Us Bank Refinance Auto Loan

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Your payment deadline will be listed on your rental agreement. If you did not receive a welcome kit with your rental account number to set up your first payment, call us at 800-S (872-2657).

Us Bank Refinance Auto Loan

To make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments, go to Online Banking and select Bill Pay from your dashboard. If you use the US Bank mobile app, select Pay Bills & Transfers.

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Take some time to familiarize yourself with your rental agreement so you can avoid surprises. It provides important information, such as how many miles you can drive each year and what normal wear and tear means. Exceeding these guidelines can add unexpected costs at the end of your lease.

As you near the end of your lease, a rental consultant will contact you to discuss your options.

The necessary form you will need is the odometer statement. The federal government must verify mileage when you return, buy, or trade in a vehicle.

You will have several options at the end of your lease. Now is the time to start thinking about buying, trading, or returning your rental car.

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Your lease will be over before you know it. Learn about key information including free return inspections and what to know about vehicle breakdowns.

Let’s review the important details to prepare you for the end of your term, whether you’ve decided to buy, return or trade in the vehicle.

You can change your due date once during the lease term. Call 800-S (872-2657) to start this application.

Can I sign up for an automatic payment on a date that is not my due date or for a different principal amount?

Will Refinancing Start Your Auto Loan Over?

Yes. If you would like to select a date or amount that is different from the due date or actual payment, please use our Automatic Payment Form for User Leases. Follow the instructions at the top of the form.

I am logged in to pay my rent but it is currently $0 due. Is it true?

Payments do not show a due date until the original due date, but you can pay before the due date.

There are several reasons why your payment amount may vary. Here are some of the most common reasons:

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Personal property tax or excise tax is charged on my bill. What is it for?

Excise duty, also known as personal property tax, is assessed by local tax authorities. As the owner of the vehicle, USB Leasing LT is required to submit this tax payment on your behalf. Tax payments are made to you as a tenant in accordance with the Tax, Registration and Privileges section of your agreement. This part of the agreement states that you agree to pay all taxes and fees imposed by government authorities in connection with the rental vehicle.

If you are enrolled in automatic payments, only the vehicle’s base rent plus sales tax (if applicable) will be automatically paid from your account each month. Other fees, such as duty, property tax, late fee or ticket bill will be paid separately. Please follow the instructions on the billing statement you received in the mail to make the payment.

Yes. You can return your rental car early, but doing so can result in a hefty fine. The actual cost will depend on when the lease ends. See your rental agreement for more details, or see Early Return of the Rental Vehicle for more details.

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A “total loss” of a vehicle can be the result of a collision, vandalism or theft. A total loss is treated as an early termination of the lease. The cumulative loss process is as follows:

Note: We will retain any excess amount of insurance, along with the warranty refund from the original cancellation due to total loss.

Yes. We will contact you approximately one month prior to the end of your tenancy to schedule an appointment. This is offered to you free of charge so that you can assess any damage that it will cost to return the vehicle. If the inspection is not completed before the vehicle is returned, subject to any of your discretionary rights, we will inspect the vehicle for excessive wear after returning it.

No one at the point of return is authorized by us to inspect to determine additional wear and tear under your lease. You may choose to have any issues repaired by your dealer or other certified auto body shop before returning the vehicle to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. If you complete any repairs, please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt if requested.

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Yes. You can purchase the rental vehicle at any time during the rental period. Call us at 800-S (if more than 12 months left on lease) or 866-250-3147 (if less than 12 months left) for pricing information. The payment amount is good only for the tenant. We are unable to process third party sales (to friends, family members, etc.). A vehicle may be leased to a dealer as part of a new vehicle purchase or lease. Dealers should contact us directly for payment information.

Can I trade in a car from a dealer to buy or lease a new car?

You can choose to buy or trade in your rental car. If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, call 866-250-3147 for specific pricing information and possible financing options. If you wish to use the vehicle as part of a new vehicle trade-in, the dealer should contact us at 866-250-3148 for pricing information. We receive a relay call.

You will receive a final billing statement several weeks after the vehicle is returned. These billing statements may include termination fees, additional mileage fees, overage and usage charges, and unpaid amounts such as disbursements, referrals, taxes and other miscellaneous fees.

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Generally, vehicles must be returned in the same condition as they were at the beginning of the rental period. Some minor wear and tear (such as some small door chips, chips or scratches) is generally acceptable. Excessive wear and tear can include items such as dents, cracked glass, torn upholstery, or poor quality repairs. See your contract or your guide to end of lease options for more detailed information.

I have paid all my monthly rent payments. Why do I receive a billing statement showing that I owe another monthly payment?

Billing statements are automatically printed 15 days before the due date. If you return the vehicle between the invoice printing date and the due date, you will not need to make this payment. However, if the vehicle is not returned by the due date, you will be responsible for this payment. Please call us at 866-250-3147 to have a rental consultant review your account for further clarification.

At the end of the rental period, we will cancel the automatic recurring payment once we have confirmed that the vehicle has been returned. However, you can speed up the process by calling us at 800-S (872-2657). Please note that it takes three business days to cancel a scheduled payment. Top Ten Reviews are endorsed by their viewers. When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This is why you can trust us.

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US banks can be excited and frustrated in equal measure. Offering equal interest rates on new and used cars is ideal if you’re not sure which vehicle to choose, but you need a great credit score to get the best APR. Likewise, implementation may be straightforward and fast, but the time you save will be spent searching for basic, hard-to-find loan information. You might need to use a 0.5% discount to get close to the best APR available elsewhere, but if you want a reliable and established auto lender, US Bank is definitely worth a look. .

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