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Managed Cloud Hosting Provider – The benefits of using the cloud are pretty well explained at this point – mobility, security, outsourced maintenance. For business users and their software providers, a private managed cloud host is often the best choice for moving to the cloud.

A third-party or outsourced hosting provider is a managed service provider that specializes in tailoring cloud infrastructure and security to its customers. Typically for a monthly subscription, they host your business software on servers in a secure cloud environment that they monitor and maintain, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. A managed cloud hosting provider offers a higher level of service than Azure, AWS, and other large cloud service providers. Private hosters can also customize cloud environments to integrate with systems in those larger clouds.

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

For many companies, moving to the cloud through a cloud hosting provider saves them the upfront capital outlay of building their own server environment to move their back-office applications to the cloud. It also frees up the time and resources needed to support, maintain, and monitor your internal cloud. At the same time, many companies want to maintain a level of control over certain types of systems, such as accounting software and data. A private hosting company gives them the best of both worlds. Additionally, software vendors often partner with managed cloud hosting to provide their solutions as it helps them better serve their customers.

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Your software service providers focus on providing implementation, customization and configuration services for your business software. But cloud architecture is not necessarily their area of ​​expertise. Many providers partner with a third-party hosting company to provide cloud solutions. This usually turns out to be a win-win for users and providers. Here’s why…

Value-added resellers and independent sellers are experts in providing software tailored to your needs. Their intellectual property makes their solutions work. The more resources they can dedicate to innovating with their customer-facing IP, the better their solutions will be able to meet your changing needs. Partnering with a private hosting provider means your solution provider doesn’t have to spend on building and maintaining cloud infrastructure, so they can focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions.

With a cloud provider focused 100% on cloud security and performance, users get extra assurance that their systems will be protected, including backups, monitoring and maintenance to ensure your software and data are always available .

With this type of partnership, the user gets the best of both worlds. They go to the cloud, get guidance from expert software, expert cloud and security services, and get a personalized service experience from both.

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“The cloud market is highly fragmented, leading to solution gaps, unclear accountability structures and complexity,” said Strickland Jones, managing partner of Global Technology Markets (GTM). “CyberLink’s offering is simple and comprehensive, so our MSP partners and customers can easily understand it.”

“CyberLink’s DaaS can serve any application, legacy or SaaS-based, through a single secure interface,” said Jones. “Also, there are no variable consumption costs, which makes invoicing easy and is an ideal option for businesses growing, downsizing or in new geographies.”

The strength of these partnerships creates a mutual benefit for both software providers and users. Therefore, more than 70% of users were activated by similar shares.

“Our partnership with Global Technology Market is a direct reinforcement of our belief in the channel and the growing value of DaaS in this era of remote work and cybersecurity,” said Brian Kirsch, Chief Revenue Officer of

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When a managed cloud hosting provider offers combined cloud and IT support, it allows the partner to focus on the strategic elements of the relationship, while a trusted partner provides both platform and support. This translates into better user service on both sides.

It provides secure and reliable hosting services for all your back office applications. See what it can do for you The mobile workforce is here to stay. WhiteHat gives our customers the ability to work securely with managed cloud services and hosting anywhere, anytime and from any device.

As organizations prepare to support a remote workforce and the rise of personal devices, it’s important to address some common issues facing the modern business owner. Here are the biggest ones we see customers struggle with:

Outdated infrastructure Many companies still operate on outdated, bulky hardware and servers, cumbersome machines and cumbersome network systems that consume time, money and resources to manage and maintain. The Remote Workforce A remote workforce can be considered a blessing and a curse. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, employees need to be able to connect anywhere – saving companies valuable time and money – but doing so successfully requires the right infrastructure. Understaffing Getting the right people to set up and maintain cloud computing services can be one of the biggest hurdles our customers face. Inadequate staffing can lead to system outages, data exposure, and improper cloud migration. Disaster recovery is sometimes unpredictable. After natural disasters such as hurricanes and snowstorms, servers can crash and networks can fail. Without a backup plan, data can be lost and business uptime can be interrupted. Compliance Issues When handling sensitive information or hosting data in the cloud, compliance is at the forefront of our customers’ operations. However, regulations and compliance updates can be time-consuming and confusing without the right technology and staff. BYOD companies that allow employees to use their own devices often enjoy greater productivity and work engagement, but struggle to maintain the same level of security as using company-sponsored devices, making BYOD a sometimes scary situation.

An Introduction To Public Cloud Hosting

We know that no two solutions are alike, so our clients’ cloud hosting and computing services always reflect their unique needs. We work with each customer to customize customized cloud migration and maintenance solutions.

The WhiteHat team conducts a holistic assessment of our customers’ current system, data storage and hosting needs. We share these results with our customers to build a short- and long-term plan that aligns with their security, compute, and budget guidelines. From there we find the path to success together.

After assessment, our journey begins with infrastructure improvements. We help customers invest in the right cloud solutions to fit their business size and technology roadmap. We then consider which cloud computing services work best with our customers’ existing systems and upgrade their infrastructure accordingly.

Once our customers are ready, we take care to migrate every piece of data, application and work system so that our customers’ employees can enjoy a smooth transition without disrupting their daily workflow. With our managed services, moving to the cloud is never a hassle.

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From there we will take care of the rest. WhiteHat supports and maintains our customers’ cloud systems like a team of invisible IT superheroes in the background, keeping everything running smoothly. Whether our customers need to scale, upgrade, patch, or downsize their solutions, we’re here to handle it.

“We are very satisfied and happy with Whitehat. The whole team did a great job for us. ” – Jim Bee, CEO, Law Firm

400+ Proprietary Citrix Optimizations NVIDIA Quadro AutoCAD, Revit, ESRI ARCGIS PRO and CATIA Automatic Problem Resolution Sub 30 Second Login Guarantee Document Automation Real Time Full-Host-to-WhiteHat Endpoint Solutions Amazon, Delvitop, Delvitop, Ezri Cloud DSS Certified Data Center Local Peripheral Support Real Time Voice and Video Data Center Certified SSAE 16 and AICPA SOC 2

Our team looks forward to serving our customers and getting to know their unique needs. Here is also a chance to get to know us.

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As Principal Enterprise Architect at Citrix Systems and now Whitehat, Pablo leads our Cloud and Hosting practice, working with Fortune 500 organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance, engineering and energy. Pablo is part of Whitehat’s ongoing research efforts leading to the development of a “living document” platform, self-healing automation, and our efforts to continuously improve the customer environment and end-user experience.

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Whitehat cloud computing services enable our customers to do more. From improved performance and speed, to enhanced security and encryption, Whitehat’s cloud solutions are second to none. These are just some of the features offered by managed cloud.

BYOD Freedom cloud computing gives our customers the freedom to work on the devices they feel most comfortable and confident with. Using the cloud, employees can access their applications, virtual desktops, files and save information on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Powerful Scalability As our customers’ businesses change, our cloud solutions are built to scale and fit their needs. Whether a business is growing or shrinking, our cloud hosting solutions adapt to fit. This means our customers never pay more than they need or receive subpar performance. Automatic Updates The WhiteHat team constantly deploys system updates and schedules automatic task completion so our customers can focus on their business rather than the network. Additionally, our managed services program allows us to perform timely updates and system operations to match our customers’ natural business rhythms.

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