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We are often asked to review insurance terms in standard contracts, leases and the like. It is quite common for these documents to mention that the parties have certain types of insurance, and liability insurance is almost always mentioned. The attorneys drafting these contracts may be good attorneys, but they often make serious mistakes in the wording they use to define insurance requirements.

Business Liability Insurance Policy

A common mistake is to consider “personal injury” insurance when in fact they want “physical injury” insurance. To the average person on the street they may look the same, but in liability insurance they have contrasting and different meanings.

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The standard general liability and extended general liability (PL or CGL) policies that almost every business has cover claims for personal injury. Bodily injury clearly means physical injury (blood damage, bruises, fractures) or death. Certain policies may be extended to cover mental or emotional injuries, but usually such coverage only applies when such damages are claimed as a result of a bodily injury claim (so-called physical-psychological claims). Claims that arise solely for intangible mental injuries arising from purely psychiatric causes such as stress, anxiety, and just fear (known as psycho-psychological claims) are not covered for physical injury.

Now let’s assume that the CGL policy is a standard Insurance Service Office (ISO) form. The policy has a separate section that provides coverage for “personal injury” claims in addition to personal injury coverage. In this section, “personal and commercial injury” is defined as injury, including “physical injury”, resulting from one or more of the following violations:

3. Unlawful eviction, unlawful entry or violation of the right to occupy a room, house or building occupied by a person, committed by or on behalf of the owner, owner or lessor thereof.

4. Publish, orally or in writing, in any way any material that defames or defames any person or organization or discredits the goods, products or services of any person or organization.

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As you can see, none of these covered personal injury offenses result from tangible injuries. This is the key distinction between bodily harm and personal injury… tangible versus immaterial harm. Personal injury coverage in CGL or PL policies is a valuable additional protection that most policyholders don’t know much about. Of course, there are relevant exceptions to consider. There is generally no personal injury cover for willful acts that knowingly give rise to a claim.

There is also no cover for claims “arising from the oral or written publication of any material, if made by or at the direction of the insured with knowledge of its inaccuracy”. Therefore, if the insured knew that their statements were false and this knowledge could be proven false, the insurer would likely have good reasons for denying coverage.

But to return to the original point, personal injury and personal injury are clearly not the same. When reviewing or negotiating leases or contracts, be wary of “personal injury” insurance requirements when it’s clear you really want personal injury coverage.

Scope of Coverage – The SPA-ACE CGL policy is as follows: – Subject to the terms, exclusions, definitions, conditions and limitations of this policy. ACE indemnifies the Insured against all amounts that the Insured is legally obliged to pay in compensation for: 1. Personal injury or 2. Damage to property that arises during the policy period in the policy area as a result of an event that occurred in Communication with it happens. Business” broad liability policy covering third party liability arising out of the insured’s business in respect of liability claims 1. corporate and corporate liability. and 2. Product Liability Claims and Finished Operations. The policy provides for compensation for: – Claims for personal injury (including personal injury and advertising damage). – Damage caused by financial claims; – Defense costs and costs – Research costs. – All costs incurred by the main insurer to defend the damage.

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SPA is a registered agent with the insurance agency of Malaysia. This guide is intended to provide general information about the comprehensive product range and general liability insurance underwriting, underwriting, scope of coverage, claims in Malaysia that may be covered by this insurance program. This guide was written on May 4, 2010 and is not continuously updated and checked and may be out of date by the time you read it. This guide does not constitute legal advice, which is provided only in the context of an attorney/client relationship after specific consideration of the unique facts of the case, including specific policy language. Please note that the language of the policy varies and may require different or additional steps. Procedures in other jurisdictions may not be the same. For specific advice, consult an attorney(s) licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

Subpages (5): Commercial Liability / Commercial General Liability Extended General Liability in Chinese Comprehensive General Liability Insurance – Online Quotation Terms and Conditions and Exclusions What is a Comprehensive General Liability Policy? What is Trade Liability/General Liability? General Liability Insurance (GLI) is sometimes referred to as commercial liability insurance or commercial general liability insurance. This type of liability insurance helps protect your business from claims that cause physical injury or financial loss to others. Without general liability coverage, you will have to pay for these claims out of pocket.

It’s a question we often hear: “Does my small business need third-party liability insurance?” Most likely the answer is yes. With civil liability insurance you are insured against the following claims:

If a customer injures themselves at your business location, this policy can help cover their medical bills.

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Sometimes employees damage customer property while providing products or services. Your GL policy can help with compensation for the damage.

Civil liability insurance can help cover malicious prosecution, defamation, defamation, wrongful dismissal and invasion of privacy.

If your rental home is damaged by fire, lightning, or an explosion, your general liability policy can help pay for repairs.

General liability insurance does not cover all injuries or damage under all circumstances. For example, the medical costs of injured employees are not covered by this policy. Civil liability insurance also does not cover loss of wages for injured workers. Instead, you need work accident insurance.

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Did you know that four in ten small business owners are likely to face a property or general liability claim in the next 10 years? and fall

We strive to provide our customers with the best coverage at the best possible price. We understand the needs of our small business owners in Hartford. General debt prices vary, but we can get you a quote today so you know how much it will cost. Keep in mind that the cost of liability insurance is different for everyone, as every business is unique. Insurance companies use several factors to determine costs.

For example, costs vary by state because one factor an insurer can use is location. Other factors that insurers may consider include:

You can save money on your general liability insurance by bundling it together, such as a business insurance policy (BOP). It combines general liability coverage with commercial property insurance and business income insurance.

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Liability insurance coverage protects you from expensive public liability claims that can arise in normal business conditions, such as:

You may also need this coverage if your customers request it. Many customers want to confirm your civil liability coverage before signing a contract with your company. You can prove that you have general liability insurance with a certificate of liability insurance. Get extra protection for your business with commercial auto insurance that covers you, your employees, and the vehicles you operate, rent, lease or own.

State laws generally do not require business owners to have public liability insurance. But having this liability insurance is still a good idea. If a customer sues your business and you don’t have coverage, it can put your business finances and personal assets at risk.

It is important to understand your state’s insurance laws. Work with a local insurance agency or our dedicated small business insurance team to help you choose the right commercial liability insurance policy.

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Forming a limited liability company (LLC) separates your personal assets from your business. However, you will still be exposed to debt claims that could put your business at risk financially. Limited liability insurance can help protect your LLC and cover claims that cause physical injury or financial loss to others.

Professional indemnity insurance helps protect your business from claims of errors or errors in professional services. This cover is also known as an error and absenteeism insurance or E&O insurance.

As a top multinational, we are confronted with catastrophic situations every day. We will work with you to reduce the impact of third party liability claims on your business.

Our risk engineering team can help you protect your employees with risk management advice and safety seminars.

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