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Permit For Drivers License – With its expensive cars and well-planned roads, Singapore will make you want to drive and drive. However, as a tourist, instead of having a smooth ride, you might end up in jail as there are strict rules and regulations about driving in Singapore. Tourists must obtain an International Driving Permit and other permits to legally drive in Singapore. So, before you pull up in a dream car, make sure you know all the rules and regulations of driving in Singapore.

An International Driving Permit or Permit is a translation of your National Driving Permit that allows foreigners to drive motor vehicles in a foreign country. It usually lists the name, photo and other important details in multiple languages ​​to make it understandable to most of the countries local officials. An international driving license also confirms that you are authorized to drive certain categories of vehicles in that country and also ensures road safety. The international driving permit is valid for one year. If you plan to stay in a country for more than three months, you should contact its embassy to arrange a valid driver’s license.

Permit For Drivers License

Driving privileges in Singapore vary for short-term and long-term visitors. Having an international driver’s license in Singapore makes the whole process very easy and hassle-free. So you should know that you have to have one.

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Long-term visitors such as permanent residents, long-term residents and students must have a valid Singapore driver’s license to legally drive in Singapore. You can convert your foreign driver’s license to a Singapore driver’s license by following two simple steps:

How to get an International Driving Permit in Singapore? Step 1 You must pass the Singapore Basic Theory Test (BTT). Overseas evidence is not valid in Singapore. This can be done by first creating an account at any of the three driving centers listed below. You can order BTT in person or online.

1. Bukit Batok Driving Center Address: 815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659085 Contact: 1800 666 88882. ComfortDelGro Driving Center Address: 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore Address: Singapore 4088068888885 center address. Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387 Contact: 6482 6060 Step 2 After the test, you must apply for a replacement license at the Traffic Police Headquarters at 10 Ubi Ave 3, Singapore 408865. Licenses in Singapore?

Note: There will be a $50 fee per application (CashCard and NETS payment only). For citizens and permanent residents, this license is not required to be renewed, but for foreigners, an international driver’s license in Singapore is and must be valid for five years. is extended one month before the end. New citizens and permanent residents must exchange their foreign driver’s license within the first three months of receiving status.

The Easy Step By Step Guide To Getting A Driving Licence In Singapore

Long-term visitors with a Singapore driving permit who wish to apply for an international driving permit in Singapore; This can be done through the Singapore Automobile Association. It is the only authorized issuer in Singapore.

Only the Singapore Automobile Association is authorized to issue international driving permits in Singapore. You can apply online or choose the walk-in option. Delivery via local delivery usually takes seven working days; however, if you need it urgently, you can submit an access request to their offices in Kallang Bahru and Ang Mo Kio to obtain your License on the spot.

Note: Online orders incur an additional $5.50 courier fee. Requirements for Login Applications 1. Valid Singapore Driving License (for Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners)

There are two offices where you can apply: GB Point at 51 AMK, Kallang Bahru at Ang Mo Kio

New Rules For Renewal Of International Driving Licence While Travelling Abroad

1. Speed ​​limit: To ensure safety in Singapore, you must follow the speed limits imposed by the Singapore Territorial Authority. A table of speed limits for your reference.

2. Illegal parking: Parking your car anywhere on the road is prohibited in Singapore. This can cause the parking notification problem. The Singapore Land Authority has very strict parking regulations to ensure smooth movement and safety of people.

3. Bus lane schemes – Buses are prioritized at certain times of the day to ensure faster journeys for business people. If you drive in bus lanes during restricted hours, you can be fined up to SGD 1,000 or even jailed for 3 months.

4. Be very careful – Every time you pass a bus or taxi stop, approach a pedestrian crossing, enter a school zone or a silver zone, etc.

How To Get An International Driving License In Singapore?

6. Keep a safe distance – Do not open the back door while driving. This gives you little time to react to the movements of the vehicle in front and can be dangerous.

Public transport in Singapore is very continental and cheap, but a car-free holiday allows you to explore the unexplored. However, it is never safe to drive without knowing the rules and regulations that ensure road safety and Singapore is a very special country in this regard. This is a good sign because it greatly reduces traffic accidents.

So whether you apply for public transport in Singapore or an international driver’s license is up to you; however, having such a license will ensure a hassle-free trip to Singapore.

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Trial On Online Application For Conversion Of Foreign Driving Licences

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You can simply follow the guide from the official website here (eg Eligibility and Conversion for Foreigners – Non PR) and more step by step details will be shared below.

If you ask “Where can I get a PIN” or “Where can I get a login and PIN?” you may ask

I met my friend and he told me after BTT, I think his advice makes sense.

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Tips: Bring everything on the same day and make sure you pass the test, then you can convert the license immediately, but save another 2-3 hours of queuing for the conversion at the Traffic Police service desk.

Q2: Can I transfer my license? (For example, do I try SSDC and convert my license to CDC?)

A5: No, you must submit a police report (“lost your entry permit”) and receive a confirmation letter (equivalent to your entry permit) from the ICA.

A6: Yes, but it is very or expensive, please be serious to complete the checklist before going there. Here are some recommendations if you’re looking for it.

Tip Sheet: Application Requirements For Lto Non Professional Driver’s Licenses In 2020

Never been to the following, search the web, let me know if photocopy service is available, these are closest options. Go to Level 3 to get Queue Number to book Personal Candidate Form and Basic Theory Test for SSDC (BTT). The administration fee is S$5.00 and the test itself is S$6.50.

Above is a sample of the summary you should get from JPJ @ Taman Daya. Highlights are important points that should be included in your summary copy. Please note that this summary costs RM10 and must be paid at the JPJ counter, after a receipt is required for conversion.

If you forgot to copy your documents, don’t worry! Photocopy service is available at Level 1. Each item will be priced at RM0.50. I have photocopied 3 documents: my passport, Malaysian driving license and Singapore NRIC. Go to level 2 and turn right.

Tell the reception staff that you are here to get your Singapore driving license abstract and after showing them the completed form, they will give you the application form and queue number. Wait for your number to be called and submit your documents

How To Renew Your Driver’s Licence

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