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State Farm Liability Insurance – This is a comprehensive guide on how to get bus conversion insurance based on our months of research and our process of getting bus insurance. From getting the new bus insurance you just bought to insure yourself while driving home, to get full school insurance once your bus conversion is complete.

Finding information on how to get a school bus conversion insurance can be a confusing way to get down. There are many old articles and forum posts. Some of these factors made Sarah and I worried about insurance in most of our constructions. .

State Farm Liability Insurance

Fortunately, the industry has moved on and state farms have come a long way in providing full coverage for school bus conversions.

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Two major misconceptions are that school bus replacement insurance is difficult to obtain and that school bus insurance is expensive.

Neither can be more realistic, but you need to know that there are two types of insurance for school students.

If you are doing self-conversion, there are two types of insurance that you would like to get. If you are buying a ready-made school, you will go for other types of insurance.

The first type is to buy a used school bus, take it home, then secure it through the construction process. This is what I would call your “conversion insurance” because it is the insurance for your school purchase and construction process.

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This is basically a regular RV insurance, but our RV owners have to go through some extra steps during the insurance process to be able to get insurance. Full coverage of school bus conversion insurance is definitely the ultimate goal as it includes liability, comprehensive insurance and collisions. You are completely covered by the basics as the title suggests. In our experience, conversion must be “complete” to obtain this insurance.

You definitely need insurance to drive a used school bus home. Then you might want to get insurance when building a school on a vehicle so that if something happens you will at least get the money you invested in the vehicle.

Legal Notice: What we are about to say is not insurance or legal advice, just what We found out how others got this insurance and what we did for liability When driving home. Get your own insurance and legal advice to ensure you are fully insured when driving your bus home and during your transfer process.

More than that, this is how we get insurance for our bus ride home and through the conversion process.

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We called Progressive and told them we wanted to add a business vehicle for personal use to our existing policy. Chris has advanced insurance on his motorcycle and previously had car insurance. When asked, we said we were buying a bus to keep some belongings in the family. This is not a lie, as it is the storage base for many months of construction.

Progressive referred us to their Commercial Insurance section, where we were asked about the bus and again about our plans with the bus. We have a commercial vehicle policy, but this policy is for commercial vehicles used for personal use. Our policy also limits distances to 100 miles from the policy address.

Wisconsin home from where we were buying it in south-central Michigan. The agent confirmed and said she added a note to our policy about the first drive with the address, policy and date of departure, place of purchase and destination. We give them a few days to travel safely.

This policy costs about $ 260 every six months, and we have it for two six-month periods that overlap a few months of our completed school insurance with State Farm.

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We are very worried about getting school insurance. We read every article we could find about getting a bus conversion insurance, and most of them came from school owners.

Anxiously, we postponed getting insurance until after our construction point where we were able to get full insurance from the school.

Once the exterior of your bus meets the requirements of your school, the school bus is named RV / Motorhome and the interior is almost ready. You may be asked for pictures, so it makes no sense to try to do all this work before.

Here are some original pictures of where we were with the students when we got the insurance. We sent a total of 15-20 photos, ranging from VIN images to bathroom cabinets. We want full coverage for the amount of money we have invested in the number of photos we want to take. Transformation. The exterior is about 80% done and the interior is the same. According to the pictures, the guarantor will not know whether the bus is full or not, except for some pictures showing the wooden floor without pillows, etc.

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We have said a few times that we are afraid of getting insurance at our school. So much so that we are not immediately transparent with the insurance agent about what our car really…

We started by sending a contact form to send an email to our local state farm office. After a few emails of high-level conversations, I (Chris) called the insurance agent and discussed some specifics about what we were looking for for our insurance so we could get the right quote.

During the conversation, I got to know the person’s last name. When he was in high school, he had the same last name as his old neighbor, who was on my family’s bowling alley team. I asked if he knew the man (my old neighbor), he was the son of my old neighbor who was many years younger than me. . Small world! So we feel we are in!

I still play it cautiously, but a little more honestly on the subject that it is a conversion and we have just ‘rebuilt the motorcycle house’. I also told him 2000 International 3800 and all other details. Not once during the conversation did I mention it was a “bus”.

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“Hey Chris, so I’m looking for this model and it’s not in our motorcycle internal system. So I googled if this is an old school bus like a party bus?

“Yes, it’s an old school car that we changed and turned into a motorcycle. We have a motorcycle house license with the DMV and have all the facilities, so it is a legal motorcycle house now. ”

In short, he called the guarantor to explain the situation and it was no longer a school bus. It is a completely transformed motorcycle. The underwriters ask for specific pictures to attach to the documents so they can see that it is actually a motorcycle home and what they are guaranteeing.

If it weren’t for someone I know, I would have gone the same way. Knowing that person calmed our fears a bit because we were family friends and we could talk about everything easily. So even if you do not know someone at State Farm, someone in your network can. Otherwise, I just reach out and work.

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If you are thinking about full school insurance, I would suggest you look 100% full to upgrade your conversion to insurance.

I’m glad I was able to come out honestly with them. We’m glad they had a picture of our school in the file so they could not claim that they did not know That it was an old school bus.

Recall, if I had not read all of your concerned posts or watched their videos on YouTube, I would have been honest.

If you are honest, insurance agents will know what you are looking for and will not waste each other’s time if they think they can not get what you want. Sometimes they are lazy and do not want to go through the process while others find your project cool and want to be a part of your journey.

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If you find someone who is upset with you, call another office. Someone out there wants a commission and needs a number on their insurance sales transaction record.

This is mainly because we do not know some of the details, and if we answered them Some, one way or another, we will not be insured.

Our plan is complete.

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