How To Create And Sell Online Courses

How To Create And Sell Online Courses – My Ultimate Guide to Creating Online Courses! Here are three principles and ten practical steps you need to create amazing, profitable and life-changing online courses.

Online courses can help you make more money, save more time, and help more people. In 2017, I hit $1 million in revenue from online courses alone. And I’ve made a lot of money by linking to other people’s courses as well.

How To Create And Sell Online Courses

Today, I want to share the keys—three important principles of meditation and ten practical steps—that will help you do just that.

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This post is designed to be the definitive guide (it’s in the title!) to creating and selling your own online course, so it’s a bit long. But if you’re looking for a one-stop shop on what it takes to create and sell a great online course, stay tuned, because you’re in for a treat.

Before we dive in, though, we need to talk a little about why online courses are great and who they are.

Fish. The truth is that lessons are not for all people and all companies. I think the most important thing is to first understand: what are the problems and needs of your audience? Then ask yourself, “Does it make sense for me to create an online course and sell it to help them overcome these issues?”

I hesitated for a long time to build online courses because I was afraid of selling to my audience. Here is the general understanding:

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. Part of this is that I realized that by creating courses for people who just want to dig deeper with me, I didn’t take anything away from this part of my audience that is more interested in taking advantage of free and low-cost products.

This realization was huge for me. It pushed me out of my fear of selling online courses to other people, which was a huge help, and allowed me to create better courses to better help and serve my audience. Now I see that I can serve many people, especially those who want to invest in themselves to achieve their goals. And for every course I create, my new credentials are displayed through my sales pages, emails, and in the tool itself.

Cheers! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s cover the three principles of thinking behind why people buy online courses. These are your things

To learn the psychology that drives people’s purchasing decisions, before attempting to sell any method online.

Create And Sell Courses Online From Your Own Website

So, do you want to learn how to sell courses online? These can be your own courses or you can be affiliated with someone else’s courses. I am so happy for you, because there are amazing opportunities with online courses!

In my years of building and selling my own courses and promoting others’ courses, I’ve learned a lot by experimenting with different methods of developing online courses. There are many strategies to choose from when promoting an online course, from emails to funnels to Facebook ads to podcasts to blogs to videos and more, but no matter the strategies, you’ve got three things right. These are the three principles of thinking you must apply in everything you do, or you won’t sell anything.

People don’t want to buy online courses. wait what? However, it is true. No one comes up and says, “You know, I think I’m going to buy an online course today.” What people want are the results and outcomes that an online course can give them. So the secret to selling something, is to convey the result, the outcome, how someone’s life will be different after they take your path. If these results are not evident, your task of developing this method will be very difficult.

For your sales page, focus not on the course features, but on the results. For example, with the Power-Up Podcasting course, I promised students that I would have a podcast up and running with a registered audience the day they published the podcast. It has specific and possible outcomes.

How To Create And Sell Online Courses: The Process We’ve Used To Validate And Launch More Than $1m In Yearly Course Sales

Selling an online course is not easy. When it comes to selling online courses, trust and proof will be your best friend. Contrast, for example, something like a software application that performs a specific task in a specific way. If a potential customer has a problem that the software can solve, the customer can easily imagine using this software to get the results they are looking for out of the box. But with online courses, which are mostly information, you can’t prove that and the results are not clear and people don’t necessarily get results when they buy. They have to take action to see results.

Now, when you sell an online course, you need to build trust before you sell your course. You can do this for a long time, through content marketing, for example. You can also do it in a short period of time, maybe through marketing or a website. Whichever option you choose, proof is important. You need to show real-life evidence that this course actually works, and the best way to do that is usually by sharing testimonials and successes from previous students who have taken the course.

Special Tips for Building Trust with Affiliate Courses: The most important thing to do is to convince your audience that the person creating the course is the right person to teach them this material and that your audience can trust them. There are a few ways I like to do this. Usually, I develop courses that I have used myself, so I can talk about what I know and what I like. I also interview course founders or creators on my podcast, which is a great relationship-building tool. Also, evidence and testimonials from other people, especially your audience, are important here.

When it comes to most of the online courses out there, information on these courses can be found somewhere on the internet. So why do people buy these courses? I learned this important lesson in 2008 when I sold my first product online, which was an e-book study guide to help people pass the LEED exam, a specific exam in the architectural space. This ebook contains 95 percent of the material that can be found for free on my blog. In fact, right before I sold this product, I remember being scared to death thinking that every single person who bought it would ask for a return and complain about it. No one did. Not one person out of thousands complained about it.

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So does this mean people are too lazy to complain and ask for a refund? It doesn’t matter. Trust me, if people aren’t happy with their purchase, they’ll quickly ask you for money. The main reason people buy online courses is because they are convenient. Save people time by getting all the information they need, and only the information they need, gathered and placed in one place to take action for results.

Also, people tend to want to be hands-on and like to be responsible through action, whether it’s through weekly office hours or just through the course. When dollars are bought and spent, it’s the person who says, “Yes, I want to do this. I’m putting my skin in the game and I’m going to do it.” And it’s your responsibility, as the creator of the course or as someone promoting someone else’s course, to make sure they achieve that result.

Now that we’ve covered the psychology, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of creating your own course! Here are ten steps you should take to create an online course from scratch that people will love.

At first, you may not know exactly what to do. The best thing you can do is start a conversation with your audience, to understand exactly what they’re going through and where they can use your help. This will help you understand what you can create a regular course for.

Essential Tools To Create & Sell Awesome Online Courses

The key here is to know and define the change your customers will experience when they take your course. What will help them achieve your course? Once you know that, you’ll have your selling point. You can paint a clear picture in my client’s mind: “Wow, if I get this, then I get that.”

For example, here’s the change I promise people when they take my Affiliate Marketing 1·2·3 course. I promise you will earn your first dollar through affiliate marketing, which generates income and commissions by selling and recommending other people’s products instead of your own.

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