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If you have been charged with aggressive driving in Virginia, you may need to take a RADEP class. However, because RADEP lessons are often taught live and take place at scheduled times, many drivers are looking for more flexible options.

Virginia Dmv Defensive Driving Course

Fortunately, you can take a Florida ADI online course instead of a RADEP course. Read on to learn more about these courses and find out if you qualify.

Virginia Dmv Certified, 8 Hour Online Defensive Driving Improvement Clinic (same Day Certificates, $60)

The Virginia Reckless Aggressive Driving Education Program (RADEP) is a 12-hour course for drivers with reckless and aggressive driving beliefs other than alcohol. The course is divided into two parts spread over two days.

Generally, RADEP courses cannot be taken online, requiring drivers to schedule two days to attend longer in-person sessions. However, many courts and tribunals now allow Virginia drivers to take the Florida ADI course instead of the online RADEP class.

Like RADEP, the Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course is a 12-hour course that teaches drivers safe driving techniques. Although the course is not divided into sections like the RADEP class in Virginia, it still covers aggressive and reckless driving, road rage, and similar concepts.

Although most Florida ADI course participants are Florida drivers with suspended licenses, anyone in the United States can enroll. Unlike RADEP, this course is conducted entirely online, allowing drivers to complete the course requirements on their schedule. Many participating schools also offer immediate enrollment and certificates of completion for short-term assignments.

Downtown Driving School

This question needs to be answered by a court/judge, but more and more Virginia drivers have the option of taking the Florida ADI online course instead of the RADEP to satisfy charges of aggressive or reckless driving.

Many drivers prefer ADI online courses due to their online format, flexible schedule, affordable prices, and engaging course materials. Although many driving schools offer ADI courses, the format (and quality) varies.

Ticket School’s state-approved Florida ADI program is completely online and accessible 24/7 from any device. Our courses allow you to log in or out at any time so you can focus on work, the kids, and other important aspects of your daily life.

We offer free online registration and certificate delivery. Offered at a lower cost than many other courses, the Ticket School Florida ADI course is a great way for Virginia drivers to save time and money while complying with court orders.

Virginia Drivers Education

Ready to start? Click here to register today. If you have any questions, you can call the box office at (800) 558-9887. Can you volunteer to take this course and receive 5 safe driving points on your VA driving record? This course is for VA license holders only and can only be taken once every 24 months.

Has a court in Virginia thrown out your ticket and removed your driving record number? This option is good for Virginia and Virginia residents.

Ordered to reduce fines and court costs by a Virginia court? This option is good for Virginia and Virginia residents.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to sit in a classroom for 8 hours! I started school on my computer and downloaded it to my iPhone while waiting in line at Ikea. Make the most of my waiting time.

Defensive Driving Course Va

Traffic seems to be bad in every county you drive in Florida, but getting a ticket is even worse! San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Clemente or any other county seems to be listed. Traffic to Nevada appears to be the worst of the lot on Friday afternoon. Take the course with us and immediately receive your certificate of completion. A notice of completion is then sent to your local DMV quickly and easily. We can have the fastest internet speed for a licensed Florida DMV. The course material will guide you to an enjoyable learning experience.

This is one of the best defensive driving courses you will ever take. Recommend this to anyone looking to lower their insurance premiums or become a more careful driver.

Wow, I was scared to do an online video course, but after speaking live with Jordan about the course details, I feel safe, what a great source of information, simple and easy to do once. The same day certification is fantastic, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Take the Virginia Defensive Driving Course at your own pace and say goodbye to points on your driving record and hello to premium discounts.

Virginia Driver Improvement Academy

There is no age requirement, so drivers of all ages can take a course every 24 months and earn safe driving points. If you take a course for a ticket you received, the court has the discretion to decide whether to allow you to take the course to reduce court costs or deduct points.

Yes! We are approved and certified for use throughout the State of Virginia by the VA DMV and accepted by all courts in Virginia. Virginia’s attractive Driver Improvement Course meets the requirements of all traffic schools.

Take this course to reduce the number of points and fines on your driving record, avoid going to court or increase your insurance.

Yes you can! We will immediately notify the end of the course electronically. As long as you finish at 11:59 p.m. When you’re on time, we’ll make sure you get proper credit through the VA DMV and a Certificate of Deposit.

The Benefits Of A Defensive Driving Course In Colorado

We’ll send your certificate electronically to the VA DMV the day after you complete your Driver Improvement Course!

The DMV is asking the Driver Improvement Clinic (i.e. us) to determine if the student (i.e. you) took the correct course and the court to accept their safe driving points . To do this, we need to see:

You can submit this information to us when you register. Your eligibility to take the course must be verified the same day you submit your documents.

You will receive safe driving points for each calendar year without a traffic violation. You can also earn points for attending traffic school.

Court & Dmv Approved

Each year, driving points are awarded for the previous year and you can earn up to five safe driving points which can be used to offset other safe driving points.

Most drivers get a discount on car insurance after taking a defensive driving course. Check with the carrier to see if they offer any discounts.

Can I get a points reduction if I was driving a commercial vehicle when I received the ticket?

Unfortunately, under Virginia law, if you were driving a commercial vehicle when you received the ticket, you cannot have it rejected or have your points reduced.

What Is Defensive Driving? States Offering Defensive Driving Course Insurance Discounts

You can still enroll in a driver improvement course, but it won’t affect your commercial driving record or insurance points.

Now! Once completed, as long as your information is entered correctly, we will provide you with a copy of your certificate online, which you can print at any time. It’s as simple as viewing, printing and done!

Take a Virginia Driver Improvement Course and pay points and fines for traffic tickets once every 12 months.

Not at all, but one of the biggest benefits of taking a basic driver improvement course online is that you can study the course material at your convenience. You can drop in and out of your Virginia Driver Improvement Course as often as you like, and our system can always save your progress so you can get where you need to go. According to the DMV, you must be at least 55 years old. Eligibility for an online driving course.

Georgia Mature Drivers Online Courses

We know that’s not what you’re looking forward to. We are real people, here 24/7 to make your experience even better.

IMPROV® Traffic School is easy, fast and fun! We are here 24/7 if you need help. Let’s start today!

Select this option if a Virginia court ordered you to void your ticket and remove the number from your driving record. This option is good for Virginia and Virginia residents.

Select this option if a Virginia court ordered you to reduce fines and court costs. This option is good for Virginia and Virginia residents.

Defensive Driving Course

Select this option if you have taken a driver improvement course through the Virginia DMV.

If you voluntarily take this course, select this option to receive 5 safe driving points on your Virginia driving record. This course is for Virginia licensees only and can be taken once every 24 months.

We are pleased to announce that Virginia has been approved for our defensive driving program. Click to see

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