Homeschool Biology High School

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It’s first time for high school science and biology. Homeschooling through high school can be challenging but worth it! There are great curriculum options available to help you carry your load and learn the in-depth material your teen needs to graduate and go to college.

Homeschool Biology High School

Are you afraid you will lose your youth? Don’t stay! Other families have already done their work at this young age and are doing it successfully! (I graduated one and one is due to graduate this year!) It is possible to teach high school level science to your teenager.

How To Meet The Lab Component Of Homeschool High School Science

It is important to find a curriculum that you are comfortable teaching and one that will engage your teen. The 10 Best Homeschooling High School Biology Curriculum gives you a wide variety of options so you can find the right one for your family.

We Teach Our Peers Careful Homeschool Families What would you recommend as a high school biology curriculum? We’ve compiled their picks for this and 39 other curriculum levels and subjects in our free Favorite Homeschool Family Guide.

When talking to other families, many are concerned about how to experiment. Fear not, there are many ways to help you. You can make some allocations online. This is a great option if mom or your teen is cranky (not to mention, my teen would die if she had to get into the real thing).

If you’re ready to dissect, there are kits for you. All in one place. Here is a commonly used kit in high school science:

Hs Earth Science: Weather

As I looked through all of these great products, I found many freebies and lesson plans that I could check out. I thought you might appreciate and use the **FREE Biology Labs!** from ACE Science!

There are so many options that this is the perfect time for your teen to join you in choosing the right curriculum. A top 10 list allows you to give your teens some independent choice without overwhelming them. Teaching biology to your teen can be difficult but with the right support and curriculum, your teen will succeed.

This is just the beginning of many homeschooling curriculum recommendations. Our free Homeschool Family Guide is here to download with several top 10 recommendations from fellow homeschooling families.

Author Heather Laurie: 5-year veteran homeschooling mom and advocate for the special needs community. Her family home provides education and thrives despite the unique challenges of a genetic disease that can cause problems ranging from learning disabilities, to autism, to stroke. Share how to have a hope-filled, supportive, peace-filled home even when faced with significant problems with speaking up, or in her book Homeschooling When Learning Isn’t Easy. Check out Heather’s Site – for great information, resources, help and encouragement. I have always loved biology. It was my favorite subject in high school. Allotments I look forward to and enjoy. They said that not everyone is as enthusiastic about biology as I am. Also I am not comfortable with the subject.

How To Homeschool Science In Middle School And High School

What I’ve found in my homeschooling years is that just because you’re not comfortable with a subject doesn’t mean you can’t teach it in your homeschool. There are plenty of options available to teachers and learners of all shapes and sizes.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to use many homeschool high school biology curriculums. As with any subject, what works for one child may not work for another. We have used anything from very intensive multi-resource lab options to online options with virtual labs and sciences without labs.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is an organization that offers a home high school biology elective. In addition, they also offer courses in other sciences, social studies, mathematics, English and electives for grades 7-12.

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Simplifying Homeschool Biology For Teens

The Principles, Theories, and Principles of Biology from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is a high school level biology program that can be completed through guided independent study under the guidance of a teacher/parent or with a minimum number of students depending on the teacher/parent.

During our homeschooling years we used some courses from the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum, including world history, economics, and English writing. Whether you have a student who needs direct supervision or a very independent learner, I find them always easy to use.

This biology course is equivalent to one high school transcript credit for students who complete 90 lessons, 18 quizzes, and/or six chapter tests.

As a bonus to the student, “If you score 85% or higher on the three section quizzes for each chapter, you may be exempt from the chapter exam!” This is something they suggest as an option to your student. Paying attention to their section quizzes can be a great incentive for them so they can skip the chapter test if they do well!

Homeschool 9th Grade Curriculum Picks!

** A note about labs – There are no labs in this biology course, but they can easily be added if you need experience or credits. Here is a website I found with free biology experiment lesson plans that I can use. When I need science supplies, I like to buy from Home Science Tools. They have tons of personal supplies and kits for single and group use.

The Principles, Theories, and Principles of Biology course contains QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet to access videos to further explain a topic or demonstrate an experiment.

We downloaded this free QR code reader to my daughter’s phone so she can scan and view it on her phone while she works on the episode. It’s an easy way to add content-rich enhancements to a program. Getting the code right means no links to follow or copy, no searching for relevant multimedia content, it’s available and easy to access.

At $111.35, the most expensive option (full print version), less than half the price of the full digital version, the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is very affordable.

High School Biology Options For Homeschoolers

As an added bonus, you can print copies for your family members when you purchase the digital version. That means you can use it for all your kids!

One thing I really like about Paradigm’s curriculum is that it’s all broken down into small chunks. A large textbook can be overwhelming! (Also difficult to transport!) So each chapter is in its own book and has its own corresponding activity book.

Also broken down into smaller pieces, self-contained, clear and concise. Have students read the text and then do the corresponding activity book pages. No extra books, no extra materials. They even tell the student when to ask for quizzes!

When it comes to science, if you don’t know the terms, you don’t understand the material. This course is full of important vocabulary.

Sample School Report And Transcript (for Homeschoolers) (article)

Each chapter begins with a glossary box that defines all the important terms for that chapter. Clearly listing terms and easily defining them makes it much easier for students to learn and understand the terminology.

This package makes it easy to check your students’ work and administer section quizzes and chapter tests.

Principles, theories, and fast principles of biology curriculum discount purchase model! Buy before June 31, 2020 and save 15%

Get 15% off all full course packages and free shipping with coupon code 15ANDFREE now through June 31, 2020.

Top 10 Homeschooling High School Biology Curriculum Choices

Homeschool High School Biology with Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. An affordable, comprehensive, full-credit high school course can be easily implemented.

You can purchase the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum in print and digital formats. Both formats can be purchased as a whole or broken down into parts, making it a very flexible homeschool curriculum option.

More than just home high school biology, Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers five different science courses for grades 7-12: the paperback student textbook Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, an award-winning biology course, provides a detailed introduction to college preparatory. Methods and concepts of general biology. This paperback student textbook includes all student topics, study questions, lab exercises, and module study guides with color photos and illustrations.

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