Verizon Fios Upgrade Internet Speed

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Verizon Fios Upgrade Internet Speed

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Hands On With The Verizon Fios Mobile App

With the great FiOS speeds that Verizon offers, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the fastest speeds your plan allows. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Remember that all FiOS speeds are best achieved when using a wired connection. Speeds will vary if you are using a wireless connection.

If you’re still not getting the speed you want, make sure you have the proper Gigabit Network Interface Card (NIC) installed. You will need a 10/100/1000 connection for FiOS >99Mbps downstream. See here (link:

If you need more help, create a message on the FiOS Online Board. You can also reach support agents on Twitter @VerizonSupport, Click to Chat, or our FiOS Supporter page on Facebook.

Verizon 5g Home Internet

Glad it survived. I believe the wired connection requirement should be in bold, with the mention that the computer must have a 1Gbps connection for the Quantum tier running at 90Mbps/above 90Mbps.

OK for a wired connection, but a wireless connection from a laptop within 5 feet of the router should not be 12 Mbps. While I understand Verizon wanting to “back off” on the “we do not guarantee wireless” statement, this is unacceptable. I suggest that Verizon find some way to support the wired network. Most people don’t sit next to their router when they have multiple devices in their home.

It seems to be nothing more than a colossal lack of knowledge on the part of some people about LAN and WAN speeds.

Wireless LAN connections have nothing to do with FiOS connection speeds. nothing. Wireless connections affect the speed at which connected computers can send/receive data over the LAN, but not the speed at which the router communicates with the WAN.

Verizon® Fios Business Internet

If someone’s wireless connection to their computer is only 12 Mbps, it has nothing to do with FiOS or Verizon – they just don’t know how to set up their wireless LAN.

However, we must acknowledge that even the best, most sophisticated wireless LAN configuration will never come close to the speed of a Gigabit wired LAN. High-end routers are capable of 300 Mbps over a radio, while today’s top-of-the-line FiOS MI424 Rev I router is only capable of 130 Mbps wirelessly. But I want to reiterate that this is only the speed between the wireless device and the access point – not the WAN speed provided by FiOS.

So if you just want to know what actual speed you’re getting from FiOS, you should measure it from a computer WIRED to a router with a gigabit NIC – and pay close attention to that last part – wired doesn’t mean squat , IF YOUR COMPUTER HAS ONLY 10/100 NIC !!!!

And if your regular LAN connection is always wireless, make sure you’re not paying for more WAN speeds than your LAN access point can deliver to your wireless computer.

Best Vpn For Verizon Fios In 2023: Stop Throttling Now

But the link to my ActionTEC MI424WR-GEN2 [F/W 20.19.8 H/W Rev E] router shows up as 100Mb on my gigabit switch and I’m using CAT6 cable. So what difference would a 1GB network card make if the AT only runs at 100mb? I just ran a Verizon speed test and got an average of 6MB on my 35/35 line. kerry walsh

Well, a gigabit network card has no value (at least no value for internet access) without a gigabit router. MI424 Gen2 routers are not gigabit – you need the Gen3 version for that. I think Gen3 starts with Rev G – I know for a fact that Rev I routers are Gen3 gigabit routers.

I was wondering if I go with the GEN3 router… Will I see better wireless speeds? When Verizon FiOS unveiled its $70 per month gigabit internet plan two weeks ago, the company’s existing customers quickly learned that the deal was too good to be true. It turns out that only new customers are eligible for the $70 value, even though Verizon’s announcement doesn’t mention that caveat. To make matters worse, existing customers attempting to upgrade were told that the standard price could be as high as $200 per month.

Even when we last reported on April 25, the poorly implemented rollout was causing confusion for both customers and Verizon support representatives. With Verizon promising to roll out the gigabit upgrade system by April 30, existing customers who upgrade to gigabit speeds will see a monthly bill of around $95 per month, more or less.

Verizon Speed Test Review

But prices still vary widely, and there’s no good explanation for why some customers pay so much more than others. The billing issues should be resolved by now, but Verizon customers we spoke to are looking at upgrade prices ranging from $67 to nearly double that for the same service.

Verizon said customers with 150 Mbps service can upgrade to gigabit for an additional $20 per month.

One Internet-only customer in Virginia who Ars spoke with was paying $95 for 150 Mbps service and upgraded to gigabit for $190 a month before the pricing issues were fixed. This customer told us he was taking a “calculated risk” that Verizon would reduce his bill because Verizon promises automatic bill reductions for customers who are already signed up for the highest speed tier. The gamble paid off to some extent. The customer received an email saying that his bill would be reduced by $60 per month “not until June 30,” which should reduce his bill to $130.

But that’s still $35 more than the $95 this customer was paying for 150Mbps service. It’s not clear why this customer should pay the $35 more per gigabit while Verizon said customers should be able to upgrade for an additional $20.

Verizon’s Gigabit Upgrade Pricing Still Makes Almost No Sense

Verizon previously told us that customers with standalone 150 Mbps service typically pay $75 today and will therefore pay $95 after the gigabit upgrade. The $95 price tag for those moving beyond the 150 Mbps plans was the only example of an upgrade price Verizon was willing to offer us. The pricing will vary on a customer-by-customer basis, depending on each customer’s existing service package, the company said. But the actual prices customers see show that even in the single upgrade scenario Verizon was willing to discuss publicly, there’s a huge variation in price.

Verizon also said that customers who previously ordered 750 Mbps service would receive a speed upgrade to gigabit and an automatic price reduction of up to $80 per month. Technically, the old 750 Mbps and the new gigabit level are the same, as gigabit speeds were seen as an increase from the previous maximum speed. So the billing situation for a customer in Virginia is only slightly different from a scenario that should result in an $80 bill but pays $130.

A customer in New Jersey who paid $127.86 for 150 Mbps internet speed on a Triple Play package with TV and phone reviewed the plans available on May 1 and was able to upgrade to gigabit for an additional $20 per month, thereby Her total bill came to about $148. ,

Verizon’s gigabit speeds are available in more than half of its territory, particularly in parts of New York; new Jersey; Philadelphia; Richmond, Virginia; Hampton Roads, Virginia; Boston; Providence; and Washington, DC.

Questions Regarding Gigabit Loyalty Upgrade

One New York City customer we spoke to is getting gigabit internet for just $67.20 a month, but getting to that price was a painstaking process. They had 75 Mbps service for $66.98 per month including fees for a two-year plan that expires in May 2018, and Verizon initially told this customer that gigabit would cost $200 per month for existing customers. Tried again after Verizon “fixed” the upgrade process and the online ordering system listed the price as $109 plus taxes and fees.

But then he called Verizon and was able to get the Triple Play package (Internet, phone and TV) for $67.20 a month and decided not to install the phone and TV portion because he only wanted internet service.

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