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Nyu Continued Education Courses – The Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) supports a diverse community of students committed to the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

The Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) in the School of Professional Studies is a community that brings together a diverse population of students of all ages who are committed to the continuous and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. ALL encourages critical thinking and supports students in their pursuit of wealth, social networks, and the acquisition of skills and perspectives. Through the ALL website, students can communicate with their peers. access to a list of resources; explore future courses in humanities, language and international affairs; and participation in activities and clubs.

Nyu Continued Education Courses

We listened, we heard you! This fall semester, we are excited to introduce a new simplified course registration to members of the NYU Academy for Lifelong Learning community.

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Go to the new NYU Academy for Lifelong Learning website where you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address to create an account—that’s it! You won’t need to remember any passwords. On this new website, you can easily browse and register for NYU Lifelong Learning courses. When you’re ready to enroll, simply add your courses to your cart and click checkout.

When it’s time for your courses to start, you’ll get a reminder 24 hours before the start date. On this website, you can access your course at any time. You’ll also find opportunities to continue course discussions with your peers online, access curated resources, and participate in events and clubs.

This is the second book in the Transylvania Trilogy by author and New York University Center for Applied Liberal Arts instructor Roberta Serret.

About the book: Fleeing communist Romania, activist and doctor Anca Rudescu struggles to find herself abandoned, pregnant and alone in America by the man she loves. Years later, at the height of Ceaușescu’s dictatorship, changes come to Romania and Anca receives messages from her past that lead her to Transylvania. A story of love and forgiveness in war-torn Romania and a portrait of communism and the people caught up in it. The prose is brilliant and attractive in terms of beauty.

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About the Author: Roberta Serret is Director of English and Advanced Film at the Hospitality Committee at the United Nations and founder of the UN non-governmental organization, International Cinema Education. He has created an international classroom for students of all ages at the United Nations and now at New York University. He is a faculty member at New York University’s Center for Applied Liberal Arts, where he teaches the continuing education course Global Hotspots through International Film. His work at the United Nations has been praised by various Americans, including Michelle Obama, Mike Bloomberg and Caroline Kennedy. In addition to the Transylvania trilogy, he is the author of World Affairs in Foreign Films and the creator of a new visual literacy course in short video formats called FILMeds ©, which he developed with a five-year grant from the Ford Foundation.

Joyce Ades, a lively senior in her 70s, looks like someone decades younger. The Brooklyn resident has trained with many yoga teachers for years and continues to practice and teach it. He previously taught French and Italian at Hunter College, Brooklyn College, and Queens College (CUNY).

Ades describes himself as a “culture vulture” who is always willing to learn. This made him accept an invitation from a friend to attend an art class at New York University. Since then, he has been a regular in school programs. Her favorite professor is Philippe Notre Dame, who teaches classes including “The Art Scene,” “Meeting at 150” and “Velasquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer: ​​The Golden Age of Painting.” He said Noterdaeme is amazing, knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor that entertains us and his sermons are always inspiring. His love and passion for painting is contagious and inspires our admiration and appreciation for the information provided.

During the current pandemic, Ades has found distance classes offered by NYU to be very helpful. “Our ability to take classes remotely via Zoom is a real blessing,” Ades said after his recovery from COVID-19. It’s the next best thing to going to a museum. “

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In addition to intellectually stimulating classes, Ades benefited greatly from the online relationships he developed with members of NYU’s learning community. “I met four wonderful women, and every Friday, we come out for a good time!”

Susan Drury, 81, had an inspiring career in several industries before her retirement. He was an NBC analyst on The Today Show and documentaries. After his years at NBC, he worked on foundations related to theater, playwrights, and authors

“If you’ve worked all your life, what do you do with yourself after you retire?” he requested. Her answer: take various lifelong learning courses at NYU, where she found the faculty inspiring, the course materials, and the discussions engaging. His diverse interests are reflected in his courses, which range from art, theater, and New York history to the Supreme Court, famous trials, and film studies.

“I’m very impressed with the teachers. You find yourself coming back to study with them.” He told of the time Philip of Notre Dame traveled with his class to museums and art galleries and traveled to London in the summers as a member of Michael Zem’s theater class.

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“I’m a little Type A and I like to stay busy,” said Arlene Bookbinder, a retiree who spends her days teaching classes in her hometown of Short Hills, N.J., and remotely via Zoom through New York University. ” . While he took private classes at New York University, the pandemic prompted him to pursue his academic interests through distance learning. He is passionate about lifelong learning and has used his time off to expand his knowledge in areas that are important to him.

“People will be much happier if they learn to broaden their horizons,” said the 72-year-old grandmother, who worked in the financial industry before leaving JPMorgan after more than 17 years. If they can find something that matters to them every day, they will be much happier.”

For Bookbinder, he took art history classes at New York University. Although the pandemic has limited classroom activities, Bookbinder enjoys her distance learning class on Velazquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer: ​​The Golden Age of Painting, taught by Philippe Notre Dame, whom she describes as an “amazing” professor. He also plans to use Noterdaeme’s Pivotal Early Works and Great Artists in this upcoming class. “He really likes his lessons,” she said. “He made all the classes online via Zoom easy and smooth. We were able to communicate with him and our classmates in a professional and safe environment.”

After half a century of living in Binghamton, New York, where she worked at the Binghamton University Library, Anne Goldberg and her husband moved to the West Side of Manhattan. Goldberg, who is in his early 70s, wanted to move to a place with more culture and opportunities.

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Referred to New York University by a relative, Goldberg reviewed the course material and liked what he saw, especially in his areas of interest—the history of art and literature. This summer, she’s taking two art history classes with Philippe Notre Dame, and one with Lee Harbin, who teaches a course called “Detective Associates in Literature.”

I am very satisfied with my classes at NYU. After working in education, Goldberg said, looking to offer well-structured courses, professors who offer rigorous curriculum and extracurriculars, and experienced instructors, adding, “I was impressed with how my instructors taught the class. structuring their classes. To the new technology, Goldberg and her classmates have adapted well to the remote offerings that have become a necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Many students from countries with They come professionally and have a lot of experience and expertise.” Receiving a diverse range of people in classes. “There are different people in their lives and work in my education that I did not meet in other schools. This combination provides a rich educational experience.”

For nearly 15 years, retired museum teacher Laura Weinstein taught various courses at New York University, most of which were face-to-face at the Midtown school. “It’s important to continue to grow intellectually and keep your mind stimulated and strong, and the courses at NYU have helped me and my friends,” Weinstein said.

Before retiring, Weinstein held positions at several museums in New York City, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of Arts and Design, and the Museum of the City of New York, where he continues.

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