Elite Continuing Education For Nurses

Elite Continuing Education For Nurses – Continuing education (CE) is an important requirement for many nurses. In addition to meeting licensure requirements, the course helps nurses stay abreast of the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Nurses have many options for fulfilling their CE requirements. Online training through the Elite Healthcare platform is a popular option among nurses across the country.

Elite Continuing Education For Nurses

Each state has its own continuing education requirements for licensed nurses, but many are similar. The purpose of continuing education (CE) is to keep nurses informed of the latest developments and developments in healthcare.

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Here is a summary of the CE requirements in each state. Keep in mind that these requirements can change at any time, so it’s important to check your state’s regulations to make sure you meet the requirements.

Elite Healthcare offers continuing education courses to help nurses meet state CEU requirements for license renewal. The courses are available online and are taught by experts in the field.

Course content is evidence-based and delivered through a flexible platform that lets you learn when it’s convenient for you.

EliteCME.com is accredited as a nursing CE provider by the Accreditation Commission of the American Nurses Registration Center.

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Elite offers nursing CE courses in every state, so you can find courses that meet your CEU license renewal requirements or provide the best possible patient care.

In some states, Elite CE automatically reports completed course hours to the broker within 24 hours. Automatic reporting is convenient and helps simplify the license renewal process.

The Elite Nursing Passport gives students access to the full CE course library for one or two years, depending on the length of their subscription.

Elite covers important topics for nurses, including self-care, infections, coping with nurse burnout, and more. offers free webinars hosted by industry experts.

Integrity Defined In Nursing Practice

Nurses can subscribe to upcoming webinars or watch webinars on demand at any time. Some of the on-demand webinar topics include:

Elite has an extensive catalog of courses that meet CE requirements for nurses. Some of these courses include:

A 2-hour course on the coronavirus and national standards of care set forth by the CDC and other agencies. The course contains the latest standardized information on virus detection, care and prevention.

Elite Healthcare offers more than 400 nursing CE courses, including specialty courses tailored to state requirements.

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This is just a small glimpse of the courses available at Elite Healthcare. Nurses can choose from hundreds of CE-compliant courses.

The EliteCME website has over 50,000 reviews from students who trust their platform for their continuing education requirements.

Since the courses are also available online, you can study at your own pace and at your own time. Nurses have busy schedules, and it’s not always easy to keep up with a traditional study schedule.

Courses available through Elite are accredited and approved by state boards to ensure CEUs meet state requirements.

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Being a member of the Passport Program makes meeting your CE requirements easier and more convenient. A single membership gives you access to their entire course library, so you can take your courses at your convenience and for longer.

Ultimately, the program saves time and makes it easy to access the courses you want at any time. As nurses, in school and at work, we are taught the ideal of “benevolence,” which means not harming patients and being kind, honest, and courteous.

These become core values ​​that we must uphold in our practice so that we can provide the highest quality care to our patients and know that we are working with integrity.

However, the concept of integrity is broad and can be used in many contexts; Take, for example, personal integrity and professional integrity.

The Role Of The Registered [surgical] Nurse In The 21st Century Nhs Acute Trust Hospital. An Ethnographic Study

When it comes to nursing, there are certain situations that raise concerns about whether or not a nurse is actually doing a fair job. For example, some nurses miss work because they choose not to get the flu shot. But while these nurses maintained their personal integrity, did they maintain their professional integrity by refusing to vaccinate and putting their patients at risk?

The model combines holistic-structural (body health) aspects; individual (patient in decision-making); and social – with the principle of “energy saving”.

To provide care that respects and preserves the patient’s integrity, Levins’ model encourages the nurse to become part of the patient’s environment; his skills, knowledge and care help the client overcome the disease by treating the patient as a whole.

This wonderful theory highlights the importance of integrity in nursing, and also shows that there are many different aspects of integrity in nursing that relate to one’s being.

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Integrated self (whole, consistent in attitudes and actions, resistant to evil desires, self-reflection), personal identity (what it means, wholeness is the core of that person’s identity), and morally clean hands (determines what is “essential”). what one is willing to do and what one is not willing to do) are the three components of loyalty.

Integrity is “a complex set of values ​​that must be considered as a whole, a relational framework of values ​​that exists for specific communities and individuals.”

Emphasizing that honesty consists of different values, it can be considered a personal and social quality. “Acting with integrity does not harm the respect, integrity, prosperity and prosperity of others.”

Integrity means living and behaving according to one’s own standards. “Humanity is a noun… Man acts with integrity; honesty, truthfulness, courage, etc. away from such action.

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Integrity is the individual’s reason for acting, not the actual action itself, and personal integrity is often seen as a core value of ethical health care.

Integrity is when an individual goes beyond what is required by codes and regulations and recognizes that acting outside of these guidelines will improve patient outcomes and safety and that they believe it is the “right thing to do.”

To practice fairly, one must know oneself and others in order to provide fully competent and fair care; “Take care of yourself and others to balance interest in yourself and others.”

Morality is a defining quality that a health care professional must possess in order to work with integrity. Morality can be defined as being respectful, caring, “doing the little things,” engaging, showing love and care, and taking time to do good work. “The sense of humanity leads people to be kind and considerate in the face of suffering.”

Pdf) Lifelong Learning And Nurses’ Continuing Professional Development, A Metasynthesis Of The Literature

Morality and integrity seem almost inseparable when defining nursing integrity. Integrity has also been defined as “the ability to consider and think usefully about the complex and conflicting factors influencing action or potential action within context, knowledge, experience and information (ourselves and others)”.

To be clear from the literature, a new definition of wholeness would be: By understanding and knowing oneself fully and completely (physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally), one begins to know and relate to others holistically; this knowledge and understanding is the basis for providing quality nursing care that is respectful, honest, ethical, and morally just.

In nursing and health care, integrity is not a uniform concept. An individual integrates his personal, professional, and moral values ​​to guide his practice.

The importance of maintaining integrity and the characteristics that comprise integrity are contained in codes, practices, policies, and guidelines established by individual hospitals and communities.

Nurses: Leadership, Is It Nature Or Nurture?

The concept of integrity in health care arises when there are two or three types of integrity: personal, moral, professional and “moral” conflict, when the integrity of the nurse is questioned, when the integrity of the patient is questioned. informed practice”.

The community serves as an arena of loyalty; in this case, the nurse’s work environment is the community environment, and the patient is the person we interact with.

When defining and understanding integrity in health care, one cannot look only at the integrity of the nurse; fair practice preserves patient integrity and is critical to providing ethical, moral, and safe patient care.

Moral self-respect in this area is necessary to preserve the integrity of one’s character and personal integrity; According to the ANA, personal and professional identities are not completely separate or conflated, but are treated as integrated. The completeness of a nurse’s character also includes relationships with patients. If a nurse wishes to maintain her integrity, that is a personal matter for the individual nurse.

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It is essential that nurses understand the meaning of integrity in nursing practice so that they can practice with integrity; this leads to an optimal nurse-patient relationship. It is very important to understand the need to maintain integrity in practice for the nurse and patient to feel themselves (well-being),

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