The Property Management Group Tucson

The Property Management Group Tucson – We considered all 225 property management companies in the Tucson area. We went through all the data and analyzed these companies for cost, customer reviews, reliability and experience to determine the top 30.

Our goal is to connect property owners with the best property management company to ensure your investment continues to thrive. We’ve rated property management companies in over 30 different categories to provide you with a hand-picked list of the best property management companies in the Tucson area.

The Property Management Group Tucson

When Denali Real Estate manages properties for its residential and commercial clients in the Tucson area, it does so with risk factors in mind. Its rules are designed to reduce the financial risks for the owner so that real estate investments can bring real profits. Denali salespeople can help select investment properties or review, complete and provide manual processing of properties that have already been purchased. …Read more

Pioneer Property Management

Bancroft & Associates specializes in residential real estate investment management in Tucson, Arizona. The main strategy of this company is to improve the cash flow and value of the property through effective marketing methods that include high quality photos and interesting tours. Bancroft & Associates has maintained tenant occupancy rates at 4 percent and below for single-family and multi-family properties. Employer screening and verification is done internally and includes employment, credit and criminal history. For the protection of both the tenant and the landlord, check-in and check-out are provided. All owners can access a comprehensive portfolio of tax and financial information about their investment properties. The company has its own maintenance and dedicated sales representatives who are available 24/7 to resolve any issues that may arise with the product. …Read more

Blue Fox Properties is the only Certified Real Estate Management Company (CRMC™) in Southern Arizona. The company uses advanced technologies to provide property owners with the most effective management plan for single-family homes, townhomes and small apartments. Blue Fox Properties provides Internet access for prospective residents of each property 24 hours a day using video tours on the company’s website. Prospective tenants must go through a rigorous verification process before signing a lease electronically. Due to the timely payment of rent, transactions are carried out through the residents’ portal. All property reports and tax documents for the previous calendar year are available for property owners. Maintenance issues are quickly resolved using electronic work orders and real-time communication with vendors. …Read more

Celtic Property Management, LLC, has a new business model that combines a new social management approach while following trends in the affordable multifamily industry. The company, founded in 2008, specializes in the management of 1,150 residential buildings. Employer background checks include financial and criminal background checks. Maintenance requests are automatically processed within the web portal and forwarded to the on-site team. Buyers can submit requests for maintenance, rent payments and home improvements through an online portal that can be accessed 24 hours a day, and property owners can access inspection reports, financial documents and tax information. The Celtic property is at the forefront of the power-hungry community. Its residential buildings include advanced water-saving appliances and features, Energy Star-rated appliances, energy-efficient lighting, cool roofs, xeriscaping and solar panels to reduce the percentage of electricity used in the common area. …Read more

Cobb Property Management offers comprehensive services for a low monthly management fee in the Tucson area. Because of its strong online presence, the company can use aggressive marketing methods for residential real estate listings. Cobb Property Management closes contracts, screens prospective tenants, and verifies and accepts rental applications. If a rental property needs repairs, Cobb Property Management will send qualified independent contractors, subcontractors or professional technicians to take care of structural or maintenance issues. Employers have access to an online portal for payment and maintenance. Landlords can get a detailed rental report every month. In the event of an eviction, all legal interventions, including retaining legal representation, will be handled by the Cobb Property Management team. …Read more

Promise Property Management

Cornerstone Communities is a property management company that provides advisory and operational support to clients in residential real estate investments. This company specializes in the marketing and leasing of single family homes, duplexes, quad complexes, condos and apartments. The group can take on any responsibilities that affect homeowner associations. Cornerstone Communities believes that finding the best tenant for any property is the key to a good return on investment. Each potential employer is carefully screened for ability to meet strict qualifications. The group prepares a comprehensive rental agreement that emphasizes the tenant’s responsibility for maintaining the property and reduces the landlord’s exposure. Through the online portal, tenants can submit rent and maintenance requests. Owners receive a monthly payment and multiple reports. In addition, Cornerstone Communities will represent the landlord in legal proceedings in the event of an eviction… Read more

Crossroads Property Management provides clients with management solutions that help their properties perform better and improve investment value and appeal. Based on apartment rentals, the Crossroads team launched a streamlined online service. Tenants can submit rental applications, verification documents and basic information in a secure online location. Their eligibility will be based on their budget and specific criteria. Current tenants can provide rents and work orders for the proposed renovation. Landlords receive a monthly rental report containing information on rent, maintenance, repairs and tax documents. …Read more

Foothills Properties offers a comprehensive real estate investment management service in and around Tucson, Arizona. Since 1985, the company has provided comprehensive management, marketing, accounting and legal services. Buyers can rely on the Foothills Properties team to create rental strategies that will maximize return on investment. Our skilled team finds the right tenant for the right rental, from rigorous background, credit, rent and criminal background checks to comprehensive rental agreements. Foothills Properties also offers a tenant and landlord website for documentation, rent receipts and maintenance requests. Property owners have full access to year-end tax returns. In addition, the Foothills Properties team conducts an ongoing review of regulatory and legal regulations that may affect property management. …Read more

Fort Lowell Realty & Property Management is a full service real estate firm serving the greater Tucson area since 1981. The firm specializes in the management of residential investment properties including single family homes, duplexes and small apartment communities. Fort Lowell Realty & Property Management constantly researches the market and property values, so rental investment properties are affordable to rent from the first day they are listed. Although the property is vacant, the group will advertise the property for rent through local media and several real estate websites to attract potential tenants. Employer screening includes a concerted effort to conduct credit checks, background checks, employment history checks, rental history checks, and local and state criminal records checks. With a low ownership to owner ratio, communication is timely, open and collaborative. …Read more

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Since opening its doors in 2010, Genesis Real Estate & Management has managed over 300 properties in and around Tucson. The team provides market analysis to help make growth-oriented, data-driven rental property decisions to maximize ROI. Each month, property owners receive a report that helps them gain valuable insight into current sales and rental income generation conditions. The team also conducts extensive background checks on all prospective tenants and handles all aspects of the short-term rental. All applicants are subject to a credit check, background check, past rent check, employment check and identity check. In addition, the property management team collects all rental income and prepares year-end financial statements and reports. …Read more

Goldsmith Real Estate is a full service management company providing residential and commercial real estate sales and leasing services to its clients and customers. With competitive monthly rates, a hassle-free contract and no upfront fees, the Goldsmith Real Estate team strives to put clients first. All listings are on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to provide residential investment with the best opportunity in the community. The team also provides market strategy analysis to reduce labor costs. All testing and employer reviews are done internally. Trained maintenance and sales staff are always available when needed. Legal forms, tax documents and leases can be reviewed online at any time. …Read more

Grijalva Realty has been providing full service property management in Tucson and surrounding areas since 1989. By specializing in professional customer service and providing a stress-free experience for property owners, Grijalva Realty increases ROI and tenant satisfaction. Services include individualized marketing and advertising plans, tenant screening, appraisals and repairs. The company also writes all legal documents, collects rents and prepares comprehensive reports. In the event of a maintenance emergency, employers can call a 24-hour hotline; team will coordinate all repairs. At the end of each month, property owners can expect a detailed financial report, which they can access through a private online form… Read more

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