The 5 Best Stock Apps for Beginners

There are currently a number of stock apps available for beginners who want to delve into the world of investing. Starting from the capital market, stock transactions, money market, bonds and others. With this application, everyone can invest more safely and conveniently. Here are some of the best stocks apps to consider:

1. Securities of Mirae Asset

It is one of the best securities with a wide range of services. Starting from margin stock trades, stock and bond trades, stock and mutual fund trades on-line and many others. The minimum deposit at Mirae Asset is quite high and is 10 million. However fee Transactions are relatively low where fee The sell is 0.25% and the buy fee is 0.15%.

If you look at the numbers fee it, that’s for sure fee offered is very competitive with other standard apps. registration on-line Mirae Asset’s Neo HOTS application is very simple. In addition, this application is also very reliable in supporting stock trading.

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This one investment firm already has OJK accreditation so it is safe to use. It offers several service products. Like stock investments Exchange Traded Fund and mutual funds. The excellent features of this standard application are: fund appraiser and robo trading. This function can execute all stock trading instructions.

With these two characteristics, investors do not lose the opportunity to trade when the price is attractive. To invest in IPOT, you must first download the IPOTGO application. Then register to open a new account. If it is successful, start investing in stocks.

3. seeds

In recent years, Seeds has evolved into a stocks app for beginners who are very good recommended. Because using this application is very simple, so it can be used by many people. When the customer has successfully registered, Seed selects based on age, profile, income and others.

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Investing in stocks of seedlings can be started with affordable funds, which are as little as 10,000. Of course, with this face value, it is very profitable for novice investors. Because investors can learn more about the world of capital markets without fear of big losses. Interestingly, the profits made later are not taxable.

4. Stick bit

The forum, which originally served to exchange information about issuers and stock recommendations, has grown and influenced the capital market. The Stockbit application is suitable for beginners because of the community features on-line which can be used to share with other traders.

In this application, users can monitor the real-time movement of the stock market. In addition, the Stockbit application is also equipped with the Touch ID feature to offer security guarantees in transactions. There are many advantages that Stockbit offers, including the existence of a real-time simulation of buying and selling stocks on-line.

5. Bareksa

This is an investment application that is very popular in the capital market. Using Bareksa is very convenient, so it is suitable for beginners. In addition, all activities from registration to transactions can be done online.

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There is no reason to doubt the use of the Bareksa application. Because Bareksa received supervision from the OJK. More than 150 conventional and Sharia fund products are available in Bareksa. Users can also find more than 50 professional investment managers. So that investors can easily achieve their investment goals.

These are some default apps for beginners that can be used. When choosing a stock application, look for applications that have received official approval from the OJK. Careful consideration is required in determining stock applications. Because this is a big issue related to win and loss.