Chase Checking Account Bonus

Chase Checking Account Bonus – Update January 13, 2023 – Chase has an alternate offer where they are offering a $900 bonus for their Checking & Savings account. We recommend using it. Link – $900 Chasing Checking Savings Bonus

Chase is currently offering a $600 bonus when you open a checking and savings account with them. The offer is valid online and at a Chase branch (you must get the code from the link and go to the branch). To be eligible, you must open a checking account and set up direct deposit within 90 days of opening the account, as well as open a savings account and deposit $15,000 in new money within 30 days of opening the account.

Chase Checking Account Bonus

This bonus also applies to individual accounts. You can only open a Checking Account for a $300 bonus or a Savings Account for a $200 bonus or both for a combined $600 bonus.

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Account fees – $12 per month for checking and $5 per month for savings, both can be ignored (see below for how to avoid them)

There is no mention of early termination fees. If the customer or Chase closes the checking account within six months of registering the coupon, Chase will reduce the bonus amount upon closing.

The $600 Chase bonus is the best bonus Chase is offering right now. The good thing about this is that you can only claim a $300 bonus for the checking account, which is better than what they offer independently ($200). Update: The $600 offer will be better for most readers who reported that the link doesn’t work in some areas, and this $500 bonus doesn’t seem to work in some of those areas, so we’re reposting it because of that.

Select ‘Apply Now’ to open online now or enter your email address and Chase will instantly send you a unique coupon code that can be used at any Chase branch.

Chase New Account Promotions: Checking And Savings Account Bonuses

Important Note: There is a slightly better $225 savings bonus offer (Chase direct link) that is also available online. Of course the best course of action is to open a separate $300 checking bonus with this link and a savings account with the $225 link. [There is also a $150 bonus that only matches $10,000 in funds.]

The Chase savings account comes with a $5 monthly service fee. The monthly fee is waived in one of the following ways:

The Chase Total Checking account comes with a $10-$12 monthly service fee that is waived if you do one of the following:

In past offers, this $500 online offer can be used even in areas where there are no Chase branches. But for some reason it doesn’t work in all regions. Please share your experiences in the comments below. Sign in to your Chase account, which you may need. We’ve included some data points about it working/not working in specific states – remember that sometimes people may work in the same state that others may not, so it’s always worth checking.

Chase Checking: $200 Welcome Offer

The $500 Checking + Savings bonus isn’t usually available to the public, and we’ve only recently seen it available for online account openings as well. Coupon links sometimes expire, so it’s a good idea to do this now, or generate a coupon now if you’re thinking about it.

The Chase bank bonus comes from the best bank bonus. No minimum direct deposit requirements, it’s easy to keep your account fee free and the bonus is a nice chunk of change. If you’ve never used a bank bonus before, this is a great place to start. We will add this bonus to the list of Best bank bonuses.

Remember to always check your Chase pre-approved credit card offer when you visit a Chase branch; You might even get lucky and get pre-approved for Sapphire Reserve or INK.

The post is getting really messy with all the updates above, so we’ll just have the latest updates there and the rest here.

Chase Total Checking Bonus

Update 9 (06/11/18): Found another working link. If YMMV it works in the branchless state, look at the data point below and try it yourself. Hat tip for maximizing new link money. There is also a slightly better $225 savings offer available online.

Update 8 (05/25/18): Another bonus, I think it will work in states that no longer have branches, but YMMV. Hat tip to @telewatcr readers

Update 5: The online link no longer works, so now only in the branch. You can probably use this trick to do it online.

Update 4: This $500 bonus can only be used for some, apparently based on geographic location. Click and see if it works for you.

Chase Total Checking New Account Bonus: $200 Promo

Update 3: Don’t forget there is also a $300 savings bonus available online for a $25,000 deposit. Must be able to complete a $300 check and save $300 using separate links.

It looks like there was a problem redeeming the coupon, but you can still continue to open your account. Visit a Chase branch for assistance.

Others have approved without this error so not 100% sure what is going on. Apparently you can avoid this by claiming the coupon and then signing up via the link sent to your email address. You should also be able to securely submit the code after the fact instead of having to enter the branch. Another tip here.

Update 02/20/2018: There is now a link that allows you to open an account online. Good for anyone who doesn’t live near a branch. Hat tip to Jonathan for reading.

Chase Premier Plus Checking Account Bonus

Update 01/09/18: The bonus has already expired and is no longer available. If we find a working link, we will resubmit.

Update: It’s now 2018, so we’re bringing it up again. I really like to get the Chase checking/savings bonus as soon as possible, so if you’re eligible, I recommend doing it now. That way, if a change is made, you’ve at least made a bonus. Plus $300/$200 is as good as it gets (sometimes there are $300 savings bonuses but they require a much higher deposit).

Reposting because the bonus has returned to January 16, 2018. This is especially interesting because you are limited to one bonus per calendar year, this means that those who did the bonus in 2017 must register this coupon now and then wait until in 2018 with registration another bonus. Note that you are not eligible if your account was closed in the last 90 days and the original account must have been open for six months or you will lose the bonus. If you are in this situation, I would get the coupon now because the link often disappears early and your coupon will be gone until January 16th, 2018. Hat tip to reading ChhaviChase often has great bonus offers of $500, $300 for checking and $200 in savings . They recently raised their bid to $525, but once again outdid themselves. They are targeting some people with a $600 bonus for both accounts. Cane accounts are open both in-store and online, but you need an offer code for this $600 Chase bonus.

The offer gives you a total bonus of $600, but it comes in two parts that can be done separately. You get $300 for opening a checking account, $200 for a savings account, and an additional $100 if you do both.

Expired] Chase $500 Checking And Savings Bonus Publicly Available Online

The check offer is not available to existing Chase checking customers, escrow account holders or those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or are closed with a negative balance. Each calendar year, you can receive only one new regular and one bonus related to the opening of a savings account, and only one bonus per account.

Chase Total Checking has a $12 monthly service fee that is waived if you make at least one of these statement periods:

Chase Savings has a $5 monthly service fee that is waived if you do at least one of the following each statement period:

This is one of the best bonuses that banks offer for deposit accounts. It’s even better with a direct link and online account opening. Plus the total bonus is now $600 instead of the usual $500 or $525, but you should aim.

Chase $600 Checking And Savings Bonus

Chase has mailed some of these offers. You can also try checking your account online to see if you have one. If you’re interested in both of their options, you can find this coupon on eBay and pick one up for just a few bucks.

You can claim this bonus even if you have already done so, but you can only claim it once per calendar year.

The Control section is the easiest bonus to get. You get a $300 bonus for opening a checking account and completing direct deposits of any amount, easy. Instead, the $200 savings bonus comes with a 15,000 deposit that you must have in your account for at least 90 days. It’s worth doing because you’ll also get an extra $100 for opening both accounts.

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