Online Driving Improvement Course

Online Driving Improvement Course – The Driver Improvement Scheme (DIS) was introduced in September 2002 to improve road safety and improve drivers’ compliance with the law by better understanding their driving behavior and attitude. Starting from February 9, 2009, those who meet the following categories will have to attend the driver’s specialized course during the specified period.

(i) those convicted of serious traffic offenses such as reckless driving and drunken driving; Or

Online Driving Improvement Course

(ii) Traffic offenders who have accumulated 10 Driving Offense Points (DOP) within two years. They will be required to attend the Course for every 10 DOP.

Ssdc Guide: How To Enrol For Driving Lessons

In order to further improve the effectiveness of the Driver Training Course (the “Course”), the Department of Transport has reviewed its content and developed new integrated teaching materials for all Driver Training Schools. The new course starts on 1 December 2021.

There will be 3 qualified participants who attended the entire course with satisfactory performance (i.e. attended all classes of the course on time, paid attention, actively participated in class and group discussions and activities, and passed the written end-of-course assessment). Self-infringement points (“DOP”) are deducted from the total points suffered. However, the PDO cannot be deducted on the date of completion of the specialist driving course in relation to the date of issue of the course certificate.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the issuance of compulsory attendance notices/summonses to the Office of Driving Violations, Department of Transportation 3/F. United Center 95 Queensway, Direct to Hong Kong driver improvement course. (Request No. Tel.: 1823)

You can enroll in any of the designated driver improvement schools to enroll in a new driver improvement course. The address and contact details of the driving schools are as follows.

Traffic School Online

A driving school will issue a driver’s license or certificate of completion to a student after completing the driving course. A certificate of attendance will be issued if a participant fully attends the course, completes all assignments, and requires evaluation at the end of the course. After attending the course and completing all the homework and completing the course, a certificate of completion will be issued to a participant with the required competency assessment. Please note that a participant who is late or absent for more than 15 minutes does not complete the course.

The specialized driving course is divided into two sessions for a total of eight hours. The maximum fee charged by a master driving school holder for a driving master course is HK$1,000. The maximum fee for issuing a certificate of attendance or graduation is HK$30. However, exact fees may vary between schools. Those interested can contact the schools for more details.

Can I transfer to another school for session 2 of the course after session 1 at the school?

You can only attend and complete the course at one serial school. Upon completion of the course, the course and written exam must be completed within 2 months of the first course start date.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Va Online Drivers Instruction Clinic

Is there a time limit for completing a court-ordered driving course? Can I request an extension?

Those who receive a court order should, at their own expense, attend and complete a driving course for the duration of the court order (usually within 3 months of the date of the court order, but may vary for license disqualification and/or issues. Jail or detention). If a person is unable to comply with the order, they can apply for an extension in writing to the court or magistrate issuing the order. If the judge or magistrate considers that the order cannot be complied with on reasonable grounds, he may extend the period of 3 months for such period as he thinks fit. Note that if a person fails to comply with the order without reason, they can be fined 10,000 Kyats and imprisoned for 2 months.

[Compulsory driving training attendance notice issued by Transport Commissioner click here for details]

A person has committed a motoring offense that can bring a total of 15 or more driving offense points. Will the 3 points be deducted if the driver’s course is completed before the driving points for the traffic violation mentioned above?

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Yes On the day the course ends, If the person has not achieved 15 points or more then 3 points will be deducted from the total points obtained in the last 2 years.

Can I pick up my driver’s license immediately from the Department of Transportation after completing the advanced driving course as required?

At the end of the course, a written evaluation result must be compiled and sent to the shipping department along with the attendance list. Therefore, if you are instructed to attend the course if you are not qualified by obtaining or possessing a driver’s license. After qualifying and completing the course, you can collect a minimum of 5 licenses at the Driving Infringement Points Office. working days. After the school issues you an advanced driver’s license. If your driver’s license expires or if you accumulate 10 or more points within a 2-year period and need to attend a course, issue your driver’s license at one time; May be reissued or renewed. This department’s licensing offices at least 5 working days after the school issues you a driver improvement course certificate.

Do I have to bring my driver’s license to the Driving Violation Points Office or the Licensing Office to get my driver’s license reinstated?

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To verify your documents more easily; It is recommended that you bring an advanced driver’s license to collect your driver’s license.

The new course was developed based on the latest trends in local traffic accidents and Hong Kong’s needs, referencing teaching methods of similar programs abroad. The new course encourages participants to reflect on their driving habits; The new course supports participants in mastering good driving techniques and helping them improve their knowledge of road safety.

Effective December 1, 2021, the new Course replaces the previous Course. You can only join new courses taught by designated driving schools.

How to conduct a new driving course? Can I just take the written assessment at the end of the course without attending the course?

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No. A new facilitator will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to guide the course through classroom learning. Interactive learning and discussion among participants will be encouraged and will be part of the assessment criteria. 3 driving violation points will be deducted from the total points you have incurred after all course participants and assignments have been satisfactorily completed and a requested end-of-course assessment has been completed. Therefore, at the end of the course, you can answer the essay without attending.

At the end of the course, the written exam will be held in the last 30 minutes of the course. At the end of the course, a participant must answer 20 multiple-choice questions in a written assessment. A passing score is 12 correct answers (ie 60%). A participant must attend and complete the course to participate in the course completion assessment.

Questions about the Driver Improvement Program should be directed to Call Center 1823 or the Driver Services Section; Department of Transportation 19 Pui Ching Road, Homantin, Can be mailed to Kowloon.

Please note that postpaid items will incur an additional fee from Hongkong Post. This department will not return paid mail to the sender or accept paid mail that will be discarded by Hong Kong Post. To properly transport your items to the Department and to avoid unnecessary delays or failed deliveries; Please include an address with sufficient postage before shipping your items. [Please note postage details] This course is aimed at students with driving experience to help them perfect their driving skills and prepare for the practical driving test.

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Students must attend at least 8 practical sessions and 3 simulator sessions. Once you have completed the simulator training modules and met the recommended training requirement, you will be able to book for the Traffic Police Practice Driving Test.

Cancellation of any training session must be made at least 2 working days (48 working hours – excluding holidays) in advance. Cancellations will not be accepted on public holidays or when the center is closed. Cancellations must be made no less than 48 hours before practical lessons fall on a public holiday or a rest day of the Centre.

Each student is entitled to 18 cancellations. Once your cancellation is complete

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