Ipad Based Pos Systems

Ipad Based Pos Systems – PSG’s pre-approved Eats365 iPad-based POS system offers a state-of-the-art food ordering platform with superior business management, superior pricing and in-depth analytics that outperforms the competition.

Eats365 is designed to provide maximum flexibility in one platform, making us one of the most versatile cloud services in Singapore. Whether you have a table service restaurant, a small cafe or an international chain, we have a rich selection of features to help you manage your business, simplify your operations and increase your customer relationship.

Ipad Based Pos Systems

We know that the hospitality industry in Singapore is very competitive. The Eats365 POS system is designed to help you reduce staff costs, save more on inventory tracking, and takes up minimal space so that even small outlets can enjoy the latest POS technology.

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Eats365 POS system has many features that chain restaurants in Singapore (such as fast food) need. Self-service kiosks can reduce staff costs, cloud technology allows you to manage all your stores from any smart device, and the latest integrated payment methods are fully localized for Singapore customers to stay competitive.

Manage your global business from anywhere. Use analytics for all your restaurants, anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, enterprise-wide analytics, global loyalty programs, a three-tier business management structure, and more.

Our Singapore POS solution focuses on three key areas: simple business management, increasing staff productivity and improving customer service. As renowned F&B consultants, we are confident that these three pillars address many of the biggest challenges facing Singapore’s F&B businesses today.

Create multiple menus, add custom combinations, modifiers, product images and more to stay on trend in Singapore.

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Learn more about your business and make smarter decisions. Identify customer trends, cut unnecessary expenses and optimize restaurant operations.

A color-coded desk management system that ensures your staff can maximize turnover while managing everything from queues to seating arrangements.

Instantly display all incoming orders with clear information and real-time updates if changes occur. Goodbye kitchen tickets!

Our POS system offers features that are ideal for customers in Singapore. Features such as new queuing technology, self-service and multilingual are sure to impress!

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Can a food and beverage business survive in today’s online world with a stand-alone point of sale? Integration with third parties allows Eats365 to partner with the best solution providers to ensure our POS solutions are designed to provide the most affordable local features for Singapore’s food and beverage businesses.

In addition, we have built our core platform and modules from the ground up to take advantage of cloud technology and work seamlessly together. Eats365 POS solution provides better efficiency from Front-of-House (FoH) to Back-of-House (BoH) and better data analysis to Back-office, resulting in a more competitive business.

We work with the following global partners to ensure our point of sale is as compatible as possible with Singaporean businesses and customers. By localizing our products for the Singapore food and beverage market, we ensure that you remain as competitive as possible.

Eats365 offers incredible business growth opportunities, which is why we are trusted in 19 countries around the world. There is no better time to start and see the benefits. It’s not quite an avalanche, but point-of-sale software for the iPad is coming to market at an accelerating rate. With anytime, anywhere wireless connectivity and quick response to menu and room changes, the field is full of possibilities as newcomers like Lavu and Breadcrumb join more established POS vendors like Micros, Revel Systems and Aloha.

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Lavu, which develops and sells POS software, collaborates with the likes of Heartland Payment Systems to offer its solutions to restaurants. In addition to real-time menu changes, it also offers BOH reports on sales, time usage and event tracking.

Breadcrumb became commercially available in March 2012; in May Groupon bought the company and officially announced the solution in October.

When he developed Breadcrumb, restaurant salesman Seth Harris sought to provide an alternative to legacy systems he found too cumbersome, creating software “that was more intuitive, easier to install, and more affordable,” he says.

Breadcrumb allows restaurants to instantly update and edit menus, change dining room seating, or set up a split check via iPad. The wait staff can use iPads to take orders at the table and send orders to different kitchen points. When checking the price, staff can search the menu by name or ingredient. Breadcrumb allows restaurant operations to chat with each other, share information about menu items or workforce management.

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In addition, since Breadcrumb is a Cloud Hosted solution, users can access data from any mobile device.

No upfront license fees; subscriptions start at $99 for a single iPad and go up to $499 for unlimited users. There is full support, Harris points out. “I wanted to make sure that if there was a problem, the operator could get immediate support – you don’t know how to be offline on a Saturday night unless you’ve been in the hospitality industry,” he says.

Restaurateur Adam Elzer switched to Breadcrumb when he opened another location, Empellio Cocina, earlier this year. The sister restaurant Empellion Taqueria still uses the old system, but that site is also planned to be moved to Breadcrumb. New York City’s downtown eateries focus on Mexican food—Taqueria is more of a taco joint, while Cocina offers a more upscale menu.

Elzer says the biggest problem with the older system was that when staff had to upgrade the system due to a POS issue, the entire system shut down for the upgrade.

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Elzer finds additional benefits. “Breadbread gives us more front-of-house functionality,” says Elzer. “We could access the system online from anywhere. Before, I could only access my computer in the basement; now I can access any computer.

Elzer adds, “Another great feature is that I can download Breadcrumb to my personal iPad and view the same screen as the server without being in the restaurant.”

The acquisition of Groupon is a good strategic move that expands its reach into the restaurant industry. Although Breadcrumb and Groupon payments are linked, restaurants using Breadcrumb don’t have to sign up for Groupon’s daily deal, Harris says.

Harris understands that restaurateurs are looking for more than just menu options from their POS systems. Additional features are planned, including integration with business intelligence and analytical systems, as well as inventory management and accounting software.

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In September, Micros released an iPad version of its Simphony program; earlier this month, the company announced a version of Simphony and Opera that supports the newly released iPad Mini. The cloud-based POS system is designed for small, single-unit operators or larger companies.

“It’s all about the software,” says Mike L Russo, CTO. “Simphony can run on an iPad, but it can also run on an IBM system like Starbucks does.”

Simphony is already in production at more than 10,000 locations around the world, and it offers comprehensive business management, says Russo. If you have a chain of 500 or 1000 stores, you need this capacity.

“Full-service restaurants need not only POS functionality, but also back office and business functionality in our system,” says Russo.

Ipad Pos System For Retail & Restaurant

In addition to POS features, Simphony offers an e-commerce solution, integration with digital signage, coupon and loyalty programs, workforce management, and integrated inventory and business reporting. The reporting functions collect data from each workstation in each region.

Changes to menus, prices, offers and product descriptions are displayed in real time on workstations, menu boards, websites, kiosks and mobile ordering systems throughout the company.

“Our whole strategy is to provide one platform that can provide the consumer with a digital menu board, a smart board, a POS terminal or a wine list,” says Russo.

Micros customers can use the Simphony platform on existing devices and smartphones and iPads. We didn’t want to create a separate iPad system; We want to be current and open to our customers’ requirements.

Cafe Pos System

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Food Wingstop prefers gold, Red Lobster deals with shrimp in crackers and White Castle is a new snackable e-commerce platform. Shopify is moving online and offline. Today, the company has announced the launch of a point-of-sale (POS) system, which it says will allow merchants to control all features of their store. The new tool allows retailers to track their inventory, customer information, product updates and more. And all that costs them $78 a month.

Shopify’s POS system is very similar in style to Square’s before the introduction of the kiosk design – it runs on an iPad with a card reader attached. It uses the same trade management system as traders

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