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Lending Tree Personal Loan – CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, Oct. 15, 2014 // — LendingTree, the nation’s leading online lending marketplace, tracks the annual percentage rate (APR) range of personal loans offered to prospective borrowers in its marketplace. We have launched an ongoing investigation. Saving money from comparing purchases of credit products. In Q3, borrowers with a “good” credit rating (as measured by a credit score of 690 to 719) were looking for 36-month $10,000 personal loans with offers from at least two lenders, with an average interest rate experiencing the difference. 4.74 percentage points or 474 basis points between the highest and lowest bid presented in your My LendingTree account.

LendingTree founder and CEO Doug Lebda said, “The LendingTree platform is a real marketplace where both peer-to-peer and traditional lenders can compete for borrower businesses, making it easy to buy personal loans and providing choice, competition and convenience when online borrowing. Whether you’re a consumer to consolidate debt, pay off a high-interest credit card or access additional financing options, simply complete a single loan application form to receive unsecured loan offers from multiple lenders.

Lending Tree Personal Loan

According to LendingTree, high-credit borrowers looking for a $10,000 36-month personal loan have received a variety of offers from peer-to-peer and traditional lenders on the web.

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To illustrate the savings opportunities for consumers, consider a $10,000 loan amount, a 36-month loan term, and two potential offers. ) difference. The chart below shows each option’s monthly payment, annual cost, and total interest paid over the life of each loan.

In this example, a difference of 4.74 percentage points in the APR offered translates into potential savings of $802.80 over the 36-month loan term.

LendingTree also created an infographic to further explain this example. Provides a percentage breakdown of why LendingTree borrowers take out personal loans.

By completing an online form, consumers gain access to LendingTree’s personal loan marketplace and lender network, including both peer-to-peer and traditional lenders. Additionally, the all-new My LendingTree experience provides borrowers with a completely free monthly updated credit score, as well as analysis and insight into their personal credit and loan profile that impacts offers available from lenders. Since the interest rates on personal loans offered to borrowers vary widely from lender to lender and can exceed 10 percentage points in some cases, there is an opportunity to save big by comparing purchases and receiving multiple loan offers.

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LendingTree, LLC is the nation’s leading online lending marketplace, allowing consumers to compare and purchase a range of loan and credit products. LendingTree not only provides consumers with an online marketplace where they can connect with the many lenders competing for their business, but also provides a suite of online tools and information to help consumers find the perfect loan. Since its launch, LendingTree has processed over 32 million loan applications. LendingTree gives you access to lenders offering mortgages, personal loans, home equity loans/line of credit, car loans and more. LendingTree, LLC is a subsidiary of Tree.com, Inc. For more information, visit www.lendingtree.com, call 800-555-TREE, join our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @LendingTree. The largest network of lenders in the country. Brands offer many services to their customers, so they segment their audience by offering and direct their ads to relevant landing pages when clicked. Let’s find out how.

LendingTree uses this Facebook ad to advertise its refinancing loans. The ad explains that customers can get a refinance rate of 2.79% per annum and encourages them to get a quick quote before the rate goes up.

The form then asks the visitor to select a reason for refinancing and proceeds to the next step. The platform asks visitors to enter their zip code, property valuation, remaining balance on their first mortgage, credit score, and property address, and then displays a valuation based on that information.

A Google search for “how to get the best loan rate” shows this LendingTree ad. The ad headline emphasizes that the platform offers “Best Low Interest Loans” relevant to your query. The copy tells users that they can compare low interest personal loans with a click.

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Based on the options selected by the visitor, a multi-step form is presented that asks the purpose of the loan, how much they want to borrow, how long they need the money, zip code and more. Visitors can finally compare rates based on the information they submit.

Compared to the unique and personalized click-through landing page above, the LendingTree homepage presents the service as a platform that offers its customers the best possible loan deals.

The home page provides a comprehensive overview for those interested in LendingTree’s services. Everyone sees the same page. Also, since users may come to your site for a variety of reasons, it’s important to have a comprehensive browsing experience and not achieve a 1:1 conversion rate like with an optimized click-through landing page.

Take inspiration from the LendingTree example above to always segment your pre- and post-click landing pages for the right audience.

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LendingTree is an online marketplace that shows lenders options for borrowers. You can compare loan terms from lenders offering personal loans from $1,000 to $50,000 to borrowers.

This parameter takes into account the length of the loan period, the minimum and maximum loan value and the range of loan utilization limits. Each of these characteristics was assessed using a 5-point scoring system. The various scores were then aggregated and averaged to determine the overall loan performance score.

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LendingTree scores an outstanding 4.3 for its loan feature. This reflects the very flexible loan term and credit limits of the loan aggregator, as well as the lack of credit utilization limits.

Lendingtree offers personal loans for many reasons. There are very few prohibited uses for personal loans.

The loan features offered by LendingTree partners depend on many factors, including creditworthiness, income and professional status.

LendingTree is free to use. Rates and fees vary depending on the actual lender. Unfortunately, many fees cannot be confirmed until we receive the actual loan offer.

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Each lender may have different eligibility for minimum credit score, membership, income and co-signer or co-applicant. Most lenders evaluate these types of criteria to determine if they qualify for a loan and what the interest rate is.

Your credit score is usually the most important factor. Lenders often give higher interest rates to applicants with lower credit scores to protect themselves from risk. However, the exact credit ratings and interest rates accepted by lenders vary.

Lenders also want to make sure you have enough income to repay the loan. Most lenders consider you a good candidate for a personal loan if your DTI is around 35% or less.

To start the personal loan application process, select your desired loan purpose from the drop-down menu.

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After selecting the loan type, LendingTree will ask you how much you want to borrow. You can choose from 1,000 yen to 50,000 yen.

If you want to add a co-borrower, check it here. By adding co-borrowers, you can get more loan offers, get lower interest rates, and save more over the life of your loan (co-borrower’s credit status and others depend on factors).

Then you need to enter a valid phone number. By providing your phone number, you consent to receive calls, text messages and recorded messages from LendingTree and its network partners.

Finally, you will need to enter the last four digits of your social security number to verify your loan offer. LendingTree will never share your Social Security Number. They only use it to verify your identity. However, LendingTree does soft credit collection. This does not affect your credit score.

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Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 21:00, Friday from 8:00 to 20:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Overall, people seem to be happy with LendingTree’s customer service.

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