of 18 years of teaching experience, put Regis High School on the map as one of the best private high schools in the country. A student-faculty ratio of 10:1 ensures that your child receives a focused, high-quality education. Some dedicated teachers like Father. Bender, Mr. Barona and Mr. Anselmi have studied there for more than 20 years. She continued the excellent traditions of Regis teachers and set the standard for new teachers to continue.

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Over the course of four years, Regians take courses in English, theology, social studies, math, science, foreign language, history, economics, arts, speech and writing. Languages ​​offered include Chinese, Latin, Greek, German, Spanish and French. Examples of transformative experiences include the American Studies paper and Quest Retreat, both sophomores. Regis boys are encouraged to grow spiritually and socially through extracurricular activities, sports, volunteer work, and social justice seminars.

During the first academic year, students are encouraged to undertake a Christian ministry project to help the underprivileged in the New York City area. Most students spend the entire third semester of their final year doing this, as the advanced nature of their courses allows them to complete all requirements then.

Many of these programs include student participation during holidays and vacations, keeping the boys at Regis active and engaged throughout the year when they choose.

Regis is best known for the Hearn, the school’s speech and debate team. Named after the pastor, who first dreamed of building a free school for senior Catholic boys in the area, Hearn competes and wins national debates and speech conferences every year.

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Students have the opportunity from year two to year one to take an additional course in designing an experiment, testing their hypotheses and reporting results. This helps students understand science much better from the classroom or even from the laboratory. Students can attend various fairs throughout the Tri-state area with their projects and get almost total access to the lab tools that Regis can offer. Teachers are always enthusiastically available to supervise and provide guidance.

Regis offers a range of athletic programs designed to encourage students to develop physical and social skills. The practice often takes place in Central Park.

Regis also hosts a dance each month with various schools on the Upper East Side, such as Marymount and Sacred Heart. Boys from other schools are not allowed. There is an annual walk with the Dominican Academy.

Central Park, Matthew, Guggenheim, and many museums and cultural centers nearby. Older Regis students may go to these during school hours if they have unstructured time.

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After four years of social, emotional and intellectual growth, 100% of graduates attend a four-year college. Compared to the national average of 69% of high school students attending a four-year college, Regis students prepare for future success from day one.

Many students attend prestigious four-year colleges and universities. Some of the favorites include Georgetown University, Yale University, Columbia University, Notre Dame University, Harvard University, and many more: the Regis Enrollment List.

Young graduates of Regis High School leave with a score of 1,470 on the SAT. Compared to the national average of 1,059, it shows the typical educational opportunities available to Regis students.

Regis graduates leave with an average ACT score of 34. This score places them in the 99 percent of ACT test takers. The average ACT score for a national high school is 20.9.

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The rigorous academic standards in place at Regis High School instill students with the skills, knowledge and work ethic to become productive and loyal citizens who make the world better for others.

Much of this preparation for high school, college, and beyond begins in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade as prospective Regis kids prepare for the grueling Regis application process. Surprisingly, many of the subjects in the SAT and ACT are mastered in elementary school for the Regis Scholarship Exam.

Being one of the best Catholic high schools in the country and the only Catholic high school that offers free tuition, it should come as no surprise that the admissions process can be long and difficult. To be considered for admission to 9th grade Regis High School, boys must be in the top 10% of 8th grade boys in New York City. By fourth and fifth grade, boys must demonstrate superior academic and leadership skills.

Regis High School offers a rigorous educational program for young boys in sixth, seventh and eighth grades from New York City and surrounding areas to prepare for the Regis exam and admissions process. REACH is a free educational program that prepares New York City Catholic boys for admission and scholarships to many of New York City’s top private high schools. Not surprisingly, the REACH application process is challenging and is offered exclusively to the top-achieving fifth grade boys in the New York City area.

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The admissions process begins with boys being nominated directly by the principal or eighth grade teacher to begin the application process. Boys must have a strong academic background from primary school. To enter the nomination process, students typically score in the top 10% on the state’s standardized academic exams.

After being nominated, these boys must fill out an entrance application that includes multiple essays, baptismal certificates and financial aid forms. Two letters of recommendation are also required. Preference is often given to high achievers who cannot afford to attend a private Catholic high school. Many of Regis’ children are the children of Catholic immigrants. Applications are submitted each fall.

Two weeks after the application deadline, Regis invites selected boys to take an entrance exam. Regis High School uses its own entrance exam called HSPT (High School Placement Test). HSPT is performed in

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