Cloud Based Phone System Uk

Cloud Based Phone System Uk – This is common for modern technology to move to the cloud. Things like computing, email, and security have kept things first by moving to the cloud, and the phone system is no exception to this.

First, let’s find out what a cloud phone system actually is – and find out how it works.

Cloud Based Phone System Uk

But they are all the same thing and they all use the cloud to provide voice connectivity to your business.

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A cloud phone system takes your old in-house phone system and puts it in the cloud. This means you don’t need physical hardware in your office that handles your calls.

In the old days (in terms of technology, we’re talking about the early 2000s), you needed a large device sitting in your room that distributed calls between extensions and users. This equipment requires constant maintenance and repair and it costs every business.

However, with the invention of the cloud, it became clear that this on-premises hardware was outdated and fragile, and a modern solution was needed.

Cloud phone systems have helped businesses transform their entire communications environment, eliminating expensive maintenance and security costs as well as sprawling lines and call charges.

Secure Cloud Based Phone System For Your Business

It has been proven that many businesses are finding that cloud phone systems are more scalable and flexible than their on-premise counterparts.

Now I’m talking about this cloud phone system, it’s time to examine how it works. First, we’ll look at how they work from a layman’s perspective, then we’ll go a little deeper.

When you make a call, your voice is transmitted from your phone to your router via WiFi or cable. From here, the voice signal goes over the Internet to the cloud phone system (which usually relies on a data center).

Once your voice signal is in the cloud phone system, it is processed and routed over the Internet to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) that connects your calls abroad.

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As you can see, in fact the journey of the voice signal is not long or complicated. In fact, it is a simple process and it usually only takes a few milliseconds to connect your call.

Using the cloud for your communications means you don’t have to spend money on maintaining your own phone system.

Often times, mobile systems are seen as too big, scary, complicated, too expensive and too unreliable for businesses to ‘cope’ with. But this is not true for cloud phone systems.

Now that we’ve explained it in its most stripped-down form, we’ll dive deeper into how it works. Note that, there are abbreviations in this bit coming up…

Triple3 Phone And Broadband Deals

Most telephone systems use a technology called circuit switching. Circuit switching requires a physical connection between the two devices. This connection is from the UK PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

The PSTN uses a protocol called ISDN. ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network. ISDN was the first telephone system in the UK. Typically, businesses need multiple ISDN lines in their premises. Each of these lines ‘carries’ one voice call at a time.

However, cloud phone systems use a technology called VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP uses packet switching instead of circuit switching to make and receive voice calls.

Instead of using a phone line, VoIP uses a SIP trunk (SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol). A SIP trunk sits on top of your broadband line and creates a ‘virtual’ phone line, rather than the physical one that comes with the aforementioned ISDN and circuit switching.

New Hosted Cloud Telephone System Installation

This means businesses can have multiple virtual trunks (SIP Trunks) without paying for multiple physical phone lines. These SIP trunks route your calls to your cloud phone system.

I have tried to make the diagram as simple as possible to explain the difference between a working phone system and a cloud phone system.

Although there are some technical differences, it is important to understand that many companies will not really see a big difference between a cloud phone system and an on-premise system. They see a reduction in costs when they remove some of their existing hardware from their office and replace it with the cloud.

Although mobile and cloud systems are similar in some ways, they have some clear differences.

Is A Cloud Phone System Cheaper Than An Onpremise Phone System?

Many people think that because the cloud phone system is not in their office, it will be slow and inefficient. This is not the case.

With consistent broadband speeds, cloud phone systems can be just as fast (if not faster) than traditional in-house systems. Cloud phone systems have more features than home systems.

As you can imagine, when you put the two sides side by side there is a clear winner. The cloud phone system, with its modern technology, great features and high volume is pushing the old system out of the park.

As you can imagine, there are many benefits to any new technology – and cloud computing is no exception. They have some great advantages, of which we will list a few now:

Voip Phone Systems

But that’s just a few. Cloud phone systems are the future of phones. Their beauty is that they are much cheaper than the rest of the house. The cost of cell phones has become a burden for businesses.

When businesses move to the cloud, they eliminate these costs. In fact, it is estimated that businesses can save up to 70% when switching to a cloud phone system.

Another great advantage is that the cloud phone system is ready for your business to switch off ISDN.

In 2025, the UK ISDN network is being switched off. This means that the phone systems are closed when they are not working as they should. The move is set to move the UK towards a unified ‘Digital Britain’.

Voip Phone Systems For Business

We sell cloud phone systems, but this is honest advice. Your business should at least consider cloud phone systems when it’s time to monitor your phone.

Shop around, see your options, but confidently consider moving to the cloud. This is better than a home phone system. If you’re thinking about upgrading, give us a call for some honest, no-sales advice.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@ or call 03331 301 021.

Check out our blogs, studies, and more – you never know, you might find something interesting… there are so many different types of phones on the market today that it’s hard to cut through the noise and find out which one is the solution. which is best for your business.

Elevating Contact Centres To The Cloud

A common demand for today’s mobile solutions is remote work – allowing employees to work from home without complex and expensive infrastructure.

The best phone system for remote work is a cloud-based VoIP solution. That might sound intimidating, but I promise you it’s easy.

Traditional phone systems use phone lines and hardware in the building to handle all incoming and outgoing phone calls. This hardware is called a PBX.

But with modern technology, your PBX can be hosted in the cloud instead of sitting in your office. This offers tremendous savings and the ability to (you guessed it) have remote workers.

What Is Hosted Voip? Everything You Need To Know

These remote users can use your cloud phone system from any device. For example, if they work remotely, they can download a free VoIP mobile app and connect directly to your phone system. This allows them to work from anywhere using only their smartphone.

There are many reasons why a business may want to use remote services. Here are some:

Many companies are doing well by allowing their employees to work from home. Working from home eliminates travel and keeps employees motivated and business efficient.

Another application of remote work is with road workers. Often, salespeople in the field need to communicate with companies wherever they are, so it’s important to have a phone system that allows them to do it quickly.

What Is The Best Phone System For Remote Working?

Having employees work remotely is a great way to reduce your business costs. Whether it’s heating and lighting, space, or parking, you can reduce your costs by supporting remote services – and a cloud-based VoIP phone system allows you to do just that. .

Many companies operate in the city. A good example is the construction site. Project managers and on-site sales leaders need to connect to HQ but lack the infrastructure for a full-fledged PBX. Using a cloud phone system provides site connectivity without any expensive infrastructure or installation.

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems are ideal for remote work because of how they are configured. Since they use the cloud, you can easily connect from anywhere without the need for complex installation or configuration.

As you can see, cloud telephony offers advantages

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