Master Degrees In Business

Master Degrees In Business – Master of Business Administration degrees are widely recognized and valued graduate degrees. MBA recipients hold leadership positions in fields such as diving;

As many as 40% of CEOs of S&P 500 corporations have a master’s degree in business administration. Only 30% of all advanced degrees earned by S&P 500 executives. You read that right. America’s largest corporations are run by more MBA holders than all other advanced degree types combined.

Master Degrees In Business

But an MBA doesn’t need to land you in the C-Suite. One of the most useful components of an MBA is general business knowledge on a variety of subjects.

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Many, many workers will work in different fields or roles as they move up the ladder. MBAs are among the only degrees that can help prepare you for such a wide range of roles.

Today, MBA can be a great option for various disciplines. In fact, many prospective B-school students report that one of their main obstacles to pursuing an MBA is which program they should take and whether they should attend an in-person, online, part-time, weekend, or night MBA.

That’s where it comes in. We have years of experience covering the nuances of a wide range of MBA types, as well as questions about applying to business grad school, financial aid, and choosing the right program for you.

Masters of Business Administration (commonly abbreviated as MBA) are professional graduate degrees that provide a broad foundation for graduate-level professional courses. An MBA can be used to start your own business, to find a management role in an existing business, or to move into roles that require professional knowledge in your current workplace.

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MBAs are often aimed at working professionals and offer many elements that increase flexibility, including night courses, weekend courses, online courses, part-time study, accelerated learning, and programs for those more advanced in their careers (Executive MBA).

A program for a non-executive MBA typically takes 1-3 years to complete. The one year programs are moving very fast. Three-year programs are part-time, and two years is the most common length of time to earn an MBA.

An MBA can be offered as a general option or in various specializations. Specializations can include finance, marketing, human resources, leadership, information technology, and more.

In General MBA, students start their studies by choosing 3-5 options of their choice. In a professional MBA, those 3-5 courses are used to enhance understanding in a subject.

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Executive MBAs are MBA programs typically offered to those who already have 5+ years of management experience. Due to prior experience, executive MBA programs often skip many basic business topics and delve into advanced concepts.

As we mentioned above, MBAs are professional degrees. This is the opposite of a research degree. Research degrees at the graduate level are often for students who want to expand their knowledge of a subject and often lead to a Ph.D. or doctoral program. Professional degrees usually focus on applied knowledge that is easily applicable to careers. In addition, most professional degrees at the graduate level do not require a thesis.

As some would say, “the proof is in the pudding.” This is certainly the case with the Master of Business Administration degree.

As we mentioned above, more than 40% of S&P 500 CEOs have MBA degrees. In other words, MBA graduates run half of America’s largest corporations.

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Of course, not everyone will make it to the C-Suite, and that’s okay. MBAs are particularly unique degrees because they give you graduate education in a variety of disciplines. This means one can take up multiple roles in corporate and organizational structures after an MBA degree.

This is also the biggest advantage of MBA. MBA graduates reported that their MBA helped prepare them for a variety of roles after graduation. While other degrees may prepare graduates for a specific job or sector of a business, MBA graduates provide strong foundational skills regardless of the department or role they will fill in their careers.

This versatility and generally well-rounded knowledge base make MBAs better paid than their peers. In one large survey, 83% of MBA graduates reported that their MBA paid off financially. And a whopping 92% reported that they would choose their MBA program again if they had the opportunity to redo their MBA with the option of choosing a different degree.

MBAs have a low unemployment rate, and if you browse through many job listings, the reason is clear. Many professional roles place an MBA degree in the “want” section of their job listings. In most application processes, having an MBA immediately sets you apart from the competition.

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Choosing an MBA program can be difficult. An MBA is one of the most commonly offered graduate degrees in the United States (for good reason, we might add).

For some students just beginning their search, MBA programs can offer an almost dizzying array of options. If this sounds familiar, we suggest you start by narrowing down your search. Consider the following possible priorities, then start sifting through the schools that didn’t make the cut.

Additionally, consider whether the program you are interested in is regionally or nationally accredited. Regional accreditation is known as the “gold standard” of certification. If the school is regionally accredited, it’s eligible for federal financial aid, it’s not-for-profit, credits are likely to transfer to other programs, and your degree is likely to be more respected by employers.

This is not to say that nationally accredited schools are all bad. Rather, they are not evaluated in the same way as regionally accredited schools. Most of the universities that are considered good for some time and are regionally accredited.

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If you think you already know what type of MBA program you’re interested in, be sure to check out the ranking of the best MBAs below by type of specialization:

Master of Business Administration programs are known for their focus on advanced and professional education. As such, the MBA was one of the first degree types to fully embrace distance and online learning.

Early adoption of online learning through MBA programs is good for learners. With more years to offer online education, online MBA schools have had the opportunity to improve their offerings. Flexible offerings also show that programs understand their potential student base and can adapt to the needs of working or non-traditional students.

That said, online education is not the right option for everyone. There are many pros (including flexibility and affordability) and cons (including lack of access to campus events) to pursuing an MBA online.

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If you would like to see a more detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of an online MBA, check out our page on online MBA degrees.

Even knowing you want to pursue an MBA, choosing a major can be difficult. , we have covered a wide range of MBA specializations in detail. Below we’ve listed the most common types of specialization, a brief summary of each, as well as related content on that MBA type throughout the site.

Analytics MBAs provide a solid foundation for leading teams of analysts or transitioning into a data analyst role with upward trajectory early in your career.

If you’re interested in an Analytics MBA, be sure to check out our ranking of the best online business analytics MBAs.

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A Marketing MBA is one of the most sought-after degrees in brand manager, analyst and creative agency roles. Most marketing MBAs will offer areas of concentration in digital marketing or traditional marketing.

If you think you might be interested in an MBA in Marketing, be sure to check out our ranking of the best online MBA programs.

A forensic accounting MBA is sought after in large corporations with highly complex financial statements, as well as in the federal government. Audit, strategic accountant and accounting manager positions are available with this degree.

Interested in MBA in Accounting? Be sure to check out our ranking of the best online forensic accounting MBAs

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Cybersecurity MBAs emphasize the importance of cybersecurity as it relates to organizational goals. Contrary to popular belief, many cybersecurity roles do not require much technical knowledge.

Interested in an MBA in Cyber ​​Security? Be sure to check out our ranking of the best online cybersecurity MBAs

Legal security MBAs hold a variety of leadership positions in law enforcement, government agencies, and physical security companies. While not the most popular destination for MBA students, it can be a great degree to get ahead of the competition in your field.

Interested in a Law Security MBA? Be sure to check out our ranking of the best online law enforcement MBAs

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A Consulting MBA provides students with the unique skills needed to fill consulting roles in finance, accounting or management. Consulting can be a great way to start your own business, and consultants can enjoy great salaries.

Think you’re interested in pursuing an MBA in consulting? Be sure to check out our rankings of the best online consulting MBAs

Economics MBAs work as data analysts, economists, financiers

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