Post Grad Cert In Education

Post Grad Cert In Education – Have you ever searched for your certificate, diploma or university degree only to find out that your mother “Marie Kondo” has screwed up your room and lost a precious scroll? Got you! For us kids in the 1980s and 1990s, losing certificates is a real thing.

If you haven’t heard, you can access GCE O, N and A Level Results via SingPass Mobile App.

Post Grad Cert In Education

A project between SkillsFuture Singapore, the Ministry of Education and the government called OpenCerts uses blockchain (yes, blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrencies) to issue verifiable certificates.

Losing Your Educational Certificates Is Now A Thing Of The Past

Today, schools rely on distributed databases to validate diplomas and other certifications. This process is messy and time consuming! Example – Ngee Ann Polynic issues 10,000 physical certificates every year – each one is printed and hand-stamped! In addition, the school receives 2000 requests for verification annually from employers and universities. Combine the two and you get tedious manual work that takes up precious time and resources.

Perhaps best explained as a decentralized open source database (we use databases to help you understand, but the correct term is ledger) that is accessed by multiple users.

Thanks to blockchain, many users have full visibility of all transactions taking place in the database. Theoretically, this makes blockchain an open and transparent system.

This is in contrast to, say, a traditional centralized database that only one organization (e.g. a government agency) has access to.

Certificate In School Management & Leadership

OpenCerts will contain a wide variety of digital certifications including N, O, and A Levels, ITE Qualifications, Diplomas and Diplomas in Polynica, LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Autonomous Universities ( AU) and the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC), as well as Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) digital certifications.

By using the power of blockchain, prospective students can use OpenCerts certifications to apply for jobs and higher education institutions.

On the other hand, having all the certificates in OpenCerts will allow entities such as employers and universities to verify certificates faster than with traditional paper checks – just drag and drop the certificate file on the OpenCerts website; for HR professionals, companies can integrate OpenCerts verification into an existing HR system via API endpoints, making verification even easier!

Low maintenance costs, labor cost. As mentioned, schools spend valuable resources earning certificates for verification. There are some savings (and environmental benefits) when issuing certificates that are also not printed.

Pgce History Postgraduate Certificate Of Education (pgce)

Authentication and security. By using something called a “cryptographic hash,” blockchain can create time stamp certificates to make sure they remain unchanged – making any discrepancies easy to spot and those trying to create certificates or degrees from Singaporean institutions are also perceived as attractive. quick.

Speed. The current verification process is a manual one that may take several days. With OpenCerts, this can be shortened to a few seconds! Tidy!

At Gov, we are now changing the way we certify our interns’ achievement. Gone are the days when trainees had a paper or PDF version of their certificate. More than a simple certificate, it can also contain references from its superiors. If you are interested in issuing a document for your organization, please see our documentation for a step-by-step process.

Issuing certificates via blockchain in 2020 may seem like a drastic cut, but as this knowledge becomes more common, who knows what other interesting applications will be said in 5-10 years? The course is a requirement for all new full-time postgraduate students to undertake teaching or assessment duties for their departments. The course aims to familiarize participants with the principles of learning, teaching, assessment and feedback in a university context, as well as modeling ways to improve teaching. It explores how learners actively participate in small groups and deal with the teaching and learning typical of tutorials and / or lab instruction. Participants will first learn practical teaching strategies such as constructing and managing a tutorial, designing effective tutorial exercises, and techniques for actively engaging diverse learners. The course will show them how to plan improvement in teaching. Participants will also learn about grading. Through constructive and practical feedback from the teacher and peers, participants can identify what went well and what needs improvement in their initial teaching practice. The End-of-Course Teaching Demonstration gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their teaching progress.

Education Studies Courses

Depending on previous teaching experience, waivers may be granted (for details on the waiver criteria and procedure, see the “Waiver Guidelines, CTLHE”).

Upon successful completion of the course, postgraduate students with 25 hours of university-level teaching can apply for the HKU Advance HE Associate Fellowship (AFHEA). . Prepare to register and learn about the new COVID-19 bivalent booster requirement for on-campus presence.

Adding postgraduate credentials to your CV, such as a master’s degree or graduate certificate, can be a great way to advance your career. It can even be a stepping stone to an exciting career change.

Both a master’s degree and a certificate of graduation can be valuable. They have many similarities. But they are not interchangeable.

Graduate Certificate Vs. Master’s Degree

Understanding the differences between them before going back to school will help you choose the right one.

A master’s degree is an academic postgraduate certification designed to help build broad, basic skills in a specific field or discipline. Completing a master’s degree program usually (but not always) requires several years of coursework and a thesis or finalization project.

Master’s degrees are offered at a university or other accredited academic institution. To earn a master’s degree, you must successfully complete a certain number of credit hours.

Most graduate programs require 10-12 courses. For example, to earn multiple master’s degrees from Harvard School, you must obtain a grade of B or better from 12 courses (48 credits). However, each graduate program will define its requirements slightly differently.

Clinical Education Pgcert

Depending on your specific program, you may need to complete several introductory courses. You also have the option to customize your curriculum by selecting elective courses in areas of particular interest to you.

It may also be necessary to complete a research project or finalize a project or thesis. This project will allow you to further customize the program as well as demonstrate your expertise in a specialized field.

Some graduate programs require full-time commitment on campus. However, many modern Master’s programs can be completed part-time (usually partially or fully online). Although it takes longer than going full-time, you can continue working while you graduate.

Like a master’s degree, a Graduate Certificate is a credit-based academic credential offered by a university. However, a graduate certificate is more narrowly geared towards a specialized field than a master’s degree.

Pgcert In Education (pgce)

Graduate certificates are a much smaller investment of time and money than graduate diplomas. They typically require the completion of three to five graduate-level courses. Most Harvard graduate certificates require four courses, for example.

You can get a Graduate Certificate as a self-certification. Although a graduate certificate is not an academic degree, you can combine a certificate course with a master’s degree.

Graduation certificates can be found in many areas. Technical certification topics include, for example, cybersecurity and data analytics.

If you are in management, you can supplement your corporate knowledge with a certificate in nonprofit management or strategic management. Or, you can improve your leadership skills with a graduate degree in Social Justice or Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

International Postgraduate Certificate In Education (online)

Most Graduate Certificates can be completed on a part-time basis. Many of them offer a variety of formats, including asynchronous or synchronous online courses and personal courses.

Professional certification is a non-academic certification awarded by a professional or industry body. Obtaining a professional certification usually requires passing a test or exam that demonstrates knowledge of a skill set or specific tool. You may need to take a class or complete a class to pass the exam.

For example, to earn a Project Management Graduate Certificate from Harvard School, you must have earned a minimum of B in four Master’s courses in Management, Leadership, and Strategy. To obtain the Project Management Professional Certificate offered by the PMI Institute, you must meet the PMI Institute qualification requirements and pass the PMP exam.

Understanding the key differences between a graduate diploma and a master’s degree is the first step in choosing between these two credentials.

Teaching Opportunities As A Phd Student: Graduate Certificate In Learning And Teaching

Both references – obtained from a reputable, accredited university – demonstrate advanced skills and knowledge in your field. They also show your skills and commitment to lifelong learning, a trait that many employers value highly.

Your choice will depend on the skills you hope to acquire, your unique career goals, and the level of commitment – both in terms of time and finance – you can undertake in the graduate program.

The most valuable will be a graduation diploma

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