Doctor Of Management Degree

Doctor Of Management Degree – The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program in management is designed for experienced professionals who want to gain deeper business knowledge and act as global change agents in the corporate environment. This program covers current and emerging methodologies, risk management techniques, and complexity theories to improve project and program outcomes.

The 24-month DBA in Management is a 60-credit-hour program consisting of 15 courses and one 15-credit-hour dissertation. The program has been developed using the knowledge and insights of leading, experienced business practitioners and academic experts. It emphasizes advanced decision-making and management skills as well as in-depth knowledge in both theory and applied research. Students will be able to explore and experience multiple business challenges and opportunities, and apply their research-based findings in such corporate settings.

Doctor Of Management Degree

ABMTC’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is fully accredited by the World Certification Institute (WCI). WCI is a global certification body that accredits individuals as well as accrediting organizations. This accreditation will help individuals apply for higher accreditations as a “World Certified Specialist Professional (WCSP)”

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The DBA in Management is sought by leading professionals and graduates who want to improve their credentials, advance their careers, and are enthusiastic about gathering modern knowledge and opportunities. The program is practice-oriented and designed to have a practical impact on the management function.

A PhD in Business Administration opens up many career opportunities. Depending on the area of ​​specialization, the most commonly chosen fields are finance, accounting, marketing, strategy and operational management. A Management DBA is eligible to hold senior management and leadership positions in a variety of organizations, research areas, and a number of different businesses, such as senior manager, chief marketing officer, C-level executive, analyst, management consultant, human resources, and more. Others may work in other jobs such as teaching, writing and publishing books related to business and management, and even private lessons. A Management DBA helps increase knowledge of the corporate world by improving research skills and developing management and decision-making abilities.

Discussion Forum: Participating in online discussion forums, exchanging opinions and posting questions, and reviewing other responses are considered class participation.

Research Assignment: Research assignments will assess a person’s analytical and critical thinking skills. A student can access the institute’s e-resources to prepare a comprehensive report, presentation, case study or assessment for a research assignment. Rubrics for each assignment will be given to students. All assignments will be assessed overall based on:

Dba [your Terminal Degree In Business]

Student Presentations: Class presentations will address what students will learn in their courses/DBA program and how they use and/or apply their professional learning and/or presentations to research their dissertation topic. management and leadership skills to ignite new business strategies and solutions. Designed for business professionals who want to develop their positions as leaders in their field. The program allows immersion from Switzerland, the opportunity to interact with peers and faculty, discuss your research and experience life at SSBM, Geneva.

Earn a DBA in 3 years without leaving your job and spending 5 years on campus for your PhD, but experience SSBM student life through the Swiss immersion offered by the program.

You can focus on any of our 13 specializations and develop your knowledge where it will have the most impact on you

The opportunity to travel to Switzerland and connect with peers from around the world through an immersion program with live faculty sessions, residencies and field trips.

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Complete all research steps and your dissertation to obtain a Global PhD in Business Administration in any specialty you are interested in from SSBM Geneva.

He is a full professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. He holds a PhD in Business Administration and Management from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

She has several academic scholarships. In 2008, she was selected as a recipient of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship.

By delving into one of more than 12 specialisms, you have international industry knowledge at your disposal. Flexible schedules up to 36 months.

Doctor Of Business Administration (dba) Degree

Our admissions committee will review your profile. Once selected, you will be sent an offer letter confirming your acceptance to the PhD in Business Administration.

To register, lock your seat by making a lock payment. Access the course content and start the path to professional mastery!

SSBM is very effective in providing information, assistance and all the necessary tools to learn successfully. Without a doubt, I am very proud of the wonderful experience I have had with SSBM.

I am very impressed with my experience in the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) program at SSBM (Geneva, Switzerland)! It was a very positive experience, especially with the professionalism and support of my mentor and advisor. It’s also great networking and collaboration with a professional network of amazing students around the world.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my study, learning and mentoring experience at SSBM. I discovered many more intellectual ideas and broadened my horizons in my field of study. The exposure to SSBM and my course mentor Professor Dario Silic was great and had a positive impact on my work.

My personal highlight of the SSBM program is the opportunity to discuss ideas on a platform with people with different levels of knowledge and different opinions. It allows for the development of conversational thinking, as well as using research and real-time scenarios to predict outcomes.”

I am very happy to have the support of my mentor. It’s really amazing and I’m enjoying my journey.

Working professionals looking to move into the C-suite and senior management professionals looking to become experts in their chosen field.

Doctor Of Philosophy (ph.d.)

For SSBM visa and will send the trainee a letter confirming the reason for his visit. Once you join the immersion program, both SSBM and will be available to offer support.

All program costs, including the immersion program, are included in the fee. Airfare and visas for the immersion program are not included in the immersion fee.

No credit is granted; credits are granted, received or transferred only at the discretion of the educational institution. makes no representations as to the recognition or equivalence of credits or credentials awarded, unless expressly stated otherwise. If you plan to pursue a graduate or doctoral degree after completing this course, or apply for a job that requires specific credits, we recommend that you investigate further the relevance of this degree to your academic and/or professional needs before proceeding. — you will succeed. Upon completion of your dissertation, you will build on more than 120 years of educational heritage with a PhD in Business Administration from the #1 university for working professionals in the US.

*This image is only an example to indicate that you are eligible to receive a degree from Golden Gate University upon successful completion of the course. Please contact the admissions team for more information.

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Director, DBA. He was a military officer for 24 years and has now worked in the teaching industry at GGU for 22 years.

A former recipient of a Miner Nagel T. Research Professorship focused on business analytics education, Judy developed and taught master’s degrees in IT management, project management, and business analytics.

For nearly a decade, Dr. Jay Gonzalez served as the Immigration Law Commissioner for the City and County of San Francisco and received special recognition for his community service from the US Congress. Excellence in Research has been awarded five times and Excellence in Teaching four times (GGU, NUS, USF).

Dr. Anita Manohara received her PhD in Finance from the University of South Carolina in 2009. She completed a research project with the Urban League of Southern Connecticut examining the impact of disparities in education, employment, income inequality, affordable housing, and health on quality of life. urban Connecticut residents. This tool instantly translates words, phrases and website pages from English and over 100 other languages. Next, select your language and close this pop-up window.

Doctor Of Business Administration (dba) In Human Resource Management

The Doctor of Excellence is a professional recognition that provides independent certification of quality assurance to highly qualified professionals in all fields, those who strive for personal excellence and become inspirational examples in their communities. The Honoris Causa Doctor of Excellence is a recognized mark of professional excellence and ability, distinguished professional career, service to humanity and international achievement.

The Doctor of Distinction or Doctor of Honors (Latin: “for the sake of excellence”) is not an academic degree, as a result of which the normal academic requirements of a doctorate are waived. A Doctor of Distinction is an honorary degree that has the same status and confers the same privileges and style of address as an Honorary Doctorate. However, in practice such degrees are generally considered not to be equivalent to an academic doctorate unless the recipient has demonstrated an appropriate level of academic scholarship.

People who receive an honorary doctorate, such as Doctor Excellent, can take the title “doctor” if they wish. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States,

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