Masters In Theological Studies

Masters In Theological Studies – Students who earn an “A-” average and develop an academic bent for theology during their program may use MTSD to qualify for doctoral studies at the Toronto School of Theology.

Corporate Address: National Office: 19353 16th Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2. There are currently no offices in the Greater Toronto Area.

Masters In Theological Studies

Contact Person: National Office (BC): Steven Mueller, Director of Operations, or Queen Bey, Community Garden Network, GTA National Publications Coordinator.

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Work Organization: Rocha is an international conservation organization that works to show God’s love for all creatures. We build on our commitment to environmental action through community conservation projects based on science and research, practical conservation and environmental education.

This position offers one or two students the opportunity to assist in the establishment of a sustainable network of church community gardens in the Toronto area.

Graduates will contact the coordinator of the A. Rocha National Community Park Network, the local community, coordinators of church gardens and churches to carry out the following tasks:

This position will enable students to learn about sustainable food systems, improve their networking and communication skills, and connect trust and build care.

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This position is suitable for an applicant who has passion, experience and confidence in working with children. The position will provide an opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience while facilitating children’s group activities for school programs, day camp programs, summer camp workshops and community events held on site. Additional responsibilities include research and resource development for these programs.

Gain valuable experience in sustainable micro-farming/community collective farming (CSA) by assisting the farm and nursery manager in planning, managing and implementing the garden season as well as native plant nursery work. The condition includes manual labor outside, planting, harvesting, weeding, watering the garden; Organizing and supporting weekend water events; Communicating with community members and project stakeholders; and volunteer tracking.

Develop and participate in fish and wildlife conservation and improvement projects such as fish, amphibian and bird breeding, natural farms and various wildlife surveys. Participate in local stewardship programs, connect with community members and manage volunteers. Conduct research and development of materials related to stewardship and fish and wildlife habitat. Support for native plant nursery.

Graduates must have a strong and proven interest in conservation and/or sustainable living arrangements and understand God’s creation as an important part of Jesus’ command that we love God with our whole being, and love others as ourselves. Interns must have the following skills and interests:

Master Of Theological Studies (mts) Program

Training Location: GTA (work from home and/or preferably in a church office) Toronto; Brooksdale Nature Center: Surrey, British Columbia.

Accommodation: Payment options may be available for GTA graduates. For BC graduates, Surrey Center Room and Board is available for $600.00/month. For more information on international training with A. Rocha, please visit here.

Medical Payment: Not provided. Local students who are residents of Ontario are covered by the province’s health insurance program. Canadian students and international students from outside Ontario must have proof of appropriate medical/health insurance.

Training: Informal, on-the-job training, and networking opportunities with Rocha Canada’s national staff and GTA Stewardship Coordinator, Paul Abel.

Master Of Theological Studies

Volunteering: Rocha Canada is always looking for volunteers. If you want to get your hands dirty at one of our Field Training Centers, help out at our National Office, join the GTA Emerging Program, or offer your skills remotely in your area of ​​expertise Well, we’d love to hear it. . from you

Statement of Faith: There is no statement of faith to join; However, it is important that graduates accept A. Rocha’s five commitments when working in training.

To Apply: Please email a cover letter and CV (in PDF or similar format) to the appropriate person mentioned above to apply.

Work of the Organization: The purpose and work of the Council will be to witness the renewal of the Church by the Holy Spirit always, to serve the mission of God in the world, to demonstrate the unity given to the world through Jesus. Christ. To promote the development of ecumenical and missionary loyalty among all Christians, and to facilitate joint actions of the member churches (from the CCC constitution).

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Types of Internships: Students and graduates typically focus on assisting with a specific project that matches the student’s interest and passion with the Council’s current needs. In recent years there have been trainings in human trafficking, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, interfaith climate justice, anti-racism and communication, for example. Commonly on the Faith and Witness side of the Domestic Council (currently focusing on religious pluralism in Canada) and Justice and Peace (current priorities include climate justice, poverty in Canada, indigenous rights, illegal trade) of humans). , faith and nature, religious freedom, for example).

Required Skills: We are looking for graduate students who are curious and willing to learn more about religious reflection on issues facing the Church, Christians growing in greater unity, faith in the public sphere, and other religious communities.

Training: Internship itself is seen as a training and learning program which is hands-on learning. Oversight on broader issues such as how freedom works, how dialogue looks and sounds, and is provided by the Secretary-General to enable general action. The identification and monitoring of a particular project, the development of learning objectives based on success, and the preparation of the learning and implementation plan, and associated with the success of the project, are carried out by the program staff.

Evaluation: Evaluation continues at the end of the training, and discussion continues. Typically, we also complete the relevant paperwork required for the academic program.

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Contract: There is no specific contract, but we usually make a short agreement that describes the project, what needs to be done, the pace of work and a draft work plan, management requirements, and office space if needed.

Work Organization: iTeams Canada is a Christian charity working to end poverty by providing education and livelihoods to vulnerable people around the world. Our work is accomplished through partnerships with churches, businesses, and grassroots networks of enthusiasts who have invested their time, resources, and talents. Our Impact Programs work with local partners to address poverty through programs and support. With access to the necessities of life, the community becomes independent and the quality of life improves.

Our Forge Internship is a 6-month paid internship designed specifically for college and university graduates with skills and passion for international development. Forge interns are emerging Christian leaders who want to put their skills into practice and take the next step in their career. They share a strong commitment to watch communities around the world grow in the fullness of life characterized by dignity, hope, justice and peace. The Forge offers the opportunity to build a real portfolio of work, connect trust with business, and make a visible and lasting contribution to the Canadian International Team’s transformational development plans.

University Degree/Degree or certificate and specialized training as required in International Development, Community Development, Global Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies etc.

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Training Location: Training Location: With existing iTeams Canada programs. In 2019-2020 2 graduates will go to Kenya.

Duration of Training: 6 months in total (2 1/2 months on location and 3 1/2 months in Canadian office).

Cost: All work-related costs are covered, but graduates will work on fundraising skills with the goal of raising $10,000 for the program. Accommodation: The local administration will make appropriate arrangements. Working students pay for their own room and board while working at the iTeams Canada office. Their accommodation is paid for while they are in place, but they are responsible for the cost of their own food.

Training: 4 days a week, 7 hours a day for 4 weeks in September. Full time paid. Although there is some instruction involved, most of the instruction will be in the context of work related to the program that will host the student. Topics include the iTeams CA System, Software DME and Connecting Beliefs and Vocations.

Master Of Arts In Theological Studies (mats)

Evaluation: Yes – Based on a teaching relationship with Forge Leadership and completed assignments: a 6-month program report, one or more technical funding proposals and a research project related to the program the student is working on. The assessment will be shared with Wycliffe College.

Volunteering: There are no opportunities for volunteers with forgery training. However, other iTeams CA programs sometimes have openings for volunteers. Information is available on I-Teams Canada.

We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, he was true God and he was a true person who existed in one person and had no sin. We believe in his representative and substitutionary sacrifice, his physical resurrection, his ascension to the Father, his present life as Lord of all, High Priest and Advocate, and his personal return in power and glory.

We believe that the Holy Spirit resides and gives life to believers, enabling them to understand and use the scriptures, empowering them to live a godly life, and preparing them for service and testimony.

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We believe that the Scriptures of the Old Testament and the New Testament are the inspired words of God, completely reliable and supremely authoritative in all matters of Christianity and life.

We believe that every member of

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