Clear Network Printer Queue

Clear Network Printer Queue – My printer queue is stuck and won’t clear in Windows 10. It’s stuck in the “erase process” and restarting the computer doesn’t help at all. Any other tips to fix this?

Printers are used to make a physical copy of a document, image, and anything else you need. These devices are especially hardworking in corporate environments, although many home users are also connected to their Windows computers. There is no doubting the usefulness of the machine, despite the fact that digitization has become much more widespread in recent decades.

Clear Network Printer Queue

Clear Network Printer Queue

Like any other device, printers are not perfect. They refuse to print black and white documents, when they run out of blue ink, when they have a lull, only print part of the documents, the list goes on. Perhaps the most common problem that users face is a stuck print queue in Windows, although this is not always immediately noticeable, resulting in multiple print jobs getting stuck.

How To Clear Printer Queue In Windows 11/10 (stalled Print Jobs)

This problem usually occurs due to software, network connection or similar issues. In this case, all you need to do is cancel the job in progress and resend it for printing. Unfortunately, this does not always solve the problem and does not clear the queue. The first thing you should do is restart your computer – this can clear all jobs from the queue.

This is where many users face a huge problem as even restarting the computer does nothing to render the printer unusable. There are no specific brands that this problem is associated with, so you may experience it with HP, Canon, Zebra, Xerox, Lexmark, and many others.

One of the main ways to fix a stuck print queue is to reset the print spooler service. But it doesn’t always work due to insufficient rights and other issues. Below are some solutions to help you get rid of the annoying problem.

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Fix: Can’t Remove The Printer In Windows 10/11

Although restarting the computer is probably the first solution that people use, they often forget that the problem could be with the printer itself. One of the first troubleshooting methods offered by IT support is to reboot the faulty device; in this case, you should not forget to restart the printer.

The process of restarting the printer depends on the brand, but in most cases you can press [and hold] the power button until the device turns off. Then press the button again to send it. If that doesn’t help, unplug it from the outlet – the printer can’t work in air, so it has to shut down.

This method has helped most users solve the problem and clear the print queue when a document is stuck.

Clear Network Printer Queue

If you were unable to restart the printer spooler service or otherwise communicate as above, you can perform these actions through the command prompt. Make sure you have admin privilege/password ready.

Printer Monitoring Software & Tool

Although the printer driver will probably install itself automatically, it’s best to make sure you have the latest version installed. To do this, visit your printer manufacturer’s website and download it from there (you need to know your printer model). This may seem like too much of a hassle – if it is for you, just hire DriverFix to update all your drivers automatically.

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Clear Network Printer Queue

Jake Doe is a news editor at . Since meeting Ugnius Kiguolis in 2003, they have both launched several projects to spread awareness about cybercrime, malware and other computer-related issues. swimming pool. Now if you’re wondering why it’s stuck, even your technician is having a hard time figuring out why print jobs are stuck in the queue? The problem is that some of these jobs are not deleted from the printer cell. In this post, we will share how to clear the print queue in Windows 11/10 (Print job stalled)

Solved: How To Completely Remove & Reset Your Windows 10 Print Subsystems

A print queue is a memory space reserved for managing all print jobs on your Windows computer. In the print queue, you can find all the necessary information about the print job, such as the document name and location, current job status, job start time, printer details, and more. The printer queue allows you to pause and cancel certain jobs. Once the job has started, it is best not to cancel it, as the printing process may get stuck, causing more problems.

This situation is called a “jammed print job”. Several times I saw that it wouldn’t allow any other document to print until it was deleted. While modern algorithms should be able to handle this just fine, below are workarounds should you ever encounter such a technical problem.

You may have frequently stopped print jobs, which means you cannot tell your printer to print anything from your Windows computer. This problem mainly occurs due to a backlog of print jobs, the jobs may be corrupted, or the file that was supposed to be printed may no longer exist. In this case, they cause a blockage and prevent you from printing anything for a moment.

There are several ways to clear the print queue, each applicable to a specific situation. Let’s look at the methods.

How To Remotely Clear The Print Queue On Multiple Computers

Clearing the print queue from the Windows settings is the easiest way to solve this problem; it should work if the print spooler service is running fine. This can be done as follows.

The Windows Terminal is a utility that comes pre-installed with all recent copies of Windows and is used to issue commands to a computer using a command line interface. If the print spooler service is not running, you will not be able to access the print spooler or delete it from the settings. You can stop the print spooler from the Windows terminal, it also clears the print queue and the service starts automatically when you print again. This can be done as follows.

This should stop the printer spooler service. You will receive confirmation that the printer spooler service has been stopped; if not, try again.

Clear Network Printer Queue

This method also covers stopping the printer spooler service, but it seems like a more manual way to do it. To clear the printer queue from the services menu, do the following:

My Print Queue Is Stuck. How Do I Print Anything?

Well, that was all from our article on how to clear the print queue in Windows 11/10. The printer spooler service and print queue are the main components responsible for sending print commands and instructions from your computer to the printer.

If you’re having problems with your print and you think it’s not the printer itself, that’s probably the problem

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