Universities That Offer Night Classes

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As a busy adult, you already have your fair share of responsibilities – work, family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Universities That Offer Night Classes

… and the way to do this is to take your classes at night. You’re probably asking yourself why you want to spend your precious evenings in a classroom when you could just as easily be throwing shots at your local watering hole.

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The answer is simple. Night classes rock. Read this list and find out why night classes are better than you think.

Day classes are the traditional route, but they are not convenient for non-traditional students. Some students have full-time jobs to attend to and unfortunately don’t have the luxury or financial assets to resign to go to class during the day. Fortunately, Concordia night classes are usually only one evening per week and can help you avoid the 9-to-5 dilemma. Concordia offers a ton of fun and educational evening classes, but be sure to sign up ASAP because they fill up very quickly.

Even if you don’t have a job, daytime can still prove to be more of a scheduling challenge. It can clash with your morning snooze routine, your espresso bender and your morning workout. Basically all the essentials for a good day. Fortunately, Concordia caters to those who prefer to catch some z’s in their own bed instead of in the classroom.

Instead of cutting back on your classes during the week, night shifts allow you to hit the whole mass of culture in one evening. This means that in addition to having your days available for work, appointments, brunch dates with your spouses, and pesky hangovers, you have some space on your calendar between classes to complete your assignments.

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What is the difference between 8am and 8pm classes at Concordia – Power! People are generally more energetic at dusk than at dawn. I don’t know about you, but most people hate early mornings and don’t take early morning classes unless they have to. You and your teacher have morning and afternoon to get up. People are more lively in the evening, so it becomes a more motivating learning environment.

Laughter, talk and quick lessons – these are what students love because they hate sitting through endless class periods. They become bored and restless. Many take night classes strictly or exclusively for this reason; The faster and more lively a class looks, the more engaging it is. Some classes have been known to pass the scheduled final time in the classroom and finish an hour or two later at La Station de Sport! Unfortunately drinks are not included in the entry fee for the semester.

Bring snacks, most teachers don’t mind eating. Your mind is bound to wander during the three hours of class, so keep yourself focused with energizing snacks. If you’re lucky like me, you might have a food photographer in your class (yes they cook their own food for the photos they take) who brings mouth-watering food to their classmates during lectures. Her cookie dough cheesecake will always have a special place in my heart.

It’s late, everyone’s had a long day, most people haven’t eaten dinner and are walking a thin line of irritation, and more importantly, no one cares if you’re sweating. Trust me; You don’t want to be sitting there on your Sunday at 8pm.

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There are no monstrous auditorium sizes for night school at Concordia. With a total of 10 students in the class, we had the luxury of meeting in one of Concordia’s lab rooms – floor-to-ceiling windows, sofas with no cushions and desks! Eden of the classroom.

During night classes, teachers are more likely to treat their students as adults (most of whom may be gray in their faux-hawks, but I digress), as opposed to daytime classes where students are more spoiled. This freedom allows students to become independent and ultimately thrive in the classroom.

Night courses open up the opportunity for more people to go to university. Not everyone can afford to go to school without working full-time, so night classes open doors for these students and increase diversity in the classroom. Also, the student sitting next to you is usually there because they want to be, not because they’re forced to – they’re paying their own tuition, so chances are they’re interrupting the lesson by snoring or crushing candy. Unlikely.

You can’t avoid alcohol when you go to university. Any college student knows that after a long week of hard studying, you can hardly wait for a night to forget about the books and have fun. But sometimes you can’t wait four or five days to have a break. After a long day at work and a full night of classes, all you need is a fun-filled day. The Faubourg itself is full of cafes and at least one bar. And there are plenty of places close to Concordia’s downtown campus where you can throw back a brewski and end the night with a pinch of salt, a squeeze of lime and a whole shot of tequila. This website is not fully supported by Internet Explorer. For the best experience, consider using a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

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Grand Canyon University’s night classes provide the convenience and flexibility you need to earn your degree in the evening. Offers a selection of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral evening courses that you can take on campus. Evening courses are designed for career professionals to study and work with peers after hours – one class at a time, one night a week – in a classroom setting, so you can make the most of your educational journey. Explore all our available night courses and evening programs and start your journey today. For more information about life as an evening student, visit our Evening Courses page.

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Start your career with a bachelor’s degree from, earn through night classes conveniently in your work schedule. Find the right evening education for you from one of our prestigious colleges.

Expand your knowledge with an evening course at postgraduate level from and gain a strong position in your industry. View our master’s programs and find the program that best suits your goals.

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Reach the pinnacle of academic achievement with a doctorate from Become an independent researcher by taking night classes and networking with many other professionals through our evening courses.

Each college has a different setup for night school, but night classes are designed with working professionals in mind. Admission requirements for night classes are the same as for regular on-campus programs, and classes meet only one evening per week and take only one course at a time.

During the week, students log into the online platform to complete assignments and participate in online discussion forums to prepare for the weekly in-person meeting. This maximizes the time you can spend on content while working to graduate on time. Since classes only meet one night a week, this gives you more time for work and life outside of school.

The cost of night classes depends on the program you take. Each rate has a credit to consider, and master’s programs often cost more than bachelor’s degrees.

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To help reduce these costs, it provides generous tuition and scholarships to active military service, active reserve, and new high school graduates seeking to enter an undergraduate or graduate program. Learn more about tutoring for online and evening programs.

A cohort is a group of students taking the same courses at the same time. Evening refers to students as “fellows”.

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