Single Man Looking For Serious Relationship

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Single Man Looking For Serious Relationship

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Portrait Successful 50s Business Man Mat…

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According to The Love Doctor, most women would rather date married men on the side than pursue a serious relationship with a bachelor.

He further highlighted the post by saying that most married men are committed, generous, mature and caring, always supporting their girlfriend’s business.

He also noted that married men conduct career discussions differently than single men who always want sex and ask their girlfriends for money.

Pieces Of Advice For Single Men

I miss cutting my hair, watching documentaries about politics, business and James Bond movies. tears

Kemi Filani News advises women who have been advised not to “see the finish line” not to take a cargo bag for their boyfriend at the weekend.

In his own words, “Lord, please, the weekend is here. If you’re going to spend the weekend at someone’s house. Do not carry an overnight bag above knee level. The bigger your overnight bag, the more stuff you leave behind. It makes you look like you don’t want to come home. This is how you can see the finish line first. Pack the light. Don’t carry a cargo bag’ only ten months into the relationship I caught her having love affairs at home and with 3 different men.

November 19, 2022 23 comments I have been in a relationship for 10 months and with 3 different men.

When You’re Dating But Not Exclusive, Where Do You Draw The Lines?

I am a twenty nine year old graduate and financial analyst working in the banking industry. I have been with this single mom for ten months. She is twenty-six and her daughter is seven years old. When we first met, she said, “I got pregnant while I was in SHS2, so I had to drop out. After I gave birth to my son, I did not continue my education. Instead, I decided to learn a trade to gain some skills for the future. This is why I am a seamstress today. And frankly, she’s a pretty good seamstress. My heart swells with pride when I look at her work. He currently has two apprentices under him.

Another thing she told me was, “I don’t pay attention to men anymore.” Because they approach me with enthusiasm. Then they found out that I was going to give birth to a child, and all their interest disappeared and they hurried away from me. Even her son’s father is not in their lives, she added. He has not seen the girl since she was born and does not contribute to the child’s care. She assured me that there is no man in her life. Apart from being a talented woman, she is also very beautiful. So he simply loved her.

When I told her how I felt, she rejected me. In fact, she was happy that I confessed. She said, “I’m in love with you too, but if you know that you don’t take your feelings seriously, don’t come and waste my time.” I assured her that I was serious and we started dating. I’m not blowing my own bum, but I treated this woman like a queen. We live in different regions, but I often ask her. And I want her to feel relaxed and happy when we are together. So I cook our food and wash the dishes. And at night I bathe her. Because he acts like a little kid sometimes. For example, if I don’t bathe her, she won’t bathe before going to bed. I don’t mind doing all these things for her. In fact, I like doing them because it makes her happy. And I thought that meant I was good enough for her, but I wasn’t.

After two months of dating, she told me that she was going to visit her mother. I visited her after she returned. We were together as I gently turned her phone over. I was looking for nothing but looking at her pictures. Then I saw the picture she took with the soldier. She visits him, cooks for him and sits on his lap. Everything you do outside of that is not captured in the photo. I looked at the details of the photos and realized that they were related to the day she was going to visit her mother. The moment I saw this, I was like, “Are you cheating on me with that soldier?”

Megan Thee Stallion

Her immediate reaction was anger. “You accuse me of cheating because you saw me in a picture with a guy. Can’t you see these are old photos? I tried to show her proof that the photos were not old, but she wouldn’t listen. “How can you say you love me but don’t believe me? You’d rather trust the phone than the person in the pictures. I felt our relationship was new so we wouldn’t start an argument, so I quickly apologized and let it go. But inside I knew she was lying. I was hoping she would change after I caught her.

This June was my birthday, so she visited me and we spent a good time together. I wanted to know if she was still seeing the soldier during the visit, so I checked her phone. To my surprise, there was another person. The love messages they send to each other clearly shows that they are in a romantic relationship. She told the boy that she loves him. This time I left the chat open as I didn’t want to face her and lie to her again. When she picked up the phone, she saw that I had read the chats. There and then she started giving me explanations that I didn’t ask for; “Oh, the guy is my ex. We broke up five months later because he cheated on me and later said his family won’t let me marry a single mother. He’s not even in the country, he says he’s in South Africa. So I asked, “If he treats you badly, why do you still love him?” “No, I don’t. . I am driving him to hurt him for what he has done. She said. I said, “I’m sorry, but this man will never love you.” You can’t do anything to hurt his feelings. So stop entertaining him. She agreed with me and promised to limit it.

I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of weeks, so I’ve taken a few days off work. When I was feeling better, I decided to ask her for a surprise visit. One evening I was with her and after taking medicine I fell asleep. After a while, her voice woke me up. She was having a video call with someone in the kitchen. I couldn’t make out her speech, but it sounded like an argument. I don’t know what she did to that man, but she begged him not to leave her. I was angry, but I didn’t move an inch. After twenty minutes of phone calls, she fell asleep next to me.

She thought I was sleeping and started touching and kissing me. I looked her straight in the face, but didn’t react to her touch. As I heard her talk, she must have understood then. Because she began to complain; “The person on the phone is an elderly man in Canada. He told me that he was interested and I told him that I was

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