Chase New Savings Account Bonus

Chase New Savings Account Bonus – Update 18/10/2020 The offer is back until 23/11/2020; updated link below. Many people are waiting for the return of the $600 contract. Hat tip to reader Jo

The Chase Savings Account has a $5 monthly service fee. The monthly fee is waived in one of the following ways:

Chase New Savings Account Bonus

The Chase Total Checking account has a monthly service fee of $10-$12, which is waived if you meet any of the following:

Faqs About Chase’s New Premium Sapphire Banking Account And 60k Bonus

The standard offer we see is the same, but the check bonus is $300 instead of $200 (meaning you get a total of $600 instead of $500). Earlier this year we saw a bonus of up to $900 (you get an extra $400 for checking and savings), I don’t think it should be public and I doubt we’ll see that offer again. I believe Chase reduced the bonus due to COVID-19. Remember that if you do this bonus, you will not be eligible for future bonuses for two years (but using this bonus can also reset the waiting clock earlier).

It is difficult to decide whether you should claim this bonus or not. Looks like I’ll have to wait to see if this offer gets extended or if I see the $600 bonus refund after August 10. But the bonus may also decrease. The safe bet is probably to just claim this bonus if you can. Hopefully most readers are not eligible because they made bigger bonuses of $900 or $600 earlier this year. I added it to the best bank bonus page with the caveat that we have seen a lot of bonuses recently. Cease all email requests for comments unless/until we find it again and have someone to discuss.

Update 1/14/2020: If you already have a $900 promo code, you can still use it until 1/17/2020. The email link may or may not. If not, you can try going to and entering the promo code (ht Thelement). New promo codes are not possible, so don’t ask for a promo code in the comments.

Update 1/13/2020: Offer appears to have ended. The last date of validity of the offer is 17.1.2020; If you already have a voucher, you can use it, even if there are difficulties reported. (There’s a success report in the sub branch, so you can try it out.) According to reader DT, at least it seems that generating new codes is no longer possible. A big, big thanks to reader DT, who posted hundreds of these codes (maybe thousands?) to anyone in the comments who asked!! DT has my vote for the 2019-2020 DoC MVP award. 🙂

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Update 11/13/2019: This comment may be of interest to people not targeted. There may be some risk involved, but Chase isn’t like American Express, so it should be fine.

The Chase Savings Account has a $5 monthly service fee. The monthly fee is waived in one of the following ways:

The Chase Total Checking account has a monthly service fee of $10-$12, which is waived if you meet any of the following:

The standard offer only adds $100 if you do both for a total bonus of $600, while this offer adds $400 if you do both for a total bonus of $900. Obviously an incredibly good offer. We don’t have the details in the fine print, but it’s probably the same as the $600 offer, so I’ve included that information above.

A Few Updates From Us

You will need a uniquely assigned promo code that appears on your Chase credit card on the website or app. (I think it’s in the Just For You deal under the Check Deals tab at the bottom left of the site’s front page, but I’m not entirely sure.) While it’s definitely pointed out, several r/churning members have reported to find this deal, so you can find it there.

Update: It looks like anyone targeted will get a unique promo code sent to an unlimited number of email addresses, so if you’ve been targeted, you should spread the wealth to all your friends by entering their offer email address and getting a unique promo code. the offer code has been sent your way. Chase is one of the most generous banks when it comes to checking and savings account bonuses. Now it offers one of the best bonuses, a total of $600 in checking and saving. We haven’t seen this offer in over a year. Let’s talk about the details.

Update 12.10.22: Offer extended until 25.1.23. You still need to open the link in incognito mode. (HT: DoC)

Chase Total Checking has a $12 monthly fee. You can avoid the fee in the following ways:

Chase 银行账户介绍(checking/saving/invest)【2022.8 更新:cpc 送 $2000;开户送 $600】

You usually have to have a branch nearby to complete the account opening, but now it’s even easier because it can also be done online and you can get $600, the highest bonus ever. However, you likely need to have a Chase branch in your state to qualify.

This bonus can only be redeemed once every two years and you must wait at least 90 days from your last personal Chase bonus. Remember that you will receive a 1099-INT for these bank bonuses and thus you will be taxed.

If you’re not a current Chase checking/savings customer, this Chase bonus is almost as good as bank bonuses. Although the savings deposit amount is quite high, I think it’s still worth it if you have $15,000 in a savings account for three months. The $600 total is the highest we’ve seen from Chase.

You can claim this bonus once every two years and you haven’t had a Chase account in the last 90 days. It’s even easier now that it’s online.

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But don’t wait too long. Chase has been known to pull these offers early, so grab them now if you qualify for the bonus.

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Capital One Venture now has an additional offer. For a limited time, you can earn 75,000 Miles after spending $4,000 in the first three months of getting the card. Venture earns 2X miles on all purchases and 5X on Capital One travel. Points can be used for many things, such as cash back and transfers with travel partners.

Located in NYC. Been a points/miles enthusiast for years and have been actively writing about it for the past 6+ years on Danny the Deal Guru. I always wait for offers. Making some money is always nice, but traveling is the best part of this business.

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You can earn $100 from Swagbucks and another $10 from Stash. Some people also see an additional $30 bonus.

Swagbucks has a new offer for Acorns. You can now get a $70 bonus when you sign up for a new account and an additional $40 when you make recurring deposits.

Discover Bank is once again offering a sign-up bonus for its online savings account. This offer is available to anyone who has never had a Discover Savings account before.

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