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Looking For Auto Insurance Quotes – Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) car insurance for private hire car drivers only (including Grab and Go-Jak drivers) with a valid Private Hire Car Driver Vocational License (PDVL)

*Appointment as your insurance agent: Rest assured that we will only forward your case if we can offer you the same renewal premium. $50 will be deducted if you pay through us.

Looking For Auto Insurance Quotes

NTUC is committed to bringing you the best PHV offers from Income with a simple, fast and convenient application. Simply enter your information into the online form and click submit to receive a $50 rebate on your award (new or renewed) offered by NTUC Revenue. You can match $50 directly at checkout or receive $50 cashback directly into your bank account, depending on your payment method.

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If you are a Shop.com customer, you can enjoy IBV points/shop.com cashback as well as $50 off premium promotions.

Car insurance is also eligible for our refer-a-friend program. Refer friends and family to buy or renew auto insurance and receive $30 cashback directly into your bank account for each successful referral.

1. Ask your friend to enter your referral code when they apply for car insurance, or

2. If your friend has applied for car insurance, send us an email with your and your friend’s email address to [email protected]

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After purchasing your car insurance, visit Vicom to get a private rental sticker. Please bring your vehicle registration document with you.

NTUC will pay any Cash Compensation to your rental company identified on the Revenue Summary.

NCD Protector is an optional add-on to your car insurance. The NCD Protector benefit allows you to make claims under your policy without losing your NCD status. Despite this claim, your 50% NCD status will remain, but the bounty may cost an additional 10% more.

Most insurers only offer NCD protection as an add-on for those who already have 50% NCD coverage.

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The policy does not apply to drivers under the age of 22 or with less than 2 years of driving experience, except as specified in the insurance policy or, where applicable, in a supplement.

Yes that’s it! This policy pays you, your authorized driver, and a passenger up to $1,000 for reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident involving your vehicle.

Is a broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and an independent financial advisor. This announcement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Buying a car exposes you to a great deal of financial uncertainty. With car insurance, you can reduce the likelihood of financial problems as it covers damage to your car and other circumstances. Therefore, choosing the right car insurance provider is important and should not be based solely on price. Here are the best cheap car insurance companies in Singapore that can save you money.

FWD Car Insurance Company is one of the best car insurance companies in Singapore. Their auto insurance plans stand out from the rest with features like 50% NCD Lifetime Warranty and free 24-hour roadside assistance for accidental and non-accidental breakdowns. Benefit from up to 12 months of interest-free installment payments for your car insurance when you pay with your OCBC MasterCard or Visa credit card. They are only insurers who guarantee you 50% of your NCD for life as long as you stay with them. You can also earn up to $80 per day while your car is being repaired (up to 10 days).

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With three exclusive plans to choose from from Aviva car insurance, Single Car Insurance gives you peace of mind. Your three options to meet your needs: Light repairs for your car: Approved workshops only, Replacement for brand new cars: For cars less than 12 months old, Medical expenses: Cover you and your passengers: S$500 , Property damage to third parties: Up to S$ 5 million.

Standard: Repairs to your car: Any garage, brand new car Replacement: For cars less than 12 months old, covers you and your passengers: S$2,500; Damage to third party property: Up to S$5 million.

Reputation: Repairs for your car: Any workshop, brand new car Replacement: For cars less than 24 months old, covers you and your passengers: S$5,000,

Etiqa is the best car insurance in Singapore. If your insurance company is Attica, you can get up to $1,000 in damage coverage for your solar wrap. Protect yourself and other road users with car insurance from Etiqa. Receive a 20% discount + up to $200 cashback when you insure your car with Etiqa.

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Here you can get coverage for third party accidental property damage, towing service coverage and unlimited window coverage, accidental accident insurance and medical expenses coverage in the event of an accident, reimbursement of accident costs for vehicle repairs, roadside assistance. & Wellness covers cosmetic reconstructive surgery benefits & unexpected accidents & more.

When sgCarMart is your car insurance company, you get 25% cheaper car insurance; Aside from some of the cheapest car and vehicle insurance plans in Singapore, their services also come with a range of benefits such as: Enjoy NCD discounts when making no claims. You also get NCD protectors to protect your NCDs, they’re just top notch Work with car insurance companies and more. sgCarMart is also undoubtedly one of the best car insurance companies in Singapore that finds its benefits.

MSIG car insurance companies in Singapore provide comprehensive coverage for insured vehicles against accidental loss or damage, accidental repairs at an authorized repair facility or at your choice of repair shop, and medical expenses for the policyholder, authorized driver or passenger (up to the legal seating capacity). . When MSIG Auto Insurance is your insurance company, you have other benefits such as: B. Comprehensive coverage of the insured vehicle against accidental damage: market value of the insured vehicle at the time of loss or damage Third party liability: death or personal injury to any person: unlimited Property damage: $5,000,000 Medical expenses: policyholder: up to $1,000 Authorized driver or passenger (up to legal seating capacity): up to $1,000 each and up.

InsureMy specializes in auto insurance new/renewal. You’ll enjoy lower prices, more benefits, and more personalized service. You can pay the premium in installments with 0% interest (up to 12 months) using your DBS/POSB or UOB credit card if you are insured with them.

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If you are excited about cheap car insurance, contact them today. They offer their customers the best insurance deals; Thanks to their services, you will get the best insurance policy at the most affordable rates. They also offer interest-free installment plans; You are guaranteed the best rates with their Singapore based car insurance companies.

If your insurer is Meta Agency PTE car insurance companies in Singapore, they will cover almost anything that can happen to the car such as: B. Accident, burglary and injury to third parties. So if, for example, a car catches fire or is stolen, the insured is covered; If you have not made a claim for a year or more, you are entitled to a no-claims bonus of 10% per year up to a maximum of 50% and more.

If you are looking for the best car insurance companies in Singapore, look no further; DirectAsia is the best for your auto insurance, with cost savings guaranteed. Here you can customize your car insurance to suit your needs and choose a plan that fits your budget. How to Lower Your Car Insurance Guides and Resources In this article, you’ll find our top tips for lowering your car insurance premiums and finding a policy that won’t break the bank.

Car insurance premiums depend on a number of factors, including the type of vehicle. To find a competitive premium, there are a few things to consider before buying a car. Choosing a car with the following features can lower insurance premiums:

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In general, the newer, safer and more common your car is, the cheaper your insurance premium will be. Insurers are more likely to offer lower premiums when they know parts are cheap, damage is minimal, and the driver is honest. The more of these features you can find in a car, the better your chances of getting a good auto insurance deal.

Auto insurance requirements in Australia can vary from state to state. Most car owners in Australia are required to have some form of Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP).

In all Australian states and territories except NSW, CTP insurance is covered when you enroll. Some states still offer you a choice of insurer and you should always check your filing records to ensure CTP is included. In NSW CTP insurance is known as Green Slip and you must purchase it separately before registering your car. In Victoria, CTP insurance is administered and designated by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

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