Bachelor Of Arts In Primary Education

Bachelor Of Arts In Primary Education – Encouraging children to build confidence and pride in their accomplishments is more rewarding than anything else. Start your teaching journey today.

Primary school teaching is one of the most valuable careers you can have, and a bachelor’s degree (honors) in primary education will give you the experience and support you need to succeed in your studies and achieve your status. Competent teachers. You will work with a team of teachers and other adults to support children (ages 5 to 11) to succeed in and out of the classroom. This course is taught by expert teachers with extensive experience in defining education using a combination of learning and teaching methods that combine workshops and workshops to ensure that you are well supported. To achieve the best results.

Bachelor Of Arts In Primary Education

Our BA Elementary is a highly competitive program with a curriculum that fully integrates the core content framework for early teacher education. All of our students are passionate individuals who like to develop the experience and skills needed to become good teachers. At the end of your training program, you will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to fully meet teacher standards.

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In preparation, you will learn through a combination of theory and practice to develop the ability and confidence to teach children in KS1 and KS2 all subjects in the national curriculum. You will benefit from the guidance of professional trainers who bring a wealth of professional experience to their teaching, and there are many publications in disciplines such as multilingualism, diversity and child development.

You will combine on-campus and online education with hands-on learning experiences at our partner elementary schools in and around London. We have good relationships with schools in the capital and the country. The nature of the course allows you to go back to university to reflect on your practical experience. The quality of teaching and individual support for students in the Basic Teacher Training (ITT) program in Middlesex ensures the highest results and high employment rates for our trainees who always make their first teaching appointment during the course. .

Our elementary courses are highly rated by Ofsted (the government agency that oversees schools and education) so you know you will get the best quality education.

You will be among the graduates who have a strong reputation for academic and educational skills. Personal tutors will be assigned to you to get the academic and health support you need, as well as a wealth of university resources and support from the Learning Development Team.

Bachelor Of Education (primary Teaching)

As an elementary school teacher, you will be expected to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the subjects in the curriculum and how they relate to each other. Throughout the degree, you will study core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, as well as RE Arts, Humanities, Music, Design and Technology and Computers. These subjects will be taught separately and with an interactive approach.

Optional modules are usually available at levels 5 and 6, but optional modules are not offered at all courses. Where there are optional modules, you will be required to make your choice in the previous school year. If we do not have enough students interested in the recruitment module or there are staff changes that affect teaching, this module may not be offered. If the optional module does not work, we will notify you after the module selection period, after the number is confirmed, or as soon as the application team decides that the module does not work, and we will help you select a replacement module.

Our courses qualify you as a primary school teacher, a profession with great growth and benefits. Our graduates have a good reputation in the profession and our employment rates are very high. Most graduates get the role of first grade teacher at the school where they have their last school experience, and many continue to work with the university as staff at partner schools. According to the Unistats website, 100% of our students are working or studying for six months after graduation.

Our employment services can help you develop your work skills and gain valuable work experience. Job search, resume, cover letter, interview, network, etc. We provide one-on-one workshops, events and support. We also support you in providing opportunities for part-time work, internships and volunteering, and we provide corporate support services for those who want to start their own business.

Pdf) Action Research Underutilised In Primary Schools: What Does It Take To Improve Teacher And Pupil Performance?

Helen is a Senior Lecturer at the Academy of Higher Education and has many years of teaching experience at a primary school in north London. Together with a group of primary school teachers, it works closely with prospective teachers and their schools to train creative and innovative classroom teachers.

‘Highlights of our college sessions are that our students’ Wow! A few minutes after class with the children to think and develop with their teachers and peers on campus.

We will carefully manage future changes to courses or other assistance and services available to you if necessary, such as changes to government health and safety guidelines or any changes to the law.

Any decision shall be made in accordance with the external advice and regulations of the University which contains information on the matter.

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Our priority will always be to maintain academic standards and quality so that your study results are not affected by any adjustments we may need to make.

We will always aim to let you know exactly how we might need to respond to Change the circumstances and the support we will give you. Inspiring and cultivating young minds is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. Create your teaching experience for 5-11 year olds and choose study-focused topics. Get advice for the status of qualified teachers at our primary level.

What will your teaching style be like? Want to know how the curriculum has evolved? What can you do to drive change in school? In our QTS BA (Hons) Elementary Education you will learn the essential skills you need to become a teacher while keeping an eye on your work to keep improving.

Throughout the course, there is a strong focus on values ​​and social justice to help you learn how to change lives. During placement, you will work with the school and their students to find solutions to the challenges they may face.

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Your time with us will not only define you as an individual, but will also help you to believe that no matter what career path you choose in education, you can make a difference in society at large. .

You will learn professional skills that will continue your entire career as a teacher. You will review various educational theories, review curricula, explore your personal choices on topics and make your own research projects. Here you will have the opportunity to learn from your professors at Edge Hill University as well as from experienced teachers at your school.

The first year of the course will introduce you to the skills you need to succeed in your degree and later in your career. You will start learning about curriculum topics, exploring child development and learning theories. You will go to your primary school practice, see the theory in the workplace, and link your work to your studies.

Moving to higher education will help you find your feet as an undergraduate teacher. Your teacher will assist you in providing the key skills that will enable you to be successful in your studies – skills to identify and use appropriate and reliable sources, read effectively and record and plan, edit and Read evidence for study writing. . You will consider how you can manage a difficult workload as you develop and develop positive mental health and personal well-being strategies. Teaching is a complex and highly skilled profession. Even as a student teacher, you will need to make clear judgments, express your evolutionary views, and make informed decisions about teaching and learning. This module will begin to prepare you for the rewards and challenges of teaching in the 21st century, both personally and professionally.

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Children and Childhood will guide you to evaluate your own perceptions of children, childhood, family and community of children and the factors that influence these perceptions. You will examine some cultural and international aspects and reflect on how and why existing values ​​have become a hit. Roots will decide in practice. For example, you can think of childhood images in the media and their impact on children’s experiences. The rights of children as individuals, citizens and active members of their communities; The social and cultural identity of the child; Risk-taking and risk-taking; And general challenges of childhood.

Teaching, learning and child development are directly linked to your first vocational practice at the school. In university-based courses, you will begin to develop your understanding of the complexities of primary education and the roles and responsibilities of primary school teachers. Social and emotional development of children, a positive approach to behavior management in contemporary classrooms

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